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Top 10 Easiest Overwatch Heroes and Characters

Top 10 Easiest Overwatch Heroes and Characters

Overwatch is a game that even complete gaming novices find fun to play. It’s a little chaotic, very rage-inducing, and there are so many options that you’re sure to find the best hero for you. A lot of new players stick to one hero in the beginning, and we’re here to help you find that one!

Easiest Overwatch Heroes and Characters


Moira Overwatch

Hello, DPS Moira, how are you? Moira is primarily a support hero, which to most players means she’s a healer. But that’s not quite what she’s best at. Moira is a fast-paced character to play, that’s for sure, but master her and you’ll be able to punk the enemy team every time.

To play Moira effectively, stay near your team while also employing sneak tactics to do the most amount of damage before heading back and healing. Always be on the move.


Mercy Overwatch

Speaking of being on the move, Mercy players need to be fast or be out of the way; there is no in-between. Mercy has been ruined so many times as a playable character than many people find her unplayable. As such, a good Mercy player is hard to find in the ranks of Overwatch.

Play in Quick Play while you boost your skills and gain new tactics on each match. Remember that you can use the spacebar when flying to go just a bit further by adding a jump to the end of your flight path.

Use the toggle option to make it so that Mercy is always healing or boosting whenever you’ve targeted a team member. There’s no point getting hand cramp, and no matter how hard you click your mouse, you aren’t going to heal any faster.


Lucio Overwatch Easiest Hero

Our third healer on this list, and for a good reason. These three healers are the easiest ones to play in the Overwatch world, and support players have it good. Yes, they get a lot of flak from their team, but the characters aren’t that hard to play.

Lucio automatically heals or boosts the speed of his team mates just by being in their general vicinity. If you’re appropriately positioned, you aren’t going to have any issues playing him. And if an enemy player does get anywhere near you, just boop them away and run.


Bastion Overwatch

Got another person on your team who’s picked a shield hero? Good. In that case, hop onto Bastion and get ready to be slightly bored for the next ten or so minutes. Bastion is the kind of character you play if you’ve got nothing better to do or you’re genuinely not sure what you’re doing on Overwatch.

With Bastion, you just need to sit behind a shield and start emptying your gun like tomorrow isn’t coming. Bastion is a high damage, low movement character. But he only really works when you need to sit on the point or sit on the payload, and he always needs a shield.


D.Va Overwatch Easiest Overwatch Hero

D.Va is basically a cheater. She has two lives during each round and can easily get herself out of trouble and back into her mech with no issues. The mech is one life, and her body is her other. Obviously, the mech is armored and that will keep you alive and shooting for a fair amount of time, as long as you aren’t accidentally using D.Va’s rushing power and flying straight into a six-stack team that just saw you mess up.

As herself, outside of the mech, D.Va’s little pistol is pretty powerful. The more she shoots, the faster her mech is healed. Within a few minutes of shooting from behind your other teammates, you should be able to hop back in your mech and start whacking the other team from the frontlines again.


Reinhardt Overwatch Hero

Reinhardt isn’t about doing damage, he’s a character you choose when you want to be a shield and can bash into your enemies with no control except the ability to slightly turn left or right. And we do mean slightly.

Playing Reinhardt is a great start to your Overwatch career if you don’t know what you’re doing but you want to be helpful. Even if you just walk around with your shield until it breaks and occasionally whack out your giant hammer to hit your opponent’s in the head. Tank players are almost non-existent in Overwatch, so be one and help a team out.


Orisa Overwatch

That shield character we spoke about earlier that helps out the unwitting Bastion player? Yes, that’s Orisa. Orisa’s abilities are largely limited to sitting around behind her own shield and shooting wildly into the distance. If you don’t die too quickly, your team won’t even know if you’re helping or wasting your ammo.

Orisa’s ULT is equally useful and useless. A quick power boost which can be shot and destroyed if you place it wrong.

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76 Overwatch

It’s all about shooting and healing, and healing and shooting. Shoot, run, hide, heal, and do it all again. Soldier isn’t a one-trick pony, but he has been around since the beginning of the Overwatch game, and has every skill you need to not mess up during a match.

And once you’ve shot enough people, you should gain your visor ability. Which allows you to pop up out of nowhere and kill every non-armored character on the other team.


Mei Overwatch

Mei is hated by a large amount of the Overwatch community. She’s annoying to be up against, and great to play if you’re quite an anxious player. You can use her powers to hide in ice and heal yourself or just throw up a gigantic wall between you and the opposition.

Or be helpful and freeze the enemies your team is fighting and watch them be put down for good. Well, for a minute, anyway.


Junkrat Overwatch Ultimate

Junkrat is the kind of character you play when you want to mess around but look like you know what you’re doing. If you’re using all his skills, he is a little difficult to play, but most of what you’ll be doing is firing a bunch of bombs across the map at the enemy team.


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