20 Best Raven Cosplay That Will Blow You Away 2020

Raven Teen Titans

Ever since the Teen Titans first aired, Raven has always been at the back of my mind. She is really one of the ideal girls for me. I mean, my love for goth girls will never die. Nicole Sullivan, Rogue, Gwen, you name it. But anyway, since we’re talking about goth girls and I’ve already mentioned Teen Titans, why don’t we talk about Raven?

Honestly, the best girl in the entire series, second only to Cyborg. Here are the 20 best Raven cosplays that will blow you away.

20 Best Raven Cosplays

20. Reyla

Raven and the gang here are lookin’ kinda fresh as the squad of the angsty teens isn’t going angst or anything, but just like more hip and hop…ping into the fashionable style. Overall, a very cool Raven cosplay.

19. olkaalklo

So early in the list, we have Olka’s cosplay, one of the slickest cosplay I’ve seen. It’s so good, and her costume on point. What got me here is the way that she looked at the camera, which expressed her vulnerability. If anything, this is just a more alluring version of her.

18. Daniella

I think what best describes Daniella’s take on Raven is just a more vibrant version of her, a bit more ironic from her “dark” personality, being a daughter of an interdimensional demon and all. I really admire her overall look as a Raven, but I think a darker background could’ve been better. Overall, it’s a good cosplay.

17. Jazz

A bit more mature look of Raven, which Jazz was able to portray here completely and effortlessly. Jazz deserves a lot of praise for such a bold display of Raven.

16. SajaLyn

One of the things I’ve noticed here is the number of missing details, especially the buttons. Anyway, I wouldn’t really judge her much because, in my opinion, she did great.

15. Nash

One of the most beautiful takes on Raven, Nash here managed to capture her internal beauty, because Raven is beautiful inside and out. Here, it’s more prominent and dominant. And since I mentioned dominant, there’s no doubt that Raven is a TOTAL switch.

14. kit noel

A bit more on the gothic side, I think it was displayed here elegantly by Kit. I’ve noticed that she also captured the designs and the natural color that emanates from her very form.

13. Banana & Cake

I’d say this one has the vibe and aura of a Teen Titans to me, maybe it’s because of the wall behind her that looks a bit cartoonish, which adds up to the already wonderful take Cake did. I’m just impressed, is all.

12. JJ & LaLa

I think what I can best describe this is an alternate take on Raven. It’s all blue, though, that’s why I can’t gauge it. However, it’s a good take. I suggest visiting her Instagram page for more.

11. misfitcos

What describes this cosplay best is the number of buttons she’s displaying. Nevermind the entire cosplay, she’s winging this one around.

10. Yohanix

One of the few things that most of the cosplayers here missed is Raven’s white eyes/glowing eyes when she’s feeling something other than anger. She’ll be much fiercer and scarier if we ever get to see a red version of her.

9. Tyler Ann

What best describes her to me is probably the goth girl/e-girl vibes that I’m getting from it. It’s not really a bad thing, but more like “damn, it actually looks better if Raven always looks like this” for me.

8. Shannon Rona

I’ve never seen Raven in blue since I always thought she’s either using a purple/violet color scheme, but damn, blue ACTUALLY looks good on her.

7. Ruby

No words can express how much I’m totally impressed by this cosplay. If the hands were a bit more matched to the thighs’ color, she would’ve done a good job. It also showcases Raven’s powers, the easiest one being the levitation.

6. Natalie

Andddd….this one actually is on point, in my opinion at least. One of the few things that I’ve noticed is her photoshopping one of Raven’s interdimensional magic, which she used several times over the course of the entire series.

5.  Nicole

Raven has always been a mysterious person and the one with a knack for meditation and other stuff the other Titans aren’t really into, but in this photo alone, it proves that she’s more than just that. To be honest, it almost looks like it was from another adaptation of Netflix.

4. Alyssa Onofreo

Raven likes reading. She’s the introvert nerd in your class, but in this photo alone, Alyssa managed to capture the feel of what it’s like to enter Raven’s room when they’re not beating the hell out of villains. A more casual take on her personal and regular like as a teen.

3. Smirka

Everything else in this photo, for me, is already perfect. I’ve noticed the color of the buttons (?), it’s a bit off-color from the original design. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take away the quality of the cosplay.

2. Morgan

I’m gonna say that this one doesn’t look like it’s taken from the original series, as far as I can remember, but the quality is there. The faithfulness to the character is there, but it just looks like it is one of the original alternative looks for me, but it’s fine. It’s a good cosplay.

1. Raven Chan

I’ve no words for this one. It’s actually so good that I didn’t have time to properly give it enough credits for a spectacular take on Raven. Honestly, it wouldn’t really matter to me, even if the crystal on her forehead is a bit larger than the cosplay here.

The fact that she’s managed to squeeze and mold the Raven out of this is one of the few things why I admire this take on her character.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our list? We have a lot more coming this year to showcase our love for cosplayers and the genre. Anyway, that is for the 20 Best Raven Cosplay. Be sure to check out our other cosplay blogs and our other listicles.

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