Top 20 Best Velma Cosplay That You Shouldn’t Sleep On

Velma Dinkley

Velma, the bespectacled beauty that a lot of people slept on…until they’ve woken up to the beauty of girls in glasses. Velma is the brain of the gang, having portrayed multiple times as a person capable of solving mysteries independently, and she’s also a research scientist in NASA, which is one of the gang’s turning points if they’re not driving straight into the cliffs.

Anyway, here are the top 20 Best Velma cosplay that you should pay attention to.

Best Velma Cosplay

20. Von

Coming at the top of this list, Von’s cosplay of Velma is one of the best in terms of its aesthetic vibe. It’s literally just Velma, holding a magnifying glass next to a skull plant pot. That’s not totally suspicious at all, considering her familiarity with mysteries.

19. Kathia

I’d say Kathia cosplay has the old school Velma vibe, when the cartoon first came out, this is what our grandfathers and grandmas are looking at, but yeah, in black in white. But damn, we got to see Velma in her most amazing look yet, thanks for our cosplayer, Kathia.

18. Sawaka

Boy, oh boy, looks like you guys will definitely fail NNN this year. Sawaka’s cosplay is one the top tier Velma cosplay so far and she’s a total beauty in this particular shot. I think the magnifying glass is just a stereotype at this point, but a really good cosplay, nevertheless.

17. Monika

This Velma cosplay packs a lot. Her take is a bit modern, a bit far from the Velma we know, but it’s a really good visualization of Velma if she existed in this day and age.

16. Ashley

Here, we see a closer look into Velma as Ashley provided us with such an intellectually-designed cosplay that took more effort into the makeup, which is one of the good things about her.

15. Lauren Fox

Lauren’s take on Velma is amazing. While the background might not be the best choice, seeing Velma in knee-high socks is one of the best things this year, and honestly, I can’t wait to see more of Lauren’s cosplay.

14. Emma

A less of Velma and more of…Emma..that’s a really bad pun. Anyway, Emma’s take on Velma is really, really good. I can’t say anything much because I’m admiring how incredibly good Velma looks in red, thigh-high socks, which I don’t think we’ve seen before. Or at least, that’s the experience for me.

13. Mystix

Mystix’s take on Velma is one of the most accurate in terms of the cartoon counterpart? I think she nailed it pretty well, considering that Velma and her kinda share the same figure.

12. Stellou

Stello’s take is really amazing. It’s like a redux version of Velma, and I’m not even complaining, that’s really good and astonishing how we’ve come so far in cosplaying.

11. Taya Miller

Okay, I’m going to be a bit biased, but this is my favorite Velma cosplay so far. The paper doors are really a good mix, together with Taya’s artful and effortless display. I think this just hits the spot for me.

10. Lisa Mancini

Lisa’s depiction of Velma is spot on. I don’t think she realized that yet, but she needs to visit this blog just in case she doesn’t. I think we can all agree that her Velma take a well-appreciated one.

9. Maryan Kitsu

The classic trope for every nearsighted girl, Maryan nailed this one considering without her glasses, Velma is dumb as hell.

8. Jade

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Velma’s costume here is pretty nice and classic. Jade nailed the classic Velma look that we don’t often see from a lot of Velma cosplay, especially with a modern fashion dash.

7. Gnatty Sparkles

No idea what Gnatty is looking up there, but I’m pretty sure that her cosplay is really good and very new to the eyes.

6. Lili

Lili’s concept is probably one of the best since this is quite a take from the original. The goofiness in this photo alone is enough for me to put her in this randomized spot for the best Velma cosplay.

5. Tsuki

One of the cutest Velma cosplay I’ve seen so far, Tsuki, captured Velma’s nerdy and quirky vibe here. I’m pretty confident that even if she’s a newbie cosplayer, she’s really doing well.

4. Aria

Aria’s take can be one of those alternate timelines where the gang went to. It’s overall a very aesthetic and fashionable take.

3. Freya Veles

Is that Scooby? Either way, we’re talking about Freya’s cosplay here, which I think was pretty well-made, considering that her background is one of those mystery mansions that the gang visited. It’s pretty faithful to the character, so plus points for me.

2. Eel

Eel’s take on less-tackled beauty, Velma, is quite surprising. I never know that Velma would absolutely slay in her visionless, literally, form. What’s amazing is that her background somewhat reminds me of what she’s had in a few of the Scooby Doo episodes I’ve watched before.

1. Ashley

This Velma cosplay is a mix between modern Velma and the traditional Velma, and it’s insane how good it is. I think we can all agree that this is one of the best takes so far.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Velma Cosplay That You Shouldn’t Sleep On.

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