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Top 10 Best Overwatch Emotes

Top 10 Best Overwatch Emotes

Overwatch has somewhere upwards of 200 emotes to choose from, with each playable character having their own unique set that adds to their personality. Some are event specials, only available at certain times of the year (like Halloween or Christmas), but a large amount can be purchased any time.

Best Overwatch Emotes

Ana’s Candy Emote

A Halloween special that makes Ana look like everybody’s friendly, neighborhood grandma who gives out individually wrapped candies during the spooky holiday. Except Ana has a sniper rifle, has bested Reaper in a fight, and went undercover for years using several hidden identities to sneak around.

Suffice to say, Ana is the best, and this emote only adds to her character. Although she’s one tough lady, we also know Ana to have a sweet side. And you can combine this with basically any of her skins for a different feel; the Owl skin, for example, makes it a bit creepier. Costs 750 credits.

Junkrat’s Lounging Emote

Having become one of the many overused internet memes of the world, the lounge emote is something that you will come across in any given match if a Junkrat player is present. It doesn’t matter if it’s your team or the enemy team, you will see a lounging Junkrat somewhere during that match.

The real kicker is when you get an AFK Junkrat player who decides to put the lounging emote on and then just keep doing it. This is something you might come across during Bronze competition matches or Quick play when the player controlling him has just lost all care for the game. Costs 250 credits.

Pharah’s Rocket Guitar Emote

For a character that is depicted as quite uptight, Pharah sure lets loose with this emote. The Rocket Guitar shows Ana’s daughter rocking out by using her rocket launcher as an air guitar. It’s equal parts hilarious and revealing.

This lady knows how to have a good time; obviously taking after her mother with some of her quirkier attributes. This emote is part of the dance emotes that were released for one of the Overwatch Anniversary events. It costs 750 credits.

Mercy’s No Pulse Emote

For our readers who may be closet fans of gallows humor, you’ll be delighted to know that Mercy has the emote for you. Her No Pulse emote shows her putting her fingers to her own wrist to take her pulse, shaking her head, and shrugging.

A doctor with gallows humor isn’t something we often see in media but seeing Mercy do it is unique. Her whole gig is about saving people, but some fans seem to think this particular emote points towards her role in what happened to Reaper. Who knows? Costs 250 credits.

Bastion’s Robot Emote

There is nothing more entertaining than seeing someone try to do the robot dance; except maybe an actual robot doing it. Bastion is the sweetheart of the Overwatch world; a bot built for destruction that just wanted peace when he woke back up. He’s easily startled, his best friend is a bird, and he loves nature.

This emote is a simple Epic emote, available for 250 credits. There is a similar dance emote for Bastion called the Robo Boogie, which was released for one of the Overwatch Anniversary events.

Zarya’s Mystery Gift Emote

The Mystery Gift is the height of Overwatch emote humor. It’s the kind of prank that you would pull on your siblings at Christmas, just to watch them get increasingly frustrated with the never-ending boxes that you’ve hidden their actual gift in.

Zarya’s emote will randomly play one of three animations when activated. Of these three, there is one with a teddy bear that gets its head popped clean off when it’s hugged by Zarya, one with a small robot that she crushes with one hand, and a present box within a present box within a – you get the idea. The present boxes version of this emote will stay in a looped animation until the player controlling Zarya interrupts it.

Available during Winter Wonderland for 3000 credits.

Reaper’s Shrug Emote

After the release of Overwatch’s Uprising comic, which featured Gabriel Reyes shrugging, the fans of the series started bombarding Blizzard with requests for it to be added into the game. And they did it. Which is almost unheard of.

And so, the shrug emote was born; a classic “whoops” shrug from one of the edgiest characters in the Overwatch playable character list. An Epic emote that costs just 250 credits.

D.VA Game on Emote

The character D.Va is canonically a gamer; it’s something that comes up in her backstory and is showcased throughout her entire character. While she’s inside her Mech, D.Va will sit down (and so will the Mech), and a holographic screen will appear in front of her. She’ll then start playing her favorite game while snacks appear next to her – inside the Mech.

Legendary emote which costs 1000 credits. But considering the sheer amount of detail, we’re surprised it doesn’t cost more.

Soldier: 76 Dance Emote

Dad dancing at its finest. Everything about this dance emote just points towards typical middle-aged dad dancing that gives you second-hand embarrassment. But to make it worse, it’s often paired with players using the Grill Master 76: skin; a skin that represents every summer holiday BBQ dad trying to be cool and failing. It’s the Dad: 76 skin and Blizzard did everything they could to make it so that we knew that.

Part of the Anniversary event set and available for 750 credits.

Lúcio’s DJ Emote

This one is last on our list because it’s important for our readers to know that you can’t purchase this emote anymore (not at the moment, anyway). It was released in 2018 as a Legendary emote that you could only get if you also purchased a Twitch All-Access pass for the Overwatch League games of that year.

The emote features Lúcio breaking down some sick beats on a DJ set that he pulls out of nowhere. Music plays in time with the emote, letting everyone around the player know that it’s time to pull out their dance emotes until the game starts.

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