Top 20 Best Sailor Moon Cosplay That Are Spot On

Sailor Moon

The Sailor Moon is a classic anime about an all-girl superhero anime girl that fights and eats crime for breakfast. But did you know the person who created the Sailor Moon manga is married to the creator of Hunter x Hunter? That’s right. Naoko Takeuchi is married to one of the best shounen anime ever, Yoshihiro Togashi-sensei.

In honor of the beloved Mahou Shojou anime genre, here are the top 20 best Sailor Moon cosplay that is completely spot on.

Top 20 Sailor Moon Cosplay

20. Mei Scarlet

Mei’s stunning display of Sailor Moon is really interesting. Not only does it look better than the original, but it’s also visually stunning in all aspects. Even the suit of armor is really well done. You can see the craftsmanship and effort that’s been put into this, so it deserves to be here on our list.

19. Falcon

Falcon’s cosplay is really brave and stunning, and one of the good things in this cosplay is the addition of the moon in the background. It kinda makes sense. I mean, come on, that’s Sailor Moon. She managed to capture the vibe that Sailor Moon often emanates.

18. Alice

A bit more on the plus side, Alice’s cosplay is one of its kind. A simple yet captivating take that’s really akin to the vibe of Sailor Moon, especially with the pink filter on. Kinda retro-ish vibe, and it’s pretty fitting and cool at the same time.

17. Kaya Rogoyski

One of the best portrayal of Sailor Mercury and a really outstanding display, which is almost close to the anime itself, Kaya’s incredibly satisfying display will definitely make you fall in love with Sailor Mercury herself.

16. Anoriko Morisaki

Anoriko’s cosplay is really, really good. I think a lot of people are missing out on Sailor Venus because she’s incredibly gorgeous and, overall, a perfect Sailor Moon girl. One of the best assets of her is that she never has to try so hard, she’s simply amazing, and it shows in this shoot alone.

15. Minako Aiko

Minako’s cosplay is really something. It’s hard to describe whether she’s really good at it or it’s just hard work. There’s a lot of good cosplayers out that have a natural look for their desired character to cosplay, and this is one of them. Simply amazing.

14. Natalia

Natalia’s take on Sailor Moon is incredibly good. It fits the setting, even at night time. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna agree that she’s the brightest right there, at that moment.

13. March Maya

March’s take on Sailor Moon is a two-sided coin, one for being a mahou shoujo and one that looks like it’s straight out of Love Live! Sunshine. It’s a really satisfying cosplay, and a lot of the details for it are really well-made.

12. Giuly

Giuly’s take here is spot on. She captures almost the exact look of Sailor Moon while giving the vibes of her gentleness. I think this is one of those photos where I’m unconsciously doing a jaw drop for 2 minutes straight.

11. Gabrielle Sussenbach

Gabrielle’s take here is insane and really good and extremely professional. This is the type of photoshoot that looks like it’s gonna be a good Hollywood movie, and that adaptation will actually be a good one.

10. Uliana Repka

This cosplay by Uliana speaks wonders to me since it makes Sailor Moon age like a fine wine, and I’m fine with it. For me, this cosplay is creative and really stylish in its own way.

9. Mappy Sanchez

A little more into the studio quality, I think this cosplay nailed it. I’m really surprised how good this cosplay is, and the amount of crafting put into the suit itself is insane if they sew it themselves. There is a lot of good cosplay material out there, and she’s managed to put an amazing display of it, cosplay material and character-wise.

8. Eileen

Eileen’s take on this is pretty natural and amazing. I think it’s a really well-done cosplay and definitely deserves one of the spots here

7. Miss Trista Meioh

I think this one nails Sailor Moon just for the style, Miss Trista’s cosplay is one of the rarest ones you’ll see when making a contrast between characters. I think she’s managed to do a good job portraying the Sailor Moon here, and I’m amazed.

6. Tama Llama

Tama’s take on Sailor Moon is unique in its aspect, and one of the few things I like about it is the attention to detail, especially with the highrise heels she’s wearing.

5. Kiani Quin

Honestly, this is one of those cosplay where the vibe is really e-girlish, and it’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing because a lot of egirls associate themselves with Sailor Moon or Venus. And she’s managed to capture not only the vibe but the soul as well.

4. Kei

Kei’s take on Sailor Moon is pretty unique and one of its kind. The good thing about this is that she’s really doing a good job of portraying the character, even if there are some alterations to its original character design.

3. Sayuri

This cosplay by Sayuri is really something else. One of the few things I like about this cosplay is the fact that she’s so lovely while taking this photo, it’s just like the charm of Sailor Moon herself.

2. Toshinori

Toshinori’s take on Sailor Moon is very pretty, considering that she’s also doing a good job of making the appeal of the character shine brightly, just like the moon itself.

1. Astrid

The portrayal Astrid did here is incredible. She’s managed to put out the vibe that a teenage and conflicting youth Sailor Moon has before. Being a magical girl isn’t easy since you’re basically living two lives at once, but here? She’s done doing three lives. How about that?

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list of the Top 20 Best Sailor Moon Cosplay.

Kenneth is a contributor at Near Bear and writes gaming guides and cosplay content.
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