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Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations

Conan Exiles Obelisk Locations

There are 10 obelisks to discover in Conan Exiles, and while the more seasoned players will know all there is to know about obelisks, newer players may need a helping hand. So here’s all there is to know about obelisks in Conan Exiles.

What Do Obelisks Do in Conan Exiles?

Obelisks are large dark stone towers cloaked in a purple mist dotted around the map. These are easily recognizable and stand out from the rest of their surroundings.

Once you’ve attuned to an obelisk, you’ll be able to teleport to it via the map room located at your base

This will make things much easier in terms of traveling across the map, especially in areas that are usually a pain to pass through.

Something that’s worth keeping in mind, you’ll need to learn Cartography in order to build a map room at your base

This can be done by speaking to The Archivist, a pretty friendly ghost located in The Archives in the Unnamed City.

The Archivist

When you first encounter an obelisk, it is easy to be a little intimidated as they are unlike anything else in the game. But obelisks are actually pretty useful. 

However, one downside to obelisks is that the purple mist around the obelisk gives the player Corruption.

What Is Corruption in Conan Exiles?

You’ll know if you are suffering from Corruption as your health and stamina bar will have a purple bar that eats away at your health and stamina

The longer you hang around a corrupt place, the more your health and stamina will suffer.

Corruption won’t kill you, but it will severely weaken you if you are not careful. Luckily, there are a couple of cures to remove Corruption in Conan Exiles, and they are pretty easy to do.

Healing Corruption in Conan Exiles Method 1

Watch some dancing! Head to Sepermeru, located on the map’s western side. It is a major city, and it is home to the Relic Hunters faction. 

All you have to do is head to the tavern and watch the dancers (entertainer thralls) do their thing. You’ll receive a message saying “loss of Corruption.” That’s all there is to it.

Healing Corruption in Conan Exiles Method 2

This one has a little more to it. Head on out and kill all of the barbarians in a camp and rescue a dancer that was being held captive. 

Then tame the dancer on the Wheel of PainOnce your dancer has been tamed, your Corruption will be cured.

Wheel Of Pain

Where Are the Obelisks in Conan Exiles?

With all the little pieces of information about obelisks out of the way, here are the locations of all 10 obelisks in Conan Exiles.

Obelisk 1: The Sinkhole, Map Square H6

The first obelisk that you are most likely to encounter is the one on top of The Sinkhole. This obelisk is worth unlocking as soon as possible due to its abundance of valuable resources nearby

That said, this place doesn’t come without risk.

This obelisk is pretty high up. One wrong move, and you’ll find yourself falling down the large crevice located to the side of the obelisk. 

Oh, and also, in The Sinkhole itself, you’ll find skeletons and undead hyenas. There’s also a lot more to be found in and around the Sinkhole, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself!

One thing that’s worth noting, you’ll find Harlot’s Journal #7 at this obelisk. This will give you the Squirm emote. 

This is a flirt emote, and its description is “You squirm flirtatiously at someone,” make of that what you will!

Obelisk 2: The Dregs, Map Square D4

The Dregs

This obelisk is probably the easiest to unlockHaving said that, you’ll have to face some enemies that are located pretty close to the obelisk, but they aren’t really too much of a challenge. 

This obelisk is easy to miss as it is sort of out of the way. However, it is an excellent place to be able to teleport to for gathering specific resources.

The obelisk is located right by the entrance to The DregsHere you’ll be able to farm glowing goop, reptile hide, and more. 

Also, it is home to the Staff of the Triumvirate. You get this by killing the Abysmal Remnant at the end of the Dregs dungeon.

Obelisk 3: Below Shattered Springs, Map Square C8

Shattered Springs

This is a very good place to be able to teleport to. Shattered Springs is located just to the north of this obelisk. 

This place is filled to the brim with some very important resources, this includes lots of brimstone and crystal, which are pretty crucial for crafting many different things.

To the southeast of this obelisk, you’ll find Sepermeru; this is a great place to do some thrall farming and to make some chest runs. 

Overall, this is a pretty useful place to be able to travel to with ease. Just be mindful of the toxic fumes; maybe bring a sandstorm breathing mask along with you.

Obelisk 4: Dagon’s Eye, Map Square N6

Dagon's Eye

Located around the ruins of Dagon’s Eye, this obelisk can be found on a mountain just north of the Forgotten City of Xel-Ha

Getting to this obelisk can prove to be pretty tricky, especially for those who are of a lower level. The jungle biome overall is a rather difficult place to survive in.

There are a lot of different creatures and people that are just waiting to kill you. Due to all of the nastiness lurking around every corner, this area can be difficult to navigate. 

However, there are several important and useful locations nearby that make this obelisk a very handy place to be able to teleport to.

On top of being fairly close to the Forgotten City of Xel-Hel, this obelisk gives you easy access to Buccaneer Bay and The Palace of the Witch Queen. 

Also, around Dagon’s Eye, you’ll find gorillas and panthers, which can be hunted for their pelts, claws, fur, hide, and more.

Obelisk 5: Upper Staging Area, Map Square K8

The Upper Staging Area is not for the faint-hearted! Ideally, you’ll need to be well-prepared before heading out to this obelisk

A good weapon and some reliable armor are a must; even then, this place will still be quite the challenge for lesser experienced players.

Giant spiders, hungry crocodiles, and angry snakes are just a few of the dangers lurking around this area. 

Once you’ve attuned to this obelisk and gained the ability to teleport to it, you’ll be able to take advantage of its close proximity to a few key areas of the map.

Not only will you be able to harvest resources like hide and claws from the inhabitants of this region, but you are also in close proximity to The Passage.

 This place is a dungeon that takes you from the jungle to the Frozen North.

Obelisk 6: Mounds of the Dead, Map Square B11

Mounds Of The Dead

Located southwest of the Mounds of The Dead, this obelisk comes in very handy, particularly for high-level players looking to fight some high-level enemies for some great loot. 

You’ll also find Cimmerian Berserker Fighter Thralls here, along with a few named NPCs.

While the obelisk is relatively enemy free, the surrounding area is not a particularly friendly place. Some of the nearby skeleton-type enemies are pretty darn strong, so be prepared. 

It is possible to plan your route in order to minimize enemy contact, so it might be worth doing some research before embarking on this journey, especially if you are a lower-level player.

Obelisk 7: The Black Keep (The Bridge of the Betrayer), Map Square F11

This place is not really welcoming to lower-level players. This is mainly due to the Bridge of The Betrayer

You’ll need to cross this bridge in order to reach this obeliskWhat makes this area particularly difficult is the weather. The snow biome is one of the most challenging areas to survive in.

You’ll need to bring some spicy foods and the proper clothing/armor for this region; otherwise, you won’t even make it across the bridge without succumbing to the elements. 

On top of the hostile weather, you’ll find skeletons along the bridge that will do their best to put a dampener on your day, so you’ll need to be armed and ready to fight your way through.

This obelisk is located near The Black Keep. The Black Keep is a pretty difficult dungeon that will put you through your paces. 

But, for those who are able to make their way through this dungeon, you’ll be rewarded with recipes for Kinscourge weapons and the Silent Legion armor set.

Obelisk 8: The Unnamed City, Map Square D6

This is a pretty important one, as you’ll find yourself using it more and more the further into the game you go

The Unnamed City is a great place to go for high-level grinding; various enemies in and around the area make for an excellent experience for mid to high-level players.

Around this area, you’ll find skeletons, dragons, snakes, and more. There’s no shortage of creatures and enemies to slay in this area.

Nearby, you’ll find The Archives. This place is crucial in the endgame when you’ve run out of feat points and want to learn new recipes. 

Also, The Unnamed City is a fantastic place for farming legendary weapon repair kits and legendary armor patch kits.

While you can repair your weapons and armor at your base, by using the repair kits and patch kits, you’ll be saving yourself plenty of resources.

Obelisk 9: Temple of Frost, Map Square D13

The Temple Of Frost

This obelisk is a little out of the way, but nonetheless, it is a very useful destination to be able to teleport to. 

Located a little southeast of the Temple of Frost, this is an excellent location for some of the resources that are somewhat important during the later stages of the game.

At this location, you’ll be able to get hold of a fair amount of black ice. Black ice is used for upgrading hardened steel weapons and ammunition; this improves the amount of damage you inflict on enemies.

One other plus from this area is for those who are able to battle their way through the Temple of Frost; you’ll have access to the Frost Temple Smithy.

At the Frost Temple Smithy you are able to learn how to craft various black ice weapons. Although, be warned, getting through this dungeon is no walk in the park!

Obelisk: 10 Path of the Penitent, Map Square G14

This is the volcanic region of the game. Needless to say, the Path of the Penitent isn’t an easy location to be running around in.

First off, the word volcano should give you some guidance as to what temperatures you can expect. You’ll need to wear appropriate armor for this area and bring some ice to munch on to help keep you cool.

From this obelisk, you’ll be able to head deeper into the volcanic region

This is where you will find The Well of Skelos; this place is an end-game dungeon; without giving away any spoilers, you’ll need to go through this area towards the end of the main storyline.

For those who are high-level, you’ll be able to use this obelisk as a quick way to farm obsidian and goldstone. Both of these items are used in high-end crafting. 

If you aren’t an experienced player, then maybe head on up to this place with a few friends for backup.

Final Thoughts

As you progress through the game, you’ll learn just how essential and useful each obelisk is. Whether it is for mining, harvesting, farming, or just for getting around the map quickly, these stone pillars are an integral part of the game.