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Top 30 Best Sims 4 House and Floor Plans CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 House and Floor Plans CC

There are many parts to playing a sims game, one of them is lot building. You have so many house and floor plan options in The Sims 4 that the possibilities are endless.

This is why we have gathered the best sims 4 house and floor plans CC for you to use in your sims game. Read on to find out more.

Best Sims 4 House and Floor Plans CC

30. Modern Tomarang Apartments

Modern Tomarang Apartaments

The Modern Tomarang takes an apartment building in the world of Tomarang and turns it into a real thing. It comes with six apartments, each having 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. The lot is for a size of 30×30 so keep that in mind.

29. Peachtree Road


The Peachtree Road by Xogerardine is the perfect family home for a sims family around medium size. It’s for a lot around 20×15 and while it is small, it’s important not to judge a book by it’s cover. There are 3 bedrooms in this lot and a total of 2 bathrooms.

28. Green Family Cottage 

Green Family Cottage

You’ll know the Green Family Cottage is for a family because it has it in the name. This is a lot size of 40×30 with a cost of 129,928 Simoleans which is a little on the expensive side but still affordable. It has a total of 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 floors.

27. Sunrise Avenue

Sunrise Ave

Welcome to 126 Sunrise Avenue where your sim is going to love to move into. This is a medium sized house great for a sim family around a medium size. It’s a modern style residence that has 2 bedrooms on the first floor, 2 bathrooms on the second floor,  one bedroom on the ground floor, and two bathrooms on the ground floor.

26. Mediterranean Dream

Mediterranean Beach House

Welcome to your Mediterranean Dream house or your sims Mediterranean Dream House. This is for a lot around 50×50 that is pretty much a mansion. It comes with four bedrooms that each have their own bathroom. Don’t you wish you could have that in real life?

25. Sunrise Ave.

Sunrise Av

The Sunrise Avenue 27 is a lot by Sinhhala. This is a modern style house that is surrounded by water along with a private beach. It comes with a ground floor that has one bedroom and 2 bathrooms. On the first floor there are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Guess what? It also has a guesthouse.

24. Rock


Yes, this lot is called the Rock. You don’t have to be the Rock to live in it and nor is it made of rock. This is a cute, family house that comes with three bathrooms, including a master bed, a backyard, a master bath, and bathroom.

23. Willow


The Willow lot is a tiny home on the beach good for smaller family sims. It is for a lot size 30×20 in Windenburg that costs 20,616 with no CC at all. It has a total of one bath and one bedroom so you see why it’s good for single sims or those with no kids.

22. Modern Cottage

Modern Cottage

This Modern Cottage by the Lake is a small and cozy lot. It is for a lot size of 20×20, has no CC, and costs 88,404 Simoleans which is pretty affordable. This has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms so a small to medium size family is best for it.

21. Strawberry Home

Strawberry Cottage

The Strawberry Home looks like something Strawberry Short Cake would live in. It’s for a 20×15 lot in Newcrest that is two stories. This home is going to stand out in the neighborhood, but this isn’t a bad thing. Your sim will be the talk of the town.

20. Summer Garden

Summer Garden

The Summer Garden by Joyceisfox has the ultimate garden. It doesn’t get more intricate than this garden right here. It is a residential lot that is great for sims that have a green thumb or enjoy being around plants. If your sim hates nature then this probably isn’t for them.

19. Cozy Family Home

Cozy Family Home

A family home doesn’t need to be called cozy to be cozy, but it helps. Here we have the Cozy Family HomeIt’s for a 30×20 sized lot in Willow Creek and there is absolutely no CC. So if you do download it, it’ll be easy to use.

18. Base Game Generations House

Base Game Generations House For 8 Sims

This Base Game Generations House for 8 Sims. It is on a 30×30 lot in Newcrest and costs about 132,360 Simoleans. This is completely CC free, has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and has a play room. If you have a big sim family then get this house.

17. Comfy Modern Family House

Comfy Modern Family Home 🌳

The Comfy Modern Family house is good for a family of four. It’s for a lot size of 30×20 in Brindelton Bay for about 85,486 Simoleans. Doesn’t mean your sim has to be a traditionally family. Any family or household will do because all are welcome.

16. Base Game Modern House

Base Game Modern House

The Base Game Modern House is a fully furnished house that works only with the base game. It’s a modern house that has a total of 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. This is cute, one story house that any family is going to feel at home in.

15. Container Eco House

Container Eco House

If your sim wants to protect the environment then the Container Eco House is for you. It’s a residential lot that is for a lot the size of 30×40 and costs 44,012 in the Mt. Komorebi world. This CC needs a lot of packs to be able to use it properly so please keep that in mind

14. Cosy Countryside Cottage

Cosy Countryside Cottage

This Cosy Countryside Cottage will make you feel like your in the actual country side. It is for a 30×20 lot that is CC free which costs 52,916 Simoleans. It has 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms so it’s good for small to medium size families.

13. Werewolf Cottage

Werewolf Cottage

The werewolf addition to sims brought a whole new type of sims to the game– werewolves. This Werewolf Cottage combines a cottage style home that will make werewolf sims feel at home. It doesn’t mean your sim has to be a werewolf to live in it, of course.

12. Grandma’s Renovated Cottage

Grandma's Renovated Cottage

Even if your sim isn’t a grandma they can still live in this comfy and fun little cottage. Grandma’s Renovated Cottage is built in Henford on Bagley. It comes with one bedroom and one bathroom so small family sims will fit here best.

11. Quintessential Cottage

Quintessential Cottage

This cottage is a cottage right out of someone’s storybook. It is for a 30×20 residential lot, has 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, no CC, and costs 46,862 Simoleans. This will fit about 2 to 3 sims in total.

10. Cottage AM See

Cottage Am See 2.0

The Cottage AM See 2.0 is a little cottage home snuggled in a forest area. It sits on a 20×20 lot, costs 80,860 Simoleans, and is CC free. However, it does need some more than the base game so keep that in mind before you decide to download this lot.

9. Cosy Autumn Large Family House

Cosy Autumn Large Family House

This Cosy Family Autumn Large Family House is perfect for big families whether they are in the fall season or not. It’s in the Newcrest world on a 40×30 lot size that has 2 stories. There are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

8. Garden Mansion

Gardening Mansion

Here is the Modern Gardeners Mansion by Kate Emerald. This mansion is great for sims that are gardeners, have a green thumb, or just feel at home in nature. Who wouldn’t want to live in this awesome mansion inspired by nature itself?

7. Copperdale Tiny Family Home

Copperdale Tiny Family Home

The Copperdale Tiny Family home is a small but comfortable residential lot. It’s in COpperdale, is on a 20×30 lot, costs 36,500, and is CC free. To be able to work it needs several packs and additions other than the base game.

6. Pancake Family Home

A New Home For The Pancakes Family

The Pancake Family House is a completely CC free lot in Willow Creek on a 30×20 lot. It costs around 96,867 Simoleans, has 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Even if your sims aren’t the Pancake family they can still live here.

5. Underground Garden House

Underground Garden House

What happens when you combine a house, underground, and garden house? Well, you get the Underground Garden House which is a modern type house. It’s a large mansion style house that comes with a pool, balcony, and is very sleek.

4. Redstone Cliff

Redstone Cliff

The Redstone Cliff is a small house that has a lot of personality. This is on a lot size of 20×30, costs 04,296, and has no custom content. There are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, great for a modern and medium sized family.

3. Artist Tiny Starter Home

An Artist's Tiny Starter Home (no Cc)

Even if your sim isn’t an artist, they can still live in this tiny starter home that has a lot of spunk. This Artists Tiny Home is a micro home that is on a 30×20 lot, costs 17,685 Simoleans, and works best in Bridleton bay. It has a studio, kitchenette, and bathroom.

2. Tiny Modern House

Tiny Modern House

Tiny homes are all the rage in real life and in sims. This Tiny Modern House with No CC is on a lot of 20×15, is fully furnished, and costs 22,768 simoleans. It has only one bedroom and one bathrooms, but it’s a tiny home so this is expected.

1. Industrial Family Starter

Industrial Family Starter

If your sim family is just starting out then the Industrial Family Starter is best for them. It’s set on a 30×20 lot that costs about 19753 Simoleans in total. This has a total of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, good for a medium sized sim family.