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The Top 10 Best Urf Champions – Champs List

The Top 10 Best Urf Champions – Champs List

League of Legends’ Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode may have been added as an April Fools’ joke, but its lack of mana restrictions and (literally) rapid-fire gameplay have since made it one of the most popular game modes.

But like with any of LoL‘s game modes, picking the right champion for the game can be a challenge. Below, we’ve listed what we feel are the ten champions best suited to a round of URF.

1. Kai’SA

Given how heavily Kai’Sa’s attacks are built on magic damage, it’s unsurprising that, in a game mode based on lack of mana restriction, she currently boasts an 88% kill rate. Her Ithican Rain can send swathes of deadly missiles through crowds, while her Killer Instinct is great for expediting one-on-one clashes with other champions.

2. Zed

Zed currently boasts a 52% win rate, making it clear that he’s a force to be reckoned with. With URF’s lack of restrictions, Zed can spam Razor Shurikens from a distance to mow down squishies before beating a hasty retreat with his Living Shadow ability.

3. Lux

Lux is a decently accessible choice for new players, but with her 51% win rate, she’s clearly no slouch in ability either. Her Light Binding ability, in particular, not only has a seriously respectable range but also binds enemies in place. It makes for highly effective crowd control when you find yourself swarmed.

4. Yuumi

With her 46% win rate, Yuumi clearly packs a serious punch for such an adorable little cat. Admittedly, the mana restoration feature of her Bop ‘n’ Block ability isn’t as useful in URF, but by spamming her Prowling Projectile, players can take down squishies from a distance. And if she does end up getting close enough to take damage, her Zoomies move offers a quick and easy method of healing.

5. Lulu

Fae sorceress Lulu currently has a win rate of just under 56%. Besides her generous poke damage, her Wild Growth can offer a serious health boost to either herself or a nearby ally. Used at the right moment, this can turn the tide of battle or give an ally the means to hack through a great deal more squishies.

6. Morgana

Morgana’s win rate currently stands at 63%. Fittingly for a character named after an Arthurian sorceress, Morgana’s abilities become absolutely devastating when she wields the unrestrained mana of URF. In this mode, with her Dark Binding attack, she can, in seconds, damage and paralyze multiple enemies at once.

And when she finds herself faced with a sizable horde of enemies, her Dark Shadow attack, which covers a broad area of ground, now does double damage. Combine all this with her passive attack, which allows her to siphon health from her enemies as she damages them, and Morgana can used properly, be an unstoppable, damage-sponge killing machine in this mode.

7. Lee Sin

The Blind Monk’s win rate currently stands at no less than 68%. Fittingly for a monk, proper use of him is heavily dependent on reaction time. Used properly, however, he can be pretty devastating.

A properly-placed Dragon Rage can cut swathes through a crowd of squishies. A Sonic Wave, meanwhile, when coupled with a Resonating Strike, can hack away at a single opponent’s health in seconds. Either way, his abilities can turn the tide.

8. Lucian

Currently, with a win rate of 59%, Lucian’s moves can literally cut swathes through the crowd. When faced with a swarm, a well-placed Piercing Light or Ardent Blaze can wreak untold havoc.

9. Shaco

Shaco’s win rate is likewise currently at 59%. It’s easy to see why he’s been a favourite URF choice for a while now. His Deceive ability grants him invisibility for long enough to perform several kills. Under URF rules, this ability has an extremely short cooldown time of only two seconds.

What this means is that, in a URF game, you’ll be able to keep Shaco invisible for a good portion of gameplay, slicing down squishies while your opponents are none the wiser.

This can be absolutely devastating when combined with the Backstab or the Two-Shiv Poison attack. Launch these attacks, escape with Deceive, and repeat until the target is dead. It’s simultaneously frightening and befuddling for the enemy and provides the most satisfying, sneaky sort of victory.

10. Fizz

Fizz’s win rate is currently at over 53%. He’s an assassin tremendously effective at taking out squishies, with his Chum The Waters move perfect for sending an attack directly into the center of a crowd while simultaneously damaging champions. Urchin Strike absolutely devastates individual enemies, while his Nimble Fighter move is a delightfully annoying way to move through enemy lines unharmed.

Much like Shaco, under URF, he can do this constantly with little cooldown, giving him carte blanche to murder his way through hordes before the enemy understands what’s happening.