Weight Progress for 5/7/2017

Nailed my weight loss trend for this week. I really sailed through the 230’s fast. Nice to see my trend a little less than the last new weeks. I know that seems weird to want to lose less but I’m really starting to see the affects of the weight loss on my body and I’m […]

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Just a Thought

Not sure if this will make a lot of sense to others but it has worked well for me. I’ve been on my journey for about 20 months. In that time I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’ve ran a half marathon. I now bike and swim on a regular basis. And through all of […]

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Me and Mr. Amell redux

Had a great time at Planet Comicon yesterday in KCMO. I got to meet Stephen Amell twice. Once to get his autograph on a picture I took with him two years ago, and again to get my picture with him and said picture from two years ago. For me the picture that I took two […]

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New Low

Hit a new low. These 230’s have gone away fast. Faster then I actually want. Might need to up the calorie intake so I don’t lose as fast. 

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