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Top 10 Best Frostgrave Miniatures [2024]

Top 10 Best Frostgrave Miniatures [2024]

Frostgrave lands right in the middle of a TTRPG and a large-scale skirmish game. This means that the focus is a smaller number of pieces. While the game can be played with just about anything representing the forces, high-quality miniatures really bring the game to life.

The Best Frostgrave Miniatures

Frostgrave Wizards

This set from Osprey Games contains 8 wizard miniatures perfect for use with Frostgrave or any other game. The miniatures are standard 28mm in size and come unpainted and unassembled. The kit comes with a variety of addon pieces as options.

This makes the kit perfect for building Frostgrave wizards and apprentices or custom-building wizards for an RPG player or non-player character. Glue, paint, and other supplies for finishing and assembling the quality plastic figures are sold separately.

Frostgrave Soldiers

Similar to the Frostgrave wizards set, the soldiers set comes with enough parts to construct 8 miniatures. The pieces again come unfinished and unassembled.This allows for custom building with the optional pieces to get just the right look. These plastic figures are 28mm.

The kit does not come with any glue, paint, or terrain. Osprey Games has created a kit that would be an excellent way to build a custom force of guards for any TTRPG making this kit a worthwhile purchase even if not for Frostgrave.

Gamecraft Miniatures Frostgrave Version Ii: Knights

The Knights set might be the ticket if the Frostgrave Soldier kit doesn’t have quite what you are looking for. It offers a selection of various heads, weapons, and equipment to make 10 figures. Possible piece combinations allow for the custom building of archers, knights, and captains.

Each figure is composed of 10 pieces. All of the parts are well detailed but come unpainted and unassembled. This kit and other Frostgrave kits require some prep time before you can use them in your game.

Frostgrave Cultists

The Frostgrave Cultist set provides enough interchangeable parts to create 20 figures. The figures are the standard 28mm in size. Cultists are a great choice for any low-level TTRPG game, and this set allows you to build to your own specifications.

A few added features of the Cultist set include the ability to turn the figures into ghouls and skeletons, and they are made to work with the Soldier set to create an undead army of fallen soldiers.

Frostgrave Osprey Games Barbarians

The Barbarians are the wild warriors of the wilderness. The set comes with enough parts to build 20 figures that are the standard 28mm. The figures in all of the Osprey Games sets are plastic. Building a unique Warband for Frostgrave becomes even easier as the barbarians give a variety of flavor and adornments to the other sets.

They also come unpainted and unassembled. As with the others, this set also recommends only using glue and paint designed for plastics to get the best results.

Frostgrave Version Ii: Demons

The Frostgrave Demon pack comes with a variety of heads, weapons, and accouterments to create 20 figures. Tacking this set onto your collection of other sets provides the opportunity to create a well-varied Warband for Frostgrave or mix and match pieces to create some custom baddies for a TTRPG.

The unpainted and unassembled figures lean heavily into customization, which allows for utilizing the miniatures in various ways and games.

Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Crewmen

Perhaps a more seafaring adventure is up your alley. In that case, the Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Crewmen is a must-have set. This set is a great way to instantly bolster your ranks of pirates and scoundrels with 20 figures.

Use glue and paint to create a whole pirate crew adorning the colors of their flag or mix and match to represent unclaimed scoundrels that inhabit a rough and tumble port town. The Crewmen provide a nice change to the classic sword and sorcery of the other Frostgrave sets.

Frostgrave Gnolls

Gnolls are another fantastically nasty and ruthless enemy to use in any tabletop roleplaying game. The Frostgrave Gnolls set comes with options for 20 figures. Gnolls are generally not inherently dangerous or threatening themselves but have been used as fodder for smarter, more dangerous enemies for a long time.

This is another great option for large-scale battles where hordes of weaker foes are a mere distraction. This set is a good way to build a Warband in Frostgrave or increase the number of enemies at your disposal in any fantasy TTRPG.

Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Tribals

Ghost Archipelago Tribals are an alternative to the Frostgrave Barbarians. They provide a more native feel for a seafaring game. They can be used in direct opposition to a Crewman Warband or as an alternative enemy in place of cultists if that is more the direction you want to go.

The set contains heads, weapons, and accessories to create 20 figures. All of the pieces come unpainted and unassembled.

Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Snake-men

This set is another that is themed around the Ghost Archipelago setting. The Snake Men set can produce 20 figures that are compatible with a variety of games other than Frostgrave, such as Dungeons and Dragons. This is a great way to put a new spin on a classic module. Replace the standard enemies with enemies that are sentient savage snake people. These pieces are not painted and require assembly.

The plastic figures themselves are well crafted and very detailed. All of the Frostgrave sets are compatible for unique Warband creation and individual character customization.

Final Thoughts

The Frostgrave miniatures are intended to be used with the Frostgrave game system. Osprey has done everyone a huge favor by creating miniatures in the standard 28mm size that makes them completely compatible with any tabletop roleplaying game.

The sets allow for customization to give you an exact look you want for your non-player character army. These miniatures are well made and, with a little time and patience, can look amazingly finished. They would make an excellent addition to any gaming enthusiast’s collection.