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31 Clash of Clans Statistics and Facts [2023]

31 Clash of Clans Statistics and Facts [2023]

Clash of Clans is one of the best-performing mobile strategy games around the world. It has achieved a huge and loyal following through the years.

With a decade of being among mobile game leaders, there are many exciting facts to discover about Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Stats Highlights

  • Clash of Clans is developed and published by Finnish company Supercell.
  • It has 2 modes: single-player and multiplayer.
  • Development for Clash of Clans took 6 months.
  • There are almost 8 million clans in Clash of Clans.
  • The massive Chinese conglomerate Tencent owns a majority stake in Supercell.
  • Clash of Clans has an aggregate score of 80% on GameRankings and 74/100 on Metacritic.
  • Clash of Clans has a steady presence in eSports and reached a cumulative prize pool of $730,000.

Clash of Clans Overview

Clash of Clans was launched in 2012. It may seem like it’s not a huge blockbuster game, but it has a steady user base and has achieved numerous massive accolades. Here’s an overview of the most interesting Clash of Clans facts.

Clash of Clans Is About Community

(Source: GiantBomb)

The purpose of this online multiplayer mobile game is to create communities, the ‘clans’ of the title. Players must collaborate and establish a clan, find resources, and defend or attack other clans to progress through the game.

There Are 4 Currencies in the Game

(Source: Giant Bomb)

There are 4 in-game currencies available to players: gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems. Above all, gems are the premium option and are used to purchase top-tier resources like additional builders.

Clash of Clans Can Be Played on Ios and Android

(Source: SlidetoPlay, AndroidAuthority)

This popular mobile game can be found on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. It was released first on iOS in August 2012, then on Android’s Google Play over a year later in October 2013.

This makes it easily available to most mobile users. Its accessibility is a big part of its ongoing success.

Clash of Clans Has One of the Most Viewed Super Bowl Ads

(Source: VentureBeat)

In February 2015, Clash of Clans released an ad designed for Super Bowl XLIX. The ad starred Liam Neeson and was created as a parody of his famous role in the movie Taken. The ad instantly became a hit and continues to be one of the most viewed Super Bowl ads of all time.

After it came out on February 2nd, it was reported as the 5th most viewed Super Bowl ad. By February 6th, it became the most viewed at the time. It was then voted the second-best Super Bowl ad by YouTube viewers.

There Are 15 Clan Labels Available

(Source: Clash of Clans)

When players create a clan, they can choose 3 out of 15 labels to describe the values of their community. This can help categorize the clan and makes it easily findable for like-minded players looking to join a new clan.

The labels are used to describe the clan’s attitude, its approach to fighting, and the clan’s favorite activities. Examples of some of these labels include ‘trophy pushing’, ‘friendly wars’, ‘builder base’, ‘international’, ‘farming’, ‘donations’, ‘underdog’, and ‘newbie friendly’.

The Best Clan Has Over 56,643 Trophies

(Source: ClashSpot)

The top 2 clans in Clash of Clans are both from India. In 1st place, there is Bharat. The team has the best performance in the game and has achieved over 56,643 trophies to show for it. In 2nd place, Team INDIA has achieved 55,603 trophies.

In 3rd, the Persian Gulf clan from Iran claimed 55,438 trophies, while in the 4th Vietnam War from, Vietnam claimed 54,920. This shows the immense international presence of Clash of Clans, as well as the dedication of its players.

 Most Clans Are Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern

(Source: ClashSpot)

Data suggests that the top 20 clans are located either in the Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern regions. Indeed, the first top-performing European clan can be found only at number 20, and it is a clan from Great Britain.

Despite clan bases, many of them are international and welcome players from everywhere, so all is not always as it seems. It can be hard to pinpoint the full geographic span of clans.

Clash of Clans Is the 3rd Most Downloaded Strategy Game

(Source: Sensor Tower)

Clash of Clans has a significant presence in Indonesia, where it is 3rd in the most downloaded strategy games of all time. This highlights how much of an impact the game has on Southeast Asian players, who download it in droves.

This is one of the many aspects that make Clash of Clans such a triumph. Breaking into the Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern market ensured a steady influx of dedicated players.                         

Clash of Clans Usage Statistics

Observing the usage of Clash of Clans goes a long way in exploring what makes it work. Here are some of the most intriguing details about how users interact with the game.

Clash of Clans Has Millions of Players

(Source: Supercell)

Supercell has not released information about player figures since 2016, but back then, it had  55 million users. This figure had increased from 2015 when Clash of Clans had 37 million. In 2014, the game had 29 million users.

This shows steady growth for the game that is continuing to this day. The stability of its user base is a great advantage to the game.

Clash of Clans Is Used Most in the US

(Source: Player Counter)

Most Clash of Clans users are located in the United States, with 18.92% of the total share. Turkey follows at 6.17%, and then China with 4.09%.

Germany and Russia also use Clash of Clans in stable numbers, with 3.65% and 3.57%, respectively.

While usage doesn’t determine financial gain, the US has an impressive lead overall when it comes to Clash of Clans.

There Are Almost 8 Million Clans

(Source: ClashSpot)

In 2022, there are 7.8 million clans on Clash of Clans. Of these, 4.2 million have international members and can’t be fully categorized into representing any one region. If we are to take into account where the clan is created, there is some data to analyze.

Indonesia Has the Highest Number of Clans

(Source: ClashSpot)

Indonesia has the highest number of clans in Clash of Clans, with 978,583. India follows, with 870,451, then China with 722,274, and the Philippines with 512,454. This statistic highlights how much of a global impact Clash of Clans has and how wide its reach has become.

The clans created by the community show how present it is internationally and how it attracts players from all around the world to come to form part of a clan.

Clan Wars Is the Most Used Label

(Source: ClashSpot)

Clash of Clans players has a clear favorite when it comes to the labels they use to describe their clans: the Clan Wars label. This option is far ahead in the lead, with over 7 million uses. The Clan Wars label indicates that the clan is ready to fight other clans for resources.

The 2nd most used label is Donations, with over 5 million uses. This indicates that the clan welcomes trade and gift offers from other clans to create a network of support and prosperity. The 3rd most used label is the Friendly one, with 3,499,649 uses, followed by Clan Games with 2,836,319.

Many Clash of Clans Users Are Core Gamers

(Source: Newzoo)

42% of Clash of Clans users refer to themselves as core gamers. This indicates that they have a wider range of interests in the gaming world and that they enjoy immersing themselves in various titles.

Core gamers are also known as ‘mid-core’ to separate them from hardcore gamers, the most committed category. Clash of Clans core gamers enjoy understanding the game and learning how best to play it.

Clash of Clans Players Enjoy Using Different Screens

(Source: Newzoo)

While Clash of Clans is a mobile game, users have been experimenting with different screens to play it on.

65% of them have stated that they play it on all screens they can use it on, and 71% use the game on tablets or handhelds when possible. This shows that Clash of Clans players are versatile and that they seek more ways in which to experience the game.

Clash of Clans Players Also Use Candy Crush

(Source: Newzoo)

More Clash of Clans players play Candy Crush than the reverse. 16% of Clash of Clans users have interacted with Candy Crush, while only 6% of Candy Crush players have experimented with Clash of Clans.

This is in part due to the casual aspect of Candy Crush and the more involved strategy genre of Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Demographics Statistics

The international appeal of Clash of Clans means it reaches many people in many different locations. This provides some fascinating data about Clash of Clans players.

Most Clash of Clans Players Are Male

(Source: Newzoo)

While there are some female players, Clash of Clans definitely has a significant gender divide. 77% of users are male, while 23% are female.

This is a stark contrast with other games, which make it clear that the female user base is catching up at a quick pace. 60% of Candy Crush players, for example, are female.

Clash of Clans Players Are Predominantly 21-35

(Source: Newzoo)

When it comes to the age ranges that feature more heavily in Clash of Clans, the 21 to 35-year-olds are in the lead with 43%. They are followed by the 10 to 20-year-olds at 16%, and by the 36 to 50-year-olds at 15%. 51 to 65-year-olds account for less than 5%.

This shows that young adults rule Clash of Clans, and they are very ready to invest in it.

Players Continue To Use Clash of Clans Every Day

(Source: Sensor Tower)

While Clash of Clans enjoyed most of its popularity right after it came out, the 2020 pandemic brought renewed interest in the game. In April 2021, it registered 2 million active players a day.

This is a difficult figure to keep an eye on, considering Supercell is not disclosing user information anymore, but sometimes there will be small nuggets of data coming through from other sources.

Regardless, it is apparent that Clash of Clans has been enjoying stable growth in the last decade.

Players Achieved a Huge Milestone in 2018

(Source: VentureBeat)

In 2018, Clash of Clans players surpassed 500 million installs on the Google Play Store. This was a record-breaking number that shows how dedicated its user base is. Even before the pandemic, Clash of Clans was already bringing in the numbers.

Players Enjoy It on Both Platforms

(Source: VentureBeat)

Clash of Clans players enjoy downloading and installing it on the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store. The game is the 4th most installed app on iOS and the 7th on the Android Google Play Store. This shows that players on both systems enjoy playing Clash of Clans.

Live Trackers Show Huge Amounts of Active Users

(Source: ActivePlayer)

While Supercell isn’t releasing official information regarding user numbers, live trackers can show a glimpse into how popular Clash of Clans continues to be. In April 2022, Clash of Clans had 103.6 million average monthly players.

This is a huge jump in average monthly players since the last official information was released in 2016, and it highlights how relevant the game remains a decade after its release.

To provide a point of comparison, in April 2021, there were 128.6 million average monthly players.

The Peak Players Number Is Constant

(Source: ActivePlayer)

Data shows that in the last 30 days, the highest peak of players in one day was 6.9 million people. This seems to be a stable trend, as in previous months it remained around the 7 million mark.

Clash of Clans Financial Statistics

Clash of Clans follows a freemium business model. It offers free access to the base game and basic features, while enhancements are available for purchase. This has been shown to be a profitable venture for Supercell.

Clash of Clans Is Supercell’s Most Profitable Game

(Source: Statista)

Clash of Clans is the most popular Supercell game, providing 489.99 million USD in worldwide revenue across iOS and Android. It is far ahead of the next most popular Supercell title, Brawl Stars, with 340.29 million. Clash Royale follows with 294.11 million USD.

Clash of Clans Has the Most Lifetime In-app Revenue of All Supercell Games

(Source: Statista)

Clash of Clans has achieved around 4.6 billion USD from worldwide lifetime in-app revenue. It leads the way by far in comparison to other Supercell games. Clash Royale follows, with 2.4 billion from in-app revenue, while Brawl Stars is next with 1 billion USD.

Annual Revenue Has Decreased

(Source: Statista)

While Clash of Clans still has very consistent annual revenue worldwide, there has been a clear decrease in the last few years following its initial boom. In 2015, Clash of Clans reached its peak annual revenue of 1.3 billion USD.

Since then, revenue has fallen under the 1 billion mark but remains steady.

In 2020, Clash of Clans had 483.1 million USD in annual revenue. In 2021, that increased to 489.99 million USD.

It Became the Top-grossing App on Both Ios and Android

(Source: Business Insider)

Clash of Clans was the top-grossing app on both the App Store and the Google Play Store in 2015. At that point, it was achieving an estimated revenue of 1.5 million USD every day. In 2014, it had estimated daily revenue of $654,000.

Clash of Clans Has Made More Revenue Than Any Other App Store Title

(Source: Variety)

In 2018, Clash of Clans became the App Store title that earned the most revenue on the platform. Since its launch in 2012, it has generated over 6 billion USD in revenue.

It continues to remain in the top 50 top-grossing apps on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Interest in it has not significantly waned in its lifetime.

The Gold Pass Increased Revenue

(Source: Supercell)

In 2019, Supercell introduced the Gold Pass for Clash of Clans. This is essentially a season pass full of exclusive features for Clash of Clans players. On its first day, the Gold Pass was one of the highest-grossing apps on Android and iOS. In under a week, the Gold Pass increased Clash of Clans player spending by 2.5x.

Many players spent around 3.9 million USD a day during that time, which led to 2019 being the first year with a significant increase in revenue since its peak in 2014. It generated 727 million USD in 2019.

Tencent Invested Heavily in Owning a Majority Stake in Supercell

(Source: Games Industry)

Chinese conglomerate Tencent is a huge presence in the gaming industry. The company is aware of the success presented by Clash of Clans and raised its stake in 2019. It did so by investing 8.6 billion USD to make sure it would have a majority controlling stake of  81.4% in Supercell. This was a significant move in the tech world that year and showed how important Clash of Clans remains on the market.

Clash of Clans Became the Top-grossing Game in 7 Months

(Source: Games Industry)

After its launch in 2012, it only took Clash of Clans 7 months to become a huge player on the market. It shot to the lead of the top-grossing apps for iPhone. It then repeated its success when it was launched on Android, as many Android users were eagerly expecting its release on the platform.


Is Clash of Clans Shutting Down?

Supercell has no plans to shut down or discontinue Clash of Clans in the near future. Rumors of a shutdown were erroneously spawned from an announcement made by the developer about discontinuing the game on older versions of iOS and Android. This was not a move instigated by the developer, but it had to be done due to technical regulations.

What Are the Clash of Clans Spin-off Games?

There are currently 4 Clash of Clans spin-off games released by Supercell. These all exist in the same universe. The 1st spin-off was Clash Royale, released in 2016, now another of Supercell’s most popular games. It was followed by Clash Minis, Clash Quest, and Clash Heroes.

The most recent 3 spin-offs were all released in April 2021, which led to a spike in revenue.

What Is the Maximum Number of Trophies per Match?

Players can earn or lose a maximum of 59 trophies in every match. While many attempts have been made to prove that there is a higher number of achievable trophies, all players failed in their quest. 59 trophies remain the maximum trophy number in Clash of Clans matches.

Why Is Clash of Clans So Popular?

There are many reasons that explain why Clash of Clans remains so popular even long after its release. The freemium business model is attractive to new users, and the social benefits of becoming part of an online community have become even more significant since the start of the pandemic.

The game also caters to a variety of preferred playing styles and features internationally appealing gameplay. Despite being on the market since 2012, new content is always being developed for Clash of Clans to keep it as relevant as ever.

Upgrades and new gameplay modes are among the most popular new aspects.

Final Thoughts

Clash of Clans has been making mobile gaming history since it launched in 2012. It has broken numerous records, and it has a steady and loyal community supporting it as much as ever before. The appeal of Clash of Clans continues to keep the game on the top-grossing lists.