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Top 25 Best Anime Physiques (Muscular) [2024]

Top 25 Best Anime Physiques (Muscular) [2024]

Time to flex some anime muscles!

In today’s anime article, we’re featuring anime guys and gals with very impressive physiques of the muscular kind.

Some of these characters go through training and challenges to achieve their dream bods, while others look so magically jacked in a way no human could achieve.

Either way, we’re just here to be inspired and enjoy the swole view. We’re ‘mirin, alright!

Best Anime Physiques

Saki Uno (Magical Girl Ore)

Anime Physiques Muscular Saki Uno Magical Girl Ore

We’re starting this list with magical muscles!

Saki is a struggling idol who is trying her best to improve her unfortunately unpopular idol duo. Together with her best friend, Sakuyo, they form the duo Magical Twins.

In a magical turn of events, Saki becomes a magical girl to fight adorable demons with squirrel tails.

While that sounds crazy enough, the plot adds a manly twist to this mahou shoujo tale: her mahou shoujo transformation turns her into a very muscular guy!

That’s definitely one way to deliver magical justice – through dem muscles!

Superalloy Darkshine (One Punch Man)

Anime Physiques Muscular Superalloy Darkshine

In a world full of superheroes, Superalloy Darkshine stands out and outshines others with his very durable muscles!

But he wasn’t always this muscle-clad hero. When he was a kid, he was thin, weak, and lacked confidence. It wasn’t until he was given dumbbells on his 15th birthday that he started to train.

He started with 3kg, but he eventually could lift two tons with just one hand!

Superalloy then became known as the most durable and physically fit S-Class Hero, bar Saitama.

He can withstand heavy debris from crumbling buildings, monster hits, and even intense drill attacks without a scratch on his skin and muscles.

His strength is one of the best as well. He once defeated an enemy with just a clap and can even be seen warming up before a fight by doing some squats with a car.

Aoi Todo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Anime Physiques Muscular Aoi Todo

Todo is a simple guy. He loves supporting his favorite idol, likes talking with others about their taste in women, enjoys fighting, and is very fond of flexing his muscles.

If those things are met, he becomes a happy guy. If you enjoy those things too, you’ll probably even become his new best friend! Otherwise, he’ll literally shed tears out of boredom.

Even as a kid, Aoi already possessed an impressive level of strength. But being at the top as the strongest made him feel bored.

It wasn’t until he met his mentor that made things fun for him again. This mentor shaped him up!

Inosuke (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Anime Physiques Muscular Inosuke

Our next entry is a lean, mean boar of a man!

But we didn’t just add Inosuke to our list just for his toned and muscular body. The circumstance surrounding his fit build is quite interesting and inspiring.

To save him from an attack, his mother threw him into a river in hopes that he would survive. He was then found by boars and raised as one of their own.

His life in the wild has made him, well, quite wild! But his harsh environment has made him tough, both in body and mind.

His muscular physique has even inspired some Demon Slayer fans to get into shape too!

Asta (Black Clover)

Anime Physiques Muscular Asta

Speaking of lean and toned shounen characters, we gotta include Asta on our list for his muscle-y resourcefulness and impressive transformation.

In a world where magic is important and practiced by many, Asta actually doesn’t have any Mana, which is the source for magical powers.

But he found a way to still be great at combat. Aside from practicing Anti Magic, he also enhanced his body’s physical strength!

He can punch rocks, wield heavy swords, and be extra durable. When there’s a will, there’s a muscle-y way!

Noi (Dorohedoro)

Anime Physiques Muscular Noi

Speaking of magic and might, this next character manages to practice magic while having quite the muscled physique!

Noi is an elite magic user who specializes in healing. She can heal others and herself, which comes in handy due to the nature of her work as a “cleaner.”

With her strong physique, great combat ability, and healing magic, Noi is hard to defeat! She’s got quite the deadly combo in her.

Younger Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Anime Physiques Muscular Younger Toguro

Fans of this oldie-but-goodie shounen anime know that when it comes to anime physiques, Younger Toguro is 100% a great candidate for this list.

He releases demon energy into his muscles and the entirety of his body, which amps up his strength and size.

There are even percentages to this, ranging from releasing 20% of his demon energy to a full 100%.

And during the Dark Tournament arc, he fought Yusuke beyond his 100%, faced him head on, and crumbled his muscles.

Gamagori (Kill la Kill)

Anime Physiques Muscular Gamagori

The loyal and devoted Elite Four of Honnoji Academy’s Student Council are exceptional members for being great fighters.

For Ira Gamagori, he is proud to represent the disciplinary committee of the school, and he is definitely proud to be called the “Impenetrable Shield” of Satsuki.

Yep, the guy uses his muscles to keep people in line and to protect the darling of the academy!

While his physique is already great, his Three-Star Goku Uniform definitely helps enhance his strength.

Yuujirou Hanma (Baki)

Anime Physiques Muscular Yujiro Hanma

One could describe Yuujirou Hanma’s muscled body as evil in more ways than one.

The father of Baki and the big bad of the story, Yuujiroo Hanma, takes physical prowess very seriously due to his occupation. He is an assassin and a mercenary, and a highly paid one too.

Although physically strong, his heart is anything but. He is emotionally distant from his son, Baki, who trains hard to earn his love and approval.

When Yuujirou gets super serious in his fights, he flexes his back so much that it transforms into a face of a demon. It’s truly grotesque and fascinating at the same time!

Guts (Berserk)

Anime Physiques Muscular Guts

As a mercenary, wielder of a huge sword called the Dragon Slayer, and eventually known throughout the land as the Black Swordsman, you bet Guts has the beefiness to show for it!

His sword is so massive that it is described as looking like a giant slab of iron. It is said that it was too huge, too thick, too heavy, and even too rough to even be called a proper sword.

And yet Guts has no problem wielding and swinging it. My dude might have an impressive sword, but his muscles are even more impressive.

Machio Naruzo (How Heavy Are The Weights You Lift?)

Anime Physiques Muscular Machio Naruzo

Impressed by what you’ve seen so far? Interested in going to the gym to get some gains? Well, I hope your gym trainer will be like this guy!

Machio is a personal trainer and an impressive body builder at the Silverman Gym. He might not look much, but hiding underneath his gym clothes is a bulging and muscle-y physique!

He trains and coaches some of the characters in the story. Whenever he finds the opportunity to do so, Machio loves flexing his muscles. His clothing often gets ripped when he does so.

Alex Louis Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Anime Physiques Muscular Armstrong

Here’s another guy who also loves flexing his muscles and pounces on any chance he gets to show them off.

But even though Alex has an impressive and intimidating physique, this swole alchemist is actually a softie at heart. He doesn’t mind showing his emotions, whether he’s being compassionate, a cuddle monster, or upset to tears.

Alex takes physical health seriously. He loves showing the fruits of his labor, i.e. his muscles, and will strongly advise anyone to stick to a healthy habit of exercise, sleep, and nutritious meals.

He’s got a point!

Rider/Iskandar (Fate/Zero)

Anime Physiques Muscular Iskandar

Next to show off his muscles is the Rider Class Servant during Fate/Zero and known as the “King of Conquerors” – Iskandar!

Alexander the Great, or Iskandar, is Waver Velvet’s Rider Class Servant during the Fourth Holy Grail War.

His personality is as big as his muscles! Iskandar is a jovial guy who enjoys battles, and his ultimate wish is to conquer the whole world.

Despite his fondness for fights, he does try to keep the bloodshed and resulting destruction to a minimum. He also loves experiencing the modern world – from wearing shirts and eating crackers to watching videos and playing video games!

Iwatobi Swim Club Members (Free)

Anime Physiques Muscular Iwatobi Swim Club

These next guys might not be the typical bulging muscle men like the characters in previous entries, but you bet their glistening toned bodies have made a lot of fans hyperventilate!

Of course, as swimmers, the Iwatobi Swim Club members have lean and toned figures.

Most of them have been swimming their whole lives, with the exception of their newest recruit, who is a former Track Club member, resulting in having healthy physiques.

Not to mention they look good in their jammers! Good on you, boys.

Gon (Hunter x Hunter)

Anime Physiques Muscular Gon

Normally, Gon doesn’t have the muscles to show for it. His strength lies elsewhere, such as his tenacity, speed, agility, stamina, outside-the-box thinking, Nen skills, and overall potential.

But when he got his heart and spirit broken at the sight of his friend’s hurt body, he unleashed one of the most shocking displays of power in Hunter x Hunter history.

He used his Nen to gather all of his current and future power. This, in turn, transformed his body into an adult Gon with jacked muscles and longer hair.

It was quite a sight to behold!

Biscuit (Hunter x Hunter)

Anime Physiques Muscular Biscuit

Anime muscles and Hunter x Hunter? Why, we simply can’t skip the cute and adorable Biscuit!

Biscuit normally looks like a doll while wearing her cute and poofy dresses. She’s tiny, has her hair in a ponytail or twin tail, and loves to act all cute. Her preferred nickname is even Bisky!

However, in her true form, she is quite an impressive muscular young lady and a very strong Hunter. She is massive in size, has bulging muscles, and can display a superhuman level of strength and speed.

Even Killua, who’s usually chill, is terrified of her!

Sakura Ogami (Danganronpa)

Anime Physiques Muscular Sakura Ogami

Speaking of muscle-clad girls, we gotta have Sakura Ogami on our list! Her aim is to be the strongest human alive, and we definitely have no qualms against that, ma’am.

The Ogami family has had a dojo for a few centuries now. As the only daughter in her clan, Sakura wanted to prove that she was just as strong and capable as the other kids.

She trained with her father every day, fighting champions left and right until she herself surpassed her own father and mentor.

Whitebeard (One Piece)

Anime Physiques Muscular Whitebeard

His muscles are huge, to say the least, and his physique is insanely larger than most men.

But both can’t compare to the size of his big heart. Here’s Whitebeard, the beloved captain of Whitebeard Pirates!

If you think his biceps are big now, wait till he uses his quake powers, the Gura Gura no Mi. This Devil Fruit produces strong vibrations that can even amp up Whitebeard’s muscles.

At the height of his strength, Whitebeard was even known as the Strongest Man in the World. But despite all that scary reputation, he was a father-like and kind-hearted captain to his crew.

All Might (My Hero Academia)

Anime Physiques Muscular All Might

Speaking of a muscle-clad guy with a big heart, All Might is a great candidate for our list too!

Yep, this guy’s heart is as big as his muscles. He genuinely wants to provide a safe and happy world to everyone. The reason for his big smile is to give hope to others.

So whenever he fights villains or carries people for rescue missions, he always makes sure that he does it with a huge smile on his face.

He’s not only strong in muscles, but strong in heart as well.

Escanor (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Anime Physiques Muscular Escanor

On the other hand, this next guy’s heart swells a little too much whenever he flexes his muscles. Can’t blame him, his muscles are truly worthy to be proud of!

Here’s Escanor, the Lion’s Sin of Pride from The Seven Deadly Sins.

Escanor gets his powers from the sun. So at night, Escanor would look like a normal guy with normal body size.

However, during the day, his body absorbs sunlight and makes his muscles get massive!

Seeing his before and after is quite a whiplash. Here’s this unassuming-looking guy who looks like a butler, but this butler actually serves beefiness!

Armored Titan (Attack on Titan)

Anime Physiques Muscular Armored Titan

Getting attacked by humanoid giants is scary enough, but it’s even scarier when the giant is a musclebound behemoth of pure attacking and defensive power!

That’s what the Armored Titan is from the point of view of normal humans. It’s a gigantic being that can harden its outer layer to near-impenetrable levels. Physique-wise, its muscular structure is pretty stellar.

From the name itself, its skin becomes its armor when it turns into layers of plated hardened skin. Due to this, the Armored Titan has no problems banging its body into anything.

Walls, ODM Gear, fellow Titans – you name it, the Armored Titan will body slam it!

Mikasa (Attack on Titan)

Anime Physiques Muscular Mikasa

When it comes to muscular anime physiques in Attack on Titan, the most impressive feat actually goes to Mikasa’s transformation!

Always focused and driven, Mikasa is a huge asset to the Scout Regiment. She knows she has the physical prowess and natural ability for combat, given her bloodline.

And so she dedicates her free time to training. In one OVA episode, A Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Adolescence, you can see how she trains with sit-ups and such to improve her physique.

JJBA Cast (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Anime Physiques Muscular Jjba

When it comes to anime muscles, a lot of people would immediately think of the characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

And for a good reason, too, seeing as how almost all of its characters have bulging muscles and toned bodies. It’s the show’s trademark.

This is why we’ve decided to put the entirety of the show’s characters as its own entry. It’s not easy to pick which one of them is the swole supreme!

From the OG Joestar and the main big bad Dio to the highly awaited Jolyne Cujo, JJBA is full of characters with the best anime physiques.

Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)

Anime Physiques Muscular Kenshiro

If we’re adding JJBA to the list, we can’t skip Kenshiro, too. He is literally the reason why JJBA is drawn the way it is, which definitely popularized the muscular look in anime.

Hirohiko Araki, JJBA’s author, has mentioned that his characters’ looks were influenced by Kenshiro. In fact, a lot of manga and mangaka followed suit.

Yep, Fist of the North Star was one of the most popular manga at one point. Its influence can still be felt in modern works today.

Ultimately, we have Kenshiro to thank for making bulging anime muscles popular.

Max Power Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)

Anime Physiques Muscular Master Roshi

Now, we’re definitely ‘mirin Kenshiro’s muscles and the buff gang of JJBA, but we gotta crown Max Power Master Roshi as the best muscular anime physique in our list!

He might be old, but this grandpa can still flex it as much as the youngins in his Max Power mode.

Max Power can amplify his full power, making him transform into this ultra-buff state and letting him perform special attacks like Max Power Kamehameha.

This is one swole senior!