Top 20 Best Sonya Blade Cosplay That Are Just Perfect

Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade appeared first in the 1992 game Mortal Kombat. Her signature green sportswear is one of the best outfits that symbolizes that proper exercise will have you enough power to beat your enemies to a pulp. Anyway, here are the Top 20 Best Sonya Blade Cosplays That Are Just Perfect and the best we’ve ever seen.

Best Sonya Blade Cosplay

20. Yulia Oparina

Yulia’s cosplay of Sonya fits EXACTLY what Sonya should be. This features her MK9’s default costume, which is a Special Forces leather top and a leather pants and overall leather outfit, which show’s Sonya’s curves very well. The

19. Mirasol

One of the recent outfits of Sonya, Mirasol did a good job of portraying the brash and intimidating attitude of Sonya, as well as displaying her gorgeous appearance of being a fierce police officer in this wonderful leather jacket + cap combo, which can be seen from the Mortal Kombat 11 game.

18. Charlotte Scott

Sonya’s classic outfit and well-toned body were portrayed beautifully by Charlotte Scott. This really resembles Sonya and realistic, what her body would look like as a police force and athlete combined.

17. Rey

A Brazilian cosplayer, Rey Cosplay, managed to do an almost no-effort cosplay of Sonya. She’s a spot on look-a-like of Sonya with minimal changes. Actually, at first glance, you’ll even notice that she looks like Sonya if she was a bit younger. Overall, amazing cosplay.

16. Purplemuffins

Purple’s Sonya cosplay portrays directly what Sonya’s MK9 is for: leather jacket, police force, and badassery. Looking at her insta feels like she’s used to roles like this as she’s posting a lot of female characters, so cosplaying Sonya comes naturally to her. The cuffs had a nice prop for effect.

15. Kory Ember

Kory’s portrayal of Sonya can be a bit misleading, but her pose and natural looks for it doesn’t. The only thing I could probably notice that might give the impression of her cosplaying another character is probably the hair color.

14. Darja

Ah yes, the god-tier Ukrainian cosplayers. Darja’s cosplay doesn’t even look remotely like she’s needed any kind of makeup or anything to look like her. She’s already got the genes and race to cosplay Sonya, so I think that alone proves that this photo is just too powerful and impactful enough to leave a mark in our heads.

13. Monica Sloat

Yet another wonderful MK9 Sonya cosplay. Monica’s emphasis on her natural body and fleshing out Sonya’s assets as a police officer can be observed well in this photo, especially when mixed with light and dark highlighting.

12. Courtney Leigh

Wow, this one’s different from the rest of the cosplayers here. Courtney’s portrayal isn’t even playing around; it shows Sonya’s brutal and Amazonian tendencies to put her enemies in fatal conditions by brutally smashing their brains in.

11. Megan Scholz

Megan Scholz’s portrayal of Sonya here resembles her older suits in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. I’m sure not everyone has heard of this game, but Megan’s cosplay is spot-on, especially in choosing the correct color for Sonya’s cropped top, except she’s less revealing.

10. Rachel Zarko

A bit of a tamer and friendlier version of Sonya, Rachel managed to still retain the character whilst giving a mischievous smile will probably deceive anyone who will try to go against her. Her cosplay has a different vibe, probably gritty and violent. Even the color palette of her costume is different than the rest, but it doesn’t take away the stylish look of the 3rd Sonya outfit.

9. Lyz Andrea

Lyz Andrea’s cosplay of Sonya will not really like Sonya at first look, since in this one, an alternate costume in MK9. Of course, the default is much more popular. In this cosplay, though, we get to the ALMOST the same character model that looks like the alternate costume. Props to Lyz for cosplaying an alternate costume that almost resembles the original. She needs a sling bag, though.

8. Vern

Probably one of the most photorealistic cosplay pic I’ve seen writing this, I almost thought this was 3D rendered due to the model having almost identical facial characteristics as well as the makeup + hair being well-done..

7. Queenel Cosplay

If looks can kill, well, you’re already dead. Queenel’s concept is simple, yet her striking gaze will put you on your last kombat as you cling to your life’s thread.

6. Yagosha

Another Russian cosplayer, but the thing about her cosplay is that the cosplay outdid Sonya. Her facial structure is just too perfect for the smuggish look of Sonya. However, she did her justice for being too qualified to cosplay her.

5. Izzy

Izzy’s stunning cosplay showcases the beauty and fierceness of Sonya, but in a more pleasant and less intimidating way, even in her Corps uniform.

4. Meghan Norts

Meghan Norts visually-pleasing portrayal of Sonya’s physique and boldness are not to be taken lightly as she’s ready to fight to kill, whether in her sexiest pose or not.

3. Vika

Vika’s astonishing display of Sonya is just simple and doesn’t boast a lot of effects; goes to show that natural beauty is something rare these days.

2. Shinomayaa

Shinomayaa’s display of Sonya is a good mix of sexy, bold, and cute. I just can’t imagine Sonya without being much of a smug, but this one is definitely a different Sonya, the brighter side.

1. Nekotin

As much of a sucker, I am for good cosplay of new outfits, nothing beats the classic Sonya outfit. This is definitely one of the best Sonya displays, especially as this portrays the classic Sonya and her general vibe to most of us.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Sonya Blade Cosplays That Are Just Perfect.

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