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Top 30 Best Anime Moms [2024]

Top 30 Best Anime Moms [2024]

Ah, anime moms – a lot of them are supportive, loving, inspiring, and fierce themselves! Behind a lot of amazing anime characters are moms who are equally amazing in their own right.

Suffice to say, they definitely deserve a moment in the spotlight. From assassin moms like Yor to moms like Chi-Chi who prioritize education above all – here are 30 of the best and most iconic moms in anime!

Best Anime Moms

Isabella (The Promised Neverland)

Best Anime Moms Isabella

Now, before you protest why the Mama in the twisted home-sweet-home-but-not-really orphanage in the Promised Neverland is included here, let me explain.

As an orphan herself, she knew, accepted, and felt powerless to fight the fates that awaited everyone in the hands of the demons.

So, the least she could do is to make sure that all children are loved, cared for, protected from the truth, and experience a happy life before facing their tragic ends.

In her own twisted way, she does genuinely love the orphans at Grace Field House. After their escape, she truly wishes them well.

Whew, what a way to start the list!

Miyako Saitou (Oshi no Ko)

Best Anime Moms Miyako Saitou

Here’s another mama that might seem cold to her children at first but, deep down, truly cares for them.

Miyako is the adoptive mother of twins Aqua and Ruby. After marrying Ichigo Saitou, president of a talent agency, she became the caretaker of the two when their idol mother couldn’t.

At first, she seemed resentful of them since she only really married Ichigo to meet celebrities. But she later showed her genuine care and support for the twins, even helping Ruby with her idol dreams.

She’s also an excellent businesswoman herself!

Mamako (Okaasan Online / Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?)

Best Anime Moms Mamako

As a mom wanting to show her love and care, Mamako can sometimes be too doting, much to the chagrin of her son, Masato.

Well, the perfect opportunity happens – both get teleported to a game-based fantasy world!

This MMMMMORPG – yep, that’s Mom’s Massively Maternal Multiplayer Making-up-with Offspring Role Playing Game – seems to try to rekindle moms and their grown-up kids.

Masato is excited about the RPG elements of their new reality, but he can’t really have fun and show off his skills because his mother has overpowered stats and wants to protect and help him at all times!

Clara Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

Best Anime Moms Clara Yaeger

Eren definitely got his tenacity and sheer will from his mom.

While we didn’t really see much of Clara due to what happened to her in episode one, it was already clear how determined and focused she was on protecting Eren.

So even when she was in a fatal situation, she put on a brave face and placed Eren’s safety as her number one priority.

Even in flashbacks, you see Clara display a hopeful and strong personality while cradling Eren in her arms.

Junko Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Best Anime Moms Junko Kaname

Junko stands out as an anime mom for being a working mother. While we appreciate all the great anime moms out there, we still want to applaud Junko for being a working mom representative!

Junko works hard for her family, and despite her tight schedule, she still finds time to enjoy moments with them.

She spends breakfast with them and even comb Madoka’s hair while talking with her about her life.

One of the show’s creators, Gen Urobuchi, stated that they wanted Madoka’s mom to be strong and her dad to be kind to instill both values in Madoka.

Amane Ubuyashiki (Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer)

Best Anime Moms Amane Ubuyashiki

As the mother of the future pillars of the Ubuyashiki clan, as well as the future Demon Slayer Corps commander, Amane had to be strict and serious when running the day-to-day responsibilities in her house.

Of course, she truly loves her children and is proud of their potential. But knowing how tough a demon-infested life can be, she has to make sure that they are ready for their future roles and responsibilities.

On top of that, she has to take care of her ailing husband, who is the current commander of the Demon Slayer Corps. When he was too ill to do things, she even took over and became the commander!

Izabella (Misfit of Demon King Academy)

Best Anime Moms Izabella

Izabella is the kind of mom who will support her son, demon king and all!

When she bore her son Anos, his heartbeat actually stopped for a bit. She and her husband prayed with all their hearts to have him back, and thankfully he recovered well.

Grateful to be blessed with a child, she and her husband promised to love and support him always.

Now, they both go all-out with their support for Anos. You can even see Izabella cheer for him at his school’s entrance ceremony!

Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist Series)

Best Anime Moms Trisha Elric

Trisha was an important part of the Elric brothers’ love for alchemy and set the events in the story in motion.

As a single mom, times were tough, but seeing her little boys perform alchemy at a young age always made her happy. This made the brothers motivated to learn alchemy more.

And when Trisha succumbed to an illness, it even strengthened the brothers’ motivation to look to alchemy for a solution.

Even though they know that the consequences could be dire, their love for their mom outweighs the rest.

Kurumi Saiki (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)

Best Anime Moms Kurumi Saiki

Having two kids with high intelligence and psychic powers might sound tough to manage as a mom. However, the kind-hearted and carefree Kurumi makes it work!

According to his powerfully psychic son, Kusuo, she’s actually the reason why he has only used his powers for good.

She is a great example of a caring and hardworking anime mom who sometimes is too naive for her own good. But don’t worry, she knows how to fight back, especially when someone threatens her family!

Inko Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

Best Anime Moms Inko Midoriya

She might not be like the top-ranked superheroes in My Hero Academia, nor does she possess a powerful Quirk, but Inko is a superhero in her own motherly way!

Inko has always been a supportive mother towards Deku’s fascination and interest in superheroes and powers.

When his powers never showed up, she even cried her heart out, knowing how crushing it was for him.

But when Deku finally got powers thanks to All-Might, Inko was happy for the opportunity but also understandably cautious.

Because even though she knows how much Deku would love to get powers, her primary priority is his safety and protection.

Now that’s a super-mom!

Delia Ketchum (Pokemon)

Best Anime Moms Delia Ketchum

Behind every Pokemon trainer is a mom who supports and cheers for them!

That rings very true for Ash. When he started his Pokemon journey, his mom made sure he had everything packed in his bag, including underwear, much to the embarrassment of this future Pokemon champion.

Throughout Ash’s journey, Delia made sure to have constant phone calls with her son and always welcomed him back whenever he visited with his friends.

Masaki Kurosaki (Bleach)

Best Anime Moms Masaki Kurosaki

Do you know how Ichigo is this guy with a mishmash of different powers? Well, his mom is literally half the reason why he’s so cool, power-wise!

Yep, Ichigo gets his Quincy half from his mom. She was also noted to be caring and selfless and will not hesitate to help anyone in need.

This is why when Ichigo was tricked by a Hollow, she immediately rushed to protect him, risking his life for him.

Irisviel “Iri” von Einzbern (Fate Series)

Best Anime Moms Irisviel

Irisviel was created to be a puppet to other people’s plans regarding the Holy Grail. She was nothing more than a tool to get what Jubstacheit and Kiritsugu wanted.

But after bearing a child, her perspective about herself and her existence changed. Irisviel found meaning and happiness with her child.

And what once was an empty shell of existence, with no desire of her own whatsoever, became a loving and protective mother.

Rem (Trigun)

Best Anime Moms Rem

When Rem’s crew found Vash and Knives, the true nature of the brothers made them uneasy, and they wanted to eliminate them.

However, due to Rem’s nurturing, hopeful, and pacifistic ways, she convinced the rest to spare the brothers, and she became their caretaker.

She was a mother figure to the two and taught them the value of life and the virtues of a nonviolent approach.

Her teachings had a profound effect on Vash, and he continued to carry her lessons in his heart. Love and peace!

Mito Freecs (Hunter x Hunter)

Best Anime Moms Mito

Mito might not be Gon’s biological mother, but you bet she is a great anime mom to him!

With his mother gone and his father gallivanting around the world as a renowned Hunter, Gon was left with Mito, who became his mother figure.

At one point, Gon even said that whenever he pictures his mom, the image of Mito comes up instead.

She is kind, motherly, and protective of him, to the point that she doesn’t approve of him being a Hunter like his father at first. But in the end, she decided to support him.

Bulma (Dragon Ball Series)

Best Anime Moms Bulma

Not only is she a very important Dragon Ball character due to her inventions, Bulma is quite a memorable mother in the Dragon Ball series.

At one point, she brought baby Trunks to the battlefield, a dangerous mistake that she later learned from!

Despite this early setback, she is a caring mother to her kids. She even extends this motherly love to Future Trunks.

Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball Series)

Best Anime Moms Chi Chi

When it comes to Dragon Ball moms, we definitely can’t skip strong-willed Chi-Chi.

Above all, Chi-Chi prioritizes the safety, education, and overall well-being of her kids – planet Earth be damned!

Yes, the world might be at stake from aliens and other threats, but Gohan better be home by six to finish his homework.

Second Queen (Seirei no Moribito)

Best Anime Moms Second Queen

This next anime mom is willing to sacrifice her time with her son just to keep him safe.

To protect her son from an assassination plan made by their own kingdom, this queen mother immediately employed the services of a mercenary to protect her son.

But this means sending her kid far away from the kingdom – far away from her. Even though she won’t see him for a long time, she was willing to do it for his utmost safety.

Natsuki Naoko (Re:Zero)

Best Anime Moms Natsuki Naoko

Even though her son plunged into a downward spiral and succumbed to the hikikomori life due to his perceived failures, Naoko never berated or resented him.

She continued to cheer him up and give him encouragement to go back to school. Although it was tough seeing her bright and cheerful son become filled with self-loathing, Natsuki continued to support him.

Fans of Re:Zero know by now that Subaru ends up in another world and continues to jump to other worlds.

No one knows if he’ll ever go back to his family, but here’s hoping a reunion can be possible in the future!

Maquia (Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms)

Best Anime Moms Maquia

As someone from a race who can live for hundreds of years, raising and taking care of an ordinary human child with an ordinary life span can get heartbreaking.

This is Maquia’s case. She was already warned about forming emotional connections with outsiders, but she just couldn’t stop herself when she found a human baby all alone in the woods.

She became the baby’s adoptive mother, raising him and caring for him as if he was her own. But it eventually became increasingly tough as the difference between his and her mortality became apparent.

Kushina (Naruto)

Best Anime Moms Kushina

Kushina was the former vessel of the sealed Nine-Tails and the mother of Naruto.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Nine-Tails had to be sealed and transferred to a baby Naruto. Kushina also perished during the event, leaving Naruto an orphan.

Her soul never found peace because of what happened. But during a training session where Naruto almost got overwhelmed by the Nine-Tails, Kushina’s soul appeared to him.

In their brief talk, she told him how sorry she was for what happened and how much she wanted to protect him and be there for him.

Naruto responded that he is proud of his parents and he always felt their love. This made Kushina cry as her soul finally found peace.

Sachiko (Erased)

Best Anime Moms Sachiko

The dead mom trope is sadly quite common in anime, and Sachiko falls into this category too.

However, despite dying in the first episode, and this is one of the major reasons the plot moves forward, Sachiko still manages to shine and show how awesome she is as a mom.

She deeply cares for her son and has worked hard to give him a good life. In return, Satoru risks it all just to save her.

Just from Satoru’s actions, we see how much he treasures her because she’s an incredible mom. And when Satoru fell into a coma, she stayed by his side to care for him.

A crime fighter, an excellent sleuth, and an amazing mom – that’s Sachiko!

Curly Dadan (One Piece)

Best Anime Moms Curly Dadan

She might seem tough and scary, but Curly Dadan definitely developed a soft spot for her rowdy foster sons!

Curly Dadan became the foster mother of Ace and Luffy when Garp entrusted them to her. She also later cared for Sabo when the young boy moved in with his friends.

Her methods of caring for them were at first questionable, and numerous times she looked like she was fed up with caring for the kids.

She just had to be tough due to being a pirate. Dadan did care for the boys very much, which was shown when she was distressed and even shed tears upon hearing of the fates of Ace and Sabo.

Bell-mere (One Piece)

Best Anime Moms Bell Mere

Here’s another amazing One Piece mom who risked her life for her adoptive daughters!

Bell-mere was a former Marine who took Nami and Nojiko under her wing. She was fatally wounded in a battle and was about to give up her life, and she found the two as very young kids.

Wanting to save them, Bell-mere managed to gather enough strength to bring them back to her village. She recovered and adopted the two, but her sacrifice for them didn’t end there.

When food was scarce, she would prioritize the two girls. When money was tight, she still tried to indulge Nami with her favorite food.

And when Arlong arrived to terrorize their village, you bet she willingly sacrificed herself for them!

Kyoko (Fruits Basket)

Best Anime Moms Kyoko

Even though we don’t really see much of Kyoko in the story due to her death, we can still see how great she was as a mother through Tohru.

Tohru considers her as the most important person in her life. Kyoko’s influence and values instilled in her made her the person she is.

Tohru’s selflessness, emotional intelligence, care, and love for others stemmed from Kyoko. It’s heartbreaking that Tohru lost her too soon.

Yor (Spy x Family)

Best Anime Moms Yor

Her family might just be a pretend one, and her mother role might not be real at the start, but Yor eventually became a great mom in her own right!

Because of her secret assassin missions, she eventually worked with a secret spy to start a family who’s secretly not real. Whew, that’s a lot of secrets!

Eventually, she came to love Anya as her own daughter.

Yor might not know a lot about being a mother since her head is just full of assassin-related info, but she now strives to become the best mother for her little girl.

Miyako Ishida (Silent Voice)

Best Anime Moms Miyako Ishida

In a list of amazing moms, we simply can’t skip Miyako for her strong character and seemingly endless patience and understanding.

Miyako became a single mom to two children when her husband walked out on them. Since then, she has worked hard in her salon to give her children a good life.

When her son bullied a deaf girl and broke her hearing aid, she went to talk to the girl’s mom to sort things out but came back with a bloody ear herself.

It’s a heartbreaking scene on top of all other heartbreaking scenes in this heartbreaking movie. Excuse us while we cry.

Hana (Wolf Children)

Best Anime Moms Hana

It’s tough handling kids who are part human and part wolf, but Hana makes it work.

Hana is a resilient, understanding, patient, and hardworking mom of two wolf children. On top of having to care for children who can transform into wolves, she also abruptly became a single mom.

But even though there are challenges of being a mom to two unusual children, Hana never inhibits them and even lets them enjoy who they are out in the open and in the comforts of their countryside home.

Sanae (Clannad)

Best Anime Moms Sanae

Family is an important theme in Clannad, so it’s no surprise that the series has a great mom to showcase.

Sanae is Nagisa’s mom. Due to a mistake she and her husband made when they were young parents, they vowed to be the best and most supportive parents to Nagisa.

In an emotional scene towards the end of the show, you see Sanae and Akio tearfully support Nagisa’s dreams.

Clara Magnolia (Violet Evergarden)

Best Anime Moms Clara Magnolia

Our pick for best anime mom might come as a surprise to a lot of anime fans.

She’s not as popular as other anime moms featured here, but her story is a touching display of motherly love.

If you haven’t watched Violet Evergarden, you might want to skip this next section and watch Clara’s episode spoiler-free.

Basically, Clara realizes she doesn’t have long to live and employs Violet to write letters in her stead. For seven days, she pours all her strength into these letters.

Her daughter, Ann, is understandably worried for her sick mom. She doesn’t understand why she has to write letters or for whom they are.

In the end, it is revealed that these letters are for Ann for the next 50 years. Though Clara may not physically be with her during her birthdays, Ann can still be with her through her letters.