Top 20 Best Poison Ivy Cosplay That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Poison Ivy

Whether you’re a fan of Batman, Harley, or the Joker, there is no doubt that you’ve heard of Poison Ivy. She’s our resident serial killer of billionaires and everything nasty in Gotham that is trying to harm her precious plants. To her, nothing’s more precious than her plants. Of course, since we’re talking about her already, why not give her a montage, right?

It’s only proper since we’re talking about one of the most exotic villains in the Batman series. And without further adieu, here are the top 20 best Poison Ivy cosplay that will make your heart rush and flutter.

Best Poison Ivy Cosplay

20. Mimo

With the right shadow and light blending, Mimo managed to show us what it’s like to be hidden under both the leaves and the dark. In terms of body detail and cosplay, this minimalistic take is a good showcase of Poison Ivy, and I’m sure this is what cosplayer her would mean, especially for someone who is fond of plants more than their own body.

19. Lei

A rather easy take on Ivy, hers is one of those you can easily do, given the number of minimal details. It’s good, regardless.

18. Tair

Tair’s take on Poison Ivy is really great. The makeup is quite thick and heavy, but it’s nothing like a bad take. It’s good because it showcases and highlights Poison Ivy’s beautiful face. I won’t say anything bad about it coz I wouldn’t want my plants to become tentacles overnight.

17. Amethyst

An Ivy blooming heavily and beautifully, this Poison Ivy is commendable simply for the accuracy of the color scheme on her hair. It’s pretty much an accurate take of her without the filter, in my honest opinion.

16. Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer’s take on Poison Ivy is incredible, especially with the use of the leaf dress, which is quite like what Ivy has been wearing since the start of the her introduction to the series. A really accurate take, and it’s good.

15. Thacos

Thacos’ take is a bare, well not entirely, cosplay on Ivy. A beautiful leaf laying bare on the road waiting for the next victim to fall into her Venus Fly Trap.

14. Jessika

Pretty much just our Poison Ivy poisoning are eyes with her beauty. Jessika’s take on Poison Ivy is really something that can’t make our eyes avert from her beautiful gaze, just like the original would do.

13. Bianca

A little bit lighter and cold this time around, Bianca’s gorgeous take on Poison Ivy is something that would even make you take your guard down with you.

12. Phobos

Phobos’s take isn’t something you’ll normally see from time to time, but her casual portrayal of our nature-loving villain is something that you’d really pay to see every time.

11. Ky

A nature-loving beauty is something you don’t see around, especially when she’s in the mood to push billionaires to death. Ky’s breathtaking take on Ivy is something that we would be grateful for as a gift of nature.

10. Ann

A pretty simple take on Poison Ivy and nothing too fancy, yet the vibe is there. It’s really the cosplayer that’s taking the lead in this wonderful display, yes?

9. Agflower

Our exotic natural beauty is in full display, thanks to Agflower’s masterful cosplaying, we have this masterpiece for our weeaboo hearts and minds to get in full fanboying/girling.

8. Juria

I would say this is one of those casual takes on cosplaying a character that doesn’t take away its character and vibe. Juria’s take on Poison Ivy might not be the most professional one, but it’s the one done with love and passion.

7. Vikingbikini

Vikingvikini’s take is absolutely fantastic. If you have to choose between siding with Batman or Poison Ivy, you’re definitely and most likely will choose Poison Ivy’s side.

6. Chloe

Chloe’s take might be too green for you, but that’s the whole crusade she’s driving, really. Are you not a fan yet? You might want to subscribe to her OnlyPlants and pretty damn sure you’ll be a nature lover in no time.

5. Heather

Summer might be over, but that’s not the case for Heather as she brought us a hotter version of Poison Ivy with her own style and twist for this Heather-weather cosplay.

4. Vanessa

Nothing to see here, just Vanessa’s incredible take on Ivy, now paired with her comparison to the cinema classic with the original reference. Ain’t that crazy that both are fantastic in their own way?

3. Sam

Sam’s bewitching take on Poison Ivy will definitely make your heart flutter, especially with the fairy-like and dreamy eyes she has. Ain’t she a beauty?

2. Alice

Top-tier cosplay for a top-tier waifu, Alice’s take is just mesmerizing and utterly wonderfully done. I’m pretty sure her masterful take on this will take everyone’s hearts.

1. Claire

Claire’s cosplay is just excellent. I think the photo has the atmosphere of being serene, but well, the display is just absolutely breathtaking. I’m like, damn, she’s pretty good to be a villain.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Poison Ivy Cosplay That Will Make Your Heart Flutter.

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