Top 20 Best Raphtalia Cosplay That Are Too Cute To Miss


Raphtalia is one of the cutest anime girls to ever exist. Last year, following the debut of The Rising of the Shield Hero, we get to see the best mix of a tanuki and a raccoon, now in the form of a cute anime girl. Today, we’re gonna be seeing the best of the best Raphtalia cosplay.

Best Raphtalia Cosplay

20. Anong

We’re gonna start off the list with Anong, and boy, I am amazed by this. She’s literally cosplaying the right Raphtalia costume with the right dress, ribbon, gloves, and boy, the right ears. It’s a really lovely cosplay.

19. shirogane

What a lovely and fierce take on Raphtalia, here we get to see Raphtalia in a natural habitat, minus the enemies. Shirogane’s take is on point, she’s even wielding a sword, so that’s a plus on character details.

18. Lissa

Lisa’s take can be a bit awkward at first, but this shows her compassion and faithfulness to the character as Raphtalia’s about to slash your eyes because you’re looking in the wrong direction.

17. Kaddi

And since Rapthalia’s a mix of the best creatures on Earth, where we get to see her flexing both her sword, her beauty, and her tail. There’s nothing more faithful to the character than Rapthalia, showing us her full glory as a warrior with the utmost potential on the battlefield.

16. Alice Loneunicorn

An armored Rapthalia has appeared and used “Cute pose!”. It’s very effective. And that, folks, is how you do cosplay. Alice’s take on Raphtalia used comfortable clothing, a chest and shoulder plate, a bracer, and gloves that also appeared in the anime. I think we got a really good one here.

15. spiderlily

Spiderlily’s cosplay looks like Alice’s take on Raphtalia, but this time around, she’s in her cute raccoon mode. I’m pretty sure that adorable pose would strike fear even amongst the strongest people in that isekai world; I forgot what it’s called.

14. Sanny

Finally, we got some real good foo–I mean, cosplay. Sanny’s take on Raphtalia gives us a glimpse of the beauty she holds. What’s interesting in this cosplay is that Lanny managed to capture the beauty of Raphtalia by using the sun. It’s a mesmerizing view for me.

13. Adamasha

And here we got Adamasha’s cosplay of Raphtalia. She isn’t really much of a cheerful person; normally, Raphtalia is a pretty shy one, but she learned how to interact with people as time goes by. I think what we can get to see from Adamasha’s cosplay is the beauty that Raphtalia has if she didn’t have that past.

12. Kido

Kido’s cosplay really speaks with Raphtalia’s behavior during the entire season. I think we can summarize this cosplay as part of Raphtalia’s beautiful demeanor, and I’m quite glad that this cosplay is parallel to her personality.

11. Rachel

Rachel’s take is a bit playful and not really the typical Raphtalia. We get to see her in her natural clothes, but on the plus side, she’s sticking out her pierced tongue. What an eccentric way of showing off, which is done in good nature, and professionally as well.

10. Krissy

Krissy’s take is a beautiful one and really, really bright. Gosh, these cosplayers sure know how to make a character radiant. Anyway, I think we all know that this cosplay is done right and speaks to Raphtalia’s nature.

9. Tori

Tori’s cosplay can be a bit gloomy than the rest, but this take was probably shot during the afternoon when the sun’s about to go down. Overall, I still think it’s a pretty shot.

8. Alice

Alice really looks like Raphtalia here, and damn, am I ever amazed. I think she managed to nail this one without so much effort, especially that she’s a pro cosplayer herself, and this one was done well.

7. Louisa

Louisa’s creative take on Raphtalia is outstanding, simply for using HER OWN HAIR as an ear extension. I think we can all agree that this one is pretty good and really, a beautiful display.

6. ashxchuu

Ash’s take on this one is pretty natural and a bit more casual than the rest. This type of cosplay can be done with the right amount of makeup and clothing, it’s still a really good cosplay, overall.

5. Ley

I’d say Ley’s cosplay is a bit more modern and contemporary cosplay, but the RPG isekai vibe is still there. I think we can all say that her portrayal can be considered modern art.

4. Shelley Midori

A more alluring version of Raphtalia, I think we got a winner for putting Raphtalia in the mature side of her, and it wrecks both my heart and my soul. It’s pretty safe to say that this cosplay is done right and the way it was done is absolutely breathtaking.

3. Sarah

Sarah’s take here can be a little bit lacking, considering that the plants are being such an obstacle to her beauty. One good things about this is that using the plants and leaves here left a peaceful and beautiful mark on her photoshoot. I think we can all agree that it’s a really good cosplay.

2. Babs

I think we can all agree that Babs here didn’t just cosplay Raphtalia; she even made her a little bit quirky, especially in this shoot where she’s just smelling flowers, just like our adorable heroine.

1. Lori

For me, at least, this is the best portrayal of Raphtalia. Not too shabby, not too quirky, just right and perfect. Honestly, this waifu cosplay is a really good one, and I’m out of words to describe how I’m in awe over such beauty.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Raphtalia Cosplay That Are Too Cute To Miss.

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