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Full DMZ Missions List and Rewards For Season 3

Full DMZ Missions List and Rewards For Season 3

Call of Duty Warzone 2, Season 3 is finally here. Thankfully there wasn’t a mission reset, so you should be where you left off with White Lotus, Black Mous, and Legion faction missions. For season 3 they have included another faction called Redacted. Tiers 1 to 5 are now available.

Redacted Faction Missions & Rewards

Redacted Tier 1

Upgraded Arsenal

  • Attach a Suppressor onto a Weapon at a Workbench
  • Kill 9 Cartel or AQ Soldier with a Suppressed Weapon
  • Extract with 2 Suppressed Weapons in 1 Deployment
Rewards: Crane Control Room Key
+5000 XP


  • Store an Electric Drill, a Gas Can, and a Golden Skull in Your Backpack at the Same Time
  • Trade for a Secure Backpack at a Buy Station
Rewards: RAAL MG (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Cartel Investigation

  • Locate the Cartel in Al Mazrah
  • Kill 5 Cartel Soldiers
  • Find and Extract 2 Large Contraband Packages
Rewards: Double XP Token
+5000 XP

Well Supplied Soldier

  • Acquire a Secure Supplies Contract
  • Complete a Secure Supplies Contract in 2:30 Minutes
Rewards: Bryson 800 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Calling Card

  • Find and Extract 3 Scavenger Calling Cards
  • Kill the Scavenger
Rewards: Sawah Hotel Room 302 Key
+5000 XP

Unstoppable Force

  • Destroy 3 Vehicles by Having the Train Collide With Them
Rewards: X12 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Zero Tolerance

  • Infiltrate Hafid Port
  • Get a Shot of a Cartel Soilder in a Tactical Camera
  • Find and Extract the Cartel Recon Report from the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop
Rewards: Shadow Company (Emblem)
+10,000 XP

Redacted Tier 2

In Good Health And Spirits

  • Revive a Downed Enemy With a Revive Pistol
Rewards: LM-S (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Smoking Gun

  • Clear the Air Traffic Control Tower at A.M. International
  • Clear the Al Mazrah City Post Office
  • Clear the U.S. Embassy
Rewards: Sattiq Poppy Farmer House Key
+7500 XP

Reconnaissance By Fire

  • Kill 7 Cartel or AQ Soilders with a Kastov 762 with a DF105 Reflex Sight equipped
  • Kill 7 Cartel or AQ Soilders with a Kastov 762 with a VLK 4.0 Optic equipped in the same deployment
  • Kill 7 Cartel or AQ Soilders with a Kastov 762 with a DrexSom Prime-90 Thermal Optic equipped in the same deployment.
Rewards: Kastov 762 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Dark Water

  • Find a Rebreather
  • Find the Cartel Warehouse Key From the Eastern-Most Sunken Ship in Al Mazrah
  • Find and Extract the Cartel Laptop From the Warehouse
Rewards: Lost Room 403 Key
+7500 XP

Flight Risk

  • Acquire Special Heavy Chopper Fuel
  • Refuel the Heavy Chopper
  • Exfiltrate Using the Heavy Chopper
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+7500 XP


  • Infil Without Teammates
  • Purchase a Personal Exfil at a Buy Station in the Same Deployment
  • Exfil With Your Personal Exfil With Another Player in the Same Deployment
Rewards: Taq-V (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Left High And Dry

  • Trade for a Skeleton Key in either Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, or Building 21
  • Use a Skeleton Key to unlock the Sniper Team’s Hideout in Ahkdar Village
  • Extract the Dossier Found Inside
Rewards: Join Us (Emblem)
+15000 XP

Redacted Tier 3

Friendly Fire

  • Kill the Pyro Commander
  • Kill 3 Pyro Guards With Fire
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+10,000 XP

Gear Up

  • Fully Gear Up Your 1st Active Duty Operator
  • Fully Gear Up Your 2nd Active Duty Operator
  • Fully Gear Up Your 3rd Active Duty Operator

(Large Backpack, 3-Plate Carrier, Durable Gas Mask, Self Revive, Killstreak)

Rewards: City Hall Hideout Key
+10,000 XP

Double Cross

  • Kill the Bomb Maker
  • Take His Crossbow
  • Dead Drop the Crossbow in Any Dead Drop on Ashika Island
Rewards: Research Center Room Key
+10,000 XP

Rain and Hellfire

  • Kill 5 Cartel or AQ Soilders With Launchers From the Heavy Chopper
  • Kill 1 Operator or Juggernaut From the Heavy Chopper
  • Destroy 2 Vehicles From the Heavy Chopper
Rewards: Taq-V (Contraband)
+10,000 XP

One Shot, One Kill

  • Drill the Safe on the Train
  • Take and Extract the Train Manifest From the Safe
  • Use the Train Manifest to Trade for the MCPR-300 at a Buy Station in Ashika Island
Rewards: In the Shadows (Emblem) 
+10,000 XP

Fair Fight

  • Kill the Scavenger with a Weapon Dropped by an Enemy Operator
Rewards: Double XP Token
+10,000 XP


  • Find and Read the Sniper Team’s Note
  • Take the 3 Trackers From the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop
  • Plant the 3 Trackers, One at Each Bunker Entrance
Rewards: Shadow Warrior (Operator Skin)
+20,000 XP

Redacted Tier 4


  • Enter the Koschei Complex
  • Investigate the Chemical Treatment Plant
  • Extract from the Koschei Complex
Rewards: FTAC Recon (Contraband)
+15,000 XP


  • Discover what AQ is Looking For in the Oasis
Rewards: HCR 56 (Contraband)
+15,000 XP

Leaked Documents

  • Find and Extract the Schematics from the Rohan Oil Bunker Entrance
Rewards: Double XP Token
+15,000 XP

Tunnel Rats

  • Kill 10 AQ Soilders in the Koschei Complex
  • Kill 10 Cartel Soilders in the Koschei Complex
Rewards: Lockwood 300 (Contraband)
+15,000 XP

Brothers in Arms

  • Enter the Factory Wing of the Bunker
  • Kill The Sniper in the Same Deployment
  • Kill The Rhinoceros in the Same Deployment
Rewards: Restricted Zone Key
+15,000 XP

Abandoned Operator

  • Locate the Shopkeeper and Read His List of Items
  • Trade the Shopkeeper 2 Items
  • Purchase 1 Item From the Shopkeeper’s Secure Buy Station
Rewards: TBC
+15,000 XP


  • Reset the security system at the upload station in the External Ops Section
  • Open the locked cache in the restricted section in the Factory Wing (this is an in-game typo, should be Alpha Cluster)
  • Extract the Building 21 Evidence from the Cache
Rewards: Shadow Crew (Calling Card)
+30,000 XP

Redacted Tier 5

Case The Place

  • Extract 2 Weapons Cases in One Deployment
Rewards: Skeleton Key (Pristine)
+20,000 XP

Chemical Sourcing

  • Extract 2 Jugs of Sulphuric Acid from the Koschei Complex
  • Dead Drop a Jug of Sulphuric Acid in Al Mazrah
  • Dead Drop a Jug of Sulphuric Acid in Ashika Island
Rewards: MCPR-300 (Contraband)
+20,000 XP

Pet Rescue

  • Deliver a Cat Statue to the Shopkeeper
  • Deliver a Dog Bank to the Shopkeeper
  • Take and Extract the Shopkeeper’s Intel
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+20,000 XP

Unrestricted Access

  • Clear 4 Restricted Zones in the Koschei Complex
  • Extract Intel Found on Soldiers in the Restricted Zones
Rewards: EBR-14 (Contraband)
+20,000 XP

Dry Eyes

  • Kill 10 Enemies in the Sandstorm in Al Mazrah City
  • Kill 2 Operators or Commanders in the Sandstorm in Al Mazrah City
Rewards: Skeleton Key (Pristine)
+20,000 XP

Irradiated Waters

  • Enter the Koschei Complex with a Geiger Counter
  • Find the 4 Nuclear Fuel Rods in the Flooded Barracks
  • Extract the 4 Fuel Rods in One Deployment
Rewards: Classified (Calling Card)
+20,000 XP

Red Smoke

  • Take the 4 Flare Sticks From the Ashika Town Center Dead Drop
  • Light 4 Flare Sticks Near the Entrances into the Chemical Plant
Rewards: Blackhail (Blueprint)
+40,000 XP

White Lotus Faction Missions & Rewards

White Lotus Tier 1

Make Contact

  • Use your Tac-Map and ping a contract phone
  • Find a contract phone and download the intel
  • Successfully complete a contract
Rewards: Crash Site Weapon Case Key, +5000 XP

Hostiles Located

  • Ping 5 Enemies
  • Kill 5 Enemies
  • Pick up 1 Weapon in a Deployment
Rewards: Lachmann-762 (Contraband)
+5000 XP


  • Open a Cash Register
  • Acquire $10.000 in Cash
  • Exfiltrate from a Deployment
Rewards: SP-X 80 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Information Seeker

  • Ping a UAV Tower
  • Activate 2 UAV Towers
Rewards: Basilisk (Contraband)
+5000 XP


  • Ping a vehicle on the Tac-Map
  • Fully refuel and Repair a Vehicle at a Gas Station
  • Find and then use a Gas Can from your Backpack while in a vehicle to refuel it
Rewards: Al Mazrah Police Station Armory Key
+5000 XP

Committed Shopper

  • Sell a valuable item at a Buy Station
  • Buy an item at a Buy Station
Rewards: Double XP Token
+5000 XP

Stronghold Reacquisition

  • Acquire a Stronghold Keycard
  • Clear a Stronghold of enemy combatants
  • Extract the Legion Deal Intel found on Stronghold guards
Rewards: Stone’s Throw Blueprint, +10.000 XP

White Lotus Tier 2

Break Check

  • Locate the car crash site near the Observatory
  • Find and Extract the Hard Drive near the crash site
  • Drop the Hard Drive in the Waterways dead drop on Ashika Island
Rewards: Kastov 762 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Commanding Intel

  • Complete a Secure Intel Contract
  • Kill a Commander
  • Extract a Weapons Case
Rewards: Red Access Card
+7500 XP

Death From Above

  • Buy a Mortar Strike from a Shop
  • Use Mortar Strikes to Kill 8 Enemies
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+7500 XP

Hostage Rescue

  • Complete a Rescue Hostage Contract
  • Exfil with the Hostage Evac Helo
Rewards: SA-B 50 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Smuggling Tunnels

  • Locate the Smuggling Tunnels
  • Place Tactical Cameras watching 2 of the entrances in 1 deployment
  • Extract in the same deployment
Rewards: Perfect Duo (Calling Card)
+7500 XP


  • Loot the GPS Tracker from the Dumpster Dead Drop in Zaya Observatory
  • Travel to Every POI in Al Mazrah while carrying the GPS Tracker in 1 Deployment
  • Extract the GPS Tracker
Rewards: SP-R 208 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Train Tracks

  • Take 9 Tracking Devices from the dead drop in Al Bagra Fortress
  • Navigate onto the cargo train in the same deployment
  • Plant at least 5 Trackers on the cargo containers on the train
Rewards: Bullets (Calling Card)
+15.000 XP

White Lotus Tier 3

Hideout Preparation

  • Place 1 Water Bottle in the Smuggling Tunnels
  • Place 1 Emergency Rations Packed in the Smuggling Tunnels in the Same Deployment
  • Place 1 Bandage in the Smuggling Tunnels in the Same Deployment
Rewards: 556 Icarus (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Fast and Strong

  • Unlock a Stronghold Door
  • Clear 3 Strongholds each in under 20 seconds after unlocking the Stronghold
Rewards: Bryson 800 (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Medical Mule

  • Deliver 3 Revive Pistols to the Dumpster Dead Drop in Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Deliver 5 AFAKs or Large Medical Bags to the same dead drop
  • Extract 3 Self-Revive Kits
Rewards: STB 556 (Contraband)
+10.000 XP


  • Get a Key for the Crane Control room in Al Safwa Quarry
  • Unlock the Crane Control Room
  • Extract the Quarry Operations Folder in the Crane Control Room
Rewards: Double XP Token
+10.000 XP

Caved in

  • Dock a boat at the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves
  • Find and extract the Smuggling Records in the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves
  • Place sensitive documents at the original location of the Smuggling Records in the same deployment
Rewards: Lockwood MK2 (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Nowhere To Hide

  • Upload Legion Deal Intel at the Zaya Observatory Radio Tower in Al Mazrah
  • Upload Legion Deal Intel at the Oganikku Radio Tower on Ashika Island
  • Upload Legion Deal Intel at the Residential Radio Tower on Ashika Island
Rewards: Sleet (Operator Skin)
+20.000 XP

Air Supremacy

  • Control 3 SAM Sites simultaneously
Rewards: X12 (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

White Lotus Tier 4

Operation Black Gold

  • Kill 10 Enemies in Hafid Port
  • Kill 10 Enemies in Rohan Oil in the Same Deployment
  • Kill 15 Enemies in the Sattiq Cave Complex in the Same Deployment
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+15.000 XP

Mall Rat

  • Kill 20 Enemies in the Sa’id City Shopping Centre Without Being Downed
  • Kill 3 Operators in the Sa’id City Shopping Centre
Rewards: Traveler’s Luggage Key
+15.000 XP

Hero Run

  • Complete 3 Rescue Hostage Contracts, each in under 2 Minutes
Rewards: Hotel Employee Fridge Key
+15.000 XP

Bombing Run

  • Exfil with 7 Killstreaks in 1 deployment
Rewards: Quarry Worker’s Toolbox Key
+15.000 XP

Pacific Foothold

  • Deliver 3 Bottles of Gun Oil to the dumpster dead drop in the Residential District of Ashika Island
  • Deliver 2 Videocassette Recorders or Game Consoles to the same dead drop
  • Deliver 1 Blow Torch to the same dead drop
Rewards: Girls Get it Done (Emblem)
+15.000 XP

The Route Forward

  • Loot 7 Tracking Devices from the Al-Sharim Pass dumpster dead drop
  • Plant 7 Tracking Devices on the AQ Trucks in Sattiq Caves in 1 deployment
  • Travel to the Server Rack in the bunker in Sattiq Caves and download the data
Rewards: RAAL MG (Contraband)
+15.000 XP

Toxin Research

  • Find and Extract the Research Documents From the Ashika Science Center
  • Place the Research Docs in the Smuggling Tunnels
  • Place a Gas Can in the Smuggling Tunnels
Rewards: Lotus Heat (Emblem)
+30.000 XP

White Lotus Tier 5

Skull Slugs

  • Equip a .300 With 12 Gauge Slugs, a Matuzek 812 Barrel, a Bryson Series XII choke, and a Schlager 3.4x Optic at a range of Over 12 Meters
  • Kill 12 Operators at a range of Over 12 Meters
  • Kill 8 Operators With Headshots at a Range of Over 12 Meters with the same Shotgun
Rewards: Expedite 12 (Contraband)
+20.000 X


  • Complete 4 Contracts in Under 6:00 Minutes
Rewards: Al Bagra Underground Key
+20.000 XP

The Oath

  • Extract 8 IFAKs
  • Extract 5 AFAKs
  • Extract 2 Large Medical Bags
Rewards: Tsuki Castle Hideout Key
+20.000 XP

Weight Limit

  • Exfil With a Full Backpack and a Full Loadout 8 Times
Rewards: X13 Auto (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

Clean House

  • Unlock and Clear Al Malik Terminal
  • Unlock and Clear the Mawizeh Resort Main Building in the same deployment
  • Unlock and Clear the Al Mazrah Police Academy in the same deployment
Rewards: LM-S (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

Firing Power

  • Kill the Armored Commander with the RGL-80
  • Kill Velikan with the RGL-80
Rewards: Prime Time (Calling Card)
+20.000 XP


  • Craft a Radioactive Charve With a Nuclear Fuel Rod, a C4, and Electrical Components at any dead drop in Al Mazrah or Ashika Island
  • Plant the Charge in the Radiation
  • Defend the Charge until Detonation
Rewards: Downpour Blueprint
+40.000 XP

Legion Faction Missions & Rewards

Legion Tier 1


  • Travel to Al Safwa Quarry
  • Travel to the Airport in the same deployment
Rewards: Bryson 800 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Create a Class

  • Infil with a customized Insured Weapon
  • Extract with your customized Insured Weapon
Rewards: Amongst Thieves (Calling Card)
+5000 XP

Health Conscious

  • Loot a Medicine Cabinet
  • Extract 1 IFAK
  • Extract 2 Bandages
Rewards: Bryson 800 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Key Elimination

  • Complete an Eliminate HVT contract
  • Loot a Key found on an HVT or elsewhere
  • Use a Key to unlock a locked space or locked cache
Rewards: FTac Recon (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Frame Job

  • Purchase an LTV with a turret at a Shop
  • Use the LTV turret to kill 15 enemies in Al Mazrah City
  • Destroy the LTV in Mawizeh Marsh
Rewards: FTac Recon (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Buried Barrels 

  • Complete 1 Secure Radioactive Material contract
  • Take 4 items from the radioactive caches
Rewards: Kastov 762 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Muddy Waters

  • Find and extract the Shadow Company USB Stick from the Ashika Island Beach Club
  • Find and extract the Ashika Island Intel from the Underground Waterway
  • Find and extract the Crown Intel from the Ashika Power Plant
Rewards: Maniples Blueprint
+10.000 XP

Legion Tier 2

Into the Deep

  • Kill 8 Enemies while swimming on Ashika Island
  • Kill 4 Enemies while underwater in Al Mazrah
Rewards: Deckhand’s Toolbox Key
+7500 XP


  • Acquire a Destroy Supplies Contract
  • Complete a Destroy Supplies Contract
  • Open a Safe
Rewards: RAPP H (Contraband)
+7500 XP


  • Capture a SAM Site
  • Wait for Your Captured SAM Site to Shoot Down an Airplane
  • Loot a Dropped Supply Drop
Rewards: STB 556 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Data Collection

  • Find and Loot a Computer
  • Extract 2 Thumb Drives
  • Extract 3 Hard Drives
Rewards: HCR 56 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Poisoned Well

  • Acquire 6 Gas Grenades in 1 deployment
  • Throw 6 Gas Grenades into the Open Water Wells in Zarqwa Hydroelectric in 1 deployment
Rewards: SP-X 80 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

A Helping Hand

  • Place 1 bottle of Gun Oil in the back of the Enfer store at the Sa’id Shopping Centre
  • Place 1 C4 in the same location
  • Place an Electric Drill in the same location
Rewards: Kastov 762 (Contraband)
+7500 XP


  • Take the weapon from the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop
  • Use the weapon to kill the Chemist in the same deployment
  • Return the weapon to the same Dead Drop in the same deployment
Rewards: After the Fight (Calling Card)
+7500 XP

Legion Tier 3

Shock Value

  • Place 1 Car Battery Into the dead drop near the Science Center on Ashika Island
  • Place 5 Jumper Cables in the same dead drop
  • Place 4 Batteries Into the same dead drop
Rewards: Green Access Card
+10.000 XP

Joy Ride

  • Kill 15 Enemies While on the Roof of a Moving Vehicle at Beach Club or Power Plant
  • Kill 15 Enemies While Leaning Out of a Moving Vehicle at Town Center
Rewards: M16 (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Lead by Example

  • Kill 2 Commanders in 60 Seconds
Rewards: 556 Icarus (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Good Fortune

  • Unlock Room 302 in the Top Floor of the Sawah Hotel
  • Loot and Extract the Golden .50 GS From Room 302 in the Sawah Hotel
Rewards: Signal 50 (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Missing Person

  • Extract the Letter from the Sarrif Bay Bath House
  • Place the Letter in Room 87 of the Ashika Island Apartment Complex
  • Extract from Ashika Island
Rewards: No Loyalty (Calling Card)
+10.000 XP

Deadly Precision

  • Kill 8 Enemies With Leg Shots
  • Kill 5 Enemies With Arm Shots With a Sniper Rifle
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+10.000 XP

The Transporter

  • Pickup the Charge in the closed tunnel near Zaya Observatory
  • Transport and drop the Charge near the supply site at the U.S. Embassy in Al Mazrah
  • Wait for the Charge to detonate near the supply site
Rewards: Grunt Work (Operator Skin)
+20.000 XP

Legion Tier 4

Heavy Armor

  • Extract 30 Armor Plates in 1 deployment
  • Extract 7 Large Plate Carriers
  • Extract 5 Armor Boxes
Rewards: M16 (Contraband)
+15.000 XP

Intelligence Control

  • Have 5 UAV Towers Active at the Same Time
Rewards: Hydro Island Computer Key
+15.000 XP


  • Destroy 7 Vehicles in close succession 4 times
Rewards: SO-14 (Contraband)
+15.000 XP

Last Minute Evac

  • Acquire a Bottle of Radiation Blockers
  • Exfil 3 Times Using the Final Exfil With $60k Cash
Rewards: RAPP H (Contraband)
+15.000 XP


  • Kill 17 Enemies while holding a hostage
  • Kill 3 Riot Shield Enemies while holding a hostage
  • Kill 1 Commander while holding a hostage
Rewards: Double XP Token
+15.000 XP

Nail in the Coffin

  • Park a vehicle at all 4 Gas Stations in Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Plant a charge at each Gas Station in Zarqwa Hydroelectric with a parked vehicle
  • When all charges are set, climb to the second level of the Radio Tower in Zarqwa Hydroelectric and detonate the charges
Rewards: Zarqwa Market Storage Key
+15.000 XP

Follow Instructions

  • Take and read the Notes from the Al Bagra Fortress dead drop
  • Follow the First Instruction
  • Follow the Second Instruction
Rewards: Legion (Emblem)
+30.000 XP

Legion Tier 5

Out of the Deep

  • Kill 20 Operators from the surface of the water with a TAQ-M with 6.5mm High Velocity rounds, a Luca Bandera scope, and LR1:7 20.5″ barrel
  • Kill 5 Operators while underwater
Rewards: Kastov 762 (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

All Clear

  • Unlock 5 strongholds in one deployment
  • Clear 5 strongholds in one deployment
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+20.000 XP

All Fired Up

  • Extract 100 launcher ammo
  • Extract 6500 AR/LMG ammo
  • Extract 1200 sniper ammo
Rewards: Bryson 800 (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

Thirst for Knowledge

  • Complete 5 contracts each in less than 1:00 minute
Rewards: Bryson 800 (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

Contractual Obligations

  • Complete 8 unique contracts types in a single deployment
Rewards: Control Tower Key
+20.000 XP

Clean Sweep

  • Extract 9 enemy dog tags from Building 21 in one deployment
Rewards: No Loyalty (Calling Card)
+20.000 XP

Air Traffic

  • Call in the executive’s aircraft from the air traffic control tower in Al Malik International 
  • Locate and destroy the aircraft
Rewards: Equites Blueprint
+40.000 XP

Black Mous Faction Missions & Rewards

Black Mous Tier 1

Vehicular Homicide

  • Destroy 3 Armored AQ Patrol Trucks near the oasis west of Taraq
  • Destroy 6 Cargo Trucks in Sa’id
  • Destroy 4 Boats in Sawah Village
Rewards: Omar’s Auto Repair Key
+5000 XP

On Rails

  • Kill 8 Enemies while on the Cargo Train
  • Kill 8 Enemies while on the Passenger Train
Rewards: STB 556 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Vintage Collection

  • Extract 3 Wine Bottles
  • Extract 1 Vintage Wine Bottle
Rewards: Stronghold Keycard
+5000 XP

Cargo Keeper

  • Complete a Cargo Delivery Contract
  • Fully repair and refuel the transport vehicle
Rewards: Sawah Hotel Room 303 Key
+5000 XP

Speed of Sound

  • Kill 10 Enemies in 1 UAV Tower Activation
Rewards: SAKIN MG38 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Labs Investigation

  • Infill into Building 21
  • Investigate the Generator Room on F1
Rewards: The Knack Blueprint
+10.000 XP

Team Player

  • Request to join with 2 nearby Operators
Rewards: X13 Auto (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Black Mous Tier 2

Custom Hardware

  • Deliver 1 GPU to the Beach Club dumpster dead drop
  • Deliver 3 game consoles to the same dead drop
  • Extract 2 encrypted Hard Drives
Rewards: TAQ-M (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Weapons Research

  • Complete 1 Hunt Squad Contract
  • Extract an enemy Operator’s weapon
Rewards: 556 Icarus (Contraband)
+7500 XP


  • Complete a Raid Weapons Stash Contract without taking body damage
Rewards: M16 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Getaway Vehicle

  • Park an RHIB along the Walled Shore across the River South of Sa’id City
  • Kill 10 enemies in Sa’id City in the same deployment
  • Place a Gas Can in the Sattiq Caves dead drop in the same deployment
Rewards: Double XP Token
+7500 XP

Return to Sender

  • Enter the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House and loot the target’s laptop
  • Deliver the laptop to the Dumpster Dead Drop in the Sattiq Caves complex
  • Plant the hacked laptop back in the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House, where it was taken
Rewards: Water Pump Control Key
+7500 XP

Crash Down

  • Locate and investigate the crash site
  • Kill 5 enemies in the Sattiq Caves complex in the same deployment
Rewards: Best Served Cold (Calling Card)
+7500 XP

Political Take Down

  • Download data from the crashed plane’s black box
  • Extract with the black box data
  • Find and extract the politician’s letter from the crash site
Rewards: No Scope (Calling Card)
+15.000 XP

Black Mous Tier 3

Favor for a Friend

  • Find and Extract the Friend’s Watch
  • Find and Extract the Friend’s Heart Necklace
  • Find and Extract the Friend’s Photo
Rewards: 556 Icarus (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

The Ultimate Weapon

  • Kill 3 Operators With Enemy Operator’s Weapon
Rewards: Lockwood 300 (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Unarmed and Dangerous

  • Infil Solo Without Any Weapons
  • Exfil in the Same Deployment Without Picking Up Any Weapons
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+10.000 XP

Vintage Connoisseur

  • Deliver 6 Wine Bottles at Any Dumpster Dead Drop
  • Deliver 2 Aged Wine Bottles to Any Dumpster Dead Drop
  • Extract 1 Vintage Wine Bottle
Rewards: X12 (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Substantial Findings

  • Take the 2 Tracking Devices from the Town Center or Al Sharim Pass dead drops
  • Plant a Tracker on Top of the Submarine in Hafid Port
  • Plant a Tracker on Top of the Submarine in the Ashika Island Waterways
Rewards: Best Served Cold (Emblem)
+10.000 XP


  • Find and extract Shadow Company’s Deal Documents
  • Find and extract Shadow Company’s Hard Drive
  • Find and extract Shadow Company’s Letter
Rewards: Quarry Worker’s Toolbox Key
+10.000 XP

Medical Diagnosis

  • Extract All 3 Medical Documents From the Al Mazrah Hospitals in 1 Deployment
Rewards: Macroburst (Operator Skin)
+20.000 XP

Black Mous Tier 4

Eyes and Ears

  • Take the Discrete Radio Transmitter From the Beach Club Dead Drop
  • Plant the Radio Transmitter Under the Central Security Desk at the Top of the Tsuki Castle
  • Extract in the Same Deployment
Rewards: Double XP Token
+15.000 XP

Delivery Problem

  • Take 7 Tracking Devices From the Building 21 Dead Drop
  • Plant a Tracking Device Under Each of the 7 Cargo Trucks in the Parking Garage
  • Extract in the Same Match
Rewards: Click Boom (Calling Card)
+15.000 XP

Eye in the Sky

  • Open 5 Airplane Supply Drops in 1 Deployment
Rewards: Mawizeh Resort Main Building Key
+15.000 XP

Handshake Deals

  • Dead Drop Shadow Company’s Deal Documents in the Residential District in Ashika Island
  • Dead Drop Shadow Company Internal Documents at Zaya Observatory
Rewards: TAQ-V (Contraband)
+15.000 XP

Breaking and Entering

  • Travel to the Sewer Under Al Bagra Fortress
  • Reroute the 7 Security Devices in under 4:00 Minutes to Unlock the System Architecture’s Container
  • Find and Extract the System Architecture Documentation
Rewards: Green Access Card
+15.000 XP

Failed Bombing

  • Loot and Extract the Defused Charge From the Ahkdar Statue
  • Bring the Charge to the Ashika Waterways Dead Drop With Electrical Components and a Battery to Rearm the Charge
  • Dead Drop the Rearmed Charge to the Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop
Rewards: Expedite 12 (Contraband)
+15.000 XP

The Trinity

  • Bring a Geiger Counter into Building 21
  • Use the Geiger Counter to find and Take the 3 Nuclear Fuel Rods
  • Extract the 3 Nuclear Fuel Rods in 1 deployment
Rewards: Dropping Heat (Emblem)
+30.000 XP

Black Mous Tier 5

Lone Hunter

  • Infil without any teammates and without any weapons
  • Kill 1 Operator in the same deployment
  • Exfil in the same deployment without having picked up any weapons
Rewards: Riot Shield (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

The Client is King

  • Complete 8 contracts in 8 unique POIs in one deployment
Rewards: City Hall Hideout Key
+20.000 XP

Weapons Chase

  • Extract 5 weapon cases without dying
Rewards: TAQ-V (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

For The Taking

  • Deliver 10 enemy operator’s weapons to the dead drop in the Ashika Residential district
  • Kill 20 Operators with enemy operator’s weapons
  • Extract a Gold or Damascus dog tag
Rewards: M16 (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

Hunting Party

  • Complete 8 Hunt Squad contracts without dying 
Rewards: M4 (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

Flight Plans

  • Take the 3 hacked thumb drives from the dumpster dead drop near the Al Bagra Fortress
  • In one deployment, plant Hacked Thumb Drives in computers at the:
    • Air Traffic Control Tower
    • North Observatory Telescope
    • Al-Mazrah City TV Station
Rewards: EBR-14 (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

Positive ID

  • Extract our hard drive in Al Mazrah from the Zarqwa Hydroelectric dead drop
  • Download the Building 21 server room data onto the hard drive
  • Extract with the hard drive data
Rewards: Maniples Blueprint
+40.000 XP

Crown Faction Missions & Rewards

Crown Tier 1

Arms Trading

  • Kill 20 Al-Qatala soldiers
  • Extract 2 Kastov-74u
  • Extract 2 Vaznev-9K
Rewards: TAQ-V (Contraband)
+5000 XP


  • Kill 8 Al-Qatala soldiers
  • Kill 5 Shadow Company soldiers in the same deployment
Rewards: Sattiq Poppy Farmer House Key
+5000 XP

Golden Ticket

  • Extract a Building 21 access keycard
Rewards: S0-14 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

Recon Flyover

  • Acquire a Recon Drone
  • Tag 10 enemies With a Recon Drone at Hafid Port
  • Kill 10 enemies at Hafid Port with a suppressed weapon
Rewards: Lockwood MK2 (Contraband)
+5000 XP

M4 Weapons Testing

  • Kill 10 enemies from a range of over 100 Meters with the M4 Platform of weapons
  • Kill 1 operator with the M4 Platform
Rewards: SA-B 50 (Contraband)
+5000 XP


  • Take the Governor’s laptop from the Ashika Island Town Hall
  • Take the laptop to the Ashika Beach Club dead drop in the same deployment
  • Deliver a Screwdriver into the same dead drop in the same deployment
Rewards: SA-B 50 (Contraband)
+5000 XP


  • Board the Cargo Ship at Hafid Port
  • Find and Take the Shipping Manifest
  • Extract the Shipping Manifest
Rewards: Oscar-Mike Blueprint
+10.000 XP

Crown Tier 2

Sample Platter

  • Kill an enemy with 9 different Weapon Classes in 1 deployment
Rewards: Crane Control Room Key
+7500 XP

Kastov Weapons Testing

  • Kill 15 Enemies with Headshots with the Kastov Platform of Weapons
  • Kill 2 Operators with the Kastov Platform
  • Kill 1 Commander with the Kastov Platform
Rewards: Double XP Token
+7500 XP

Vehicular Manslaughter

  • Kill 10 Enemies with the explosion from a C4 Detonated Vehicle
  • Kill 4 Enemies with the explosion from a C4 Detonated Helicopter
Rewards: MCPR-300 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Intel Exchange

  • Find and Extract the Al Mazrah Shipping Intel From Room 403 of the Ashika Island Hotel
  • Take the Building 21 USB Stick From the Dead Drop in the Waterways
  • Place the Building 21 USB in the Hotel Room
Rewards: Happy Chap (Sticker)
+7500 XP

Boring Operation

  • Kill 9 enemies with Drill Charges
  • Destroy 3 vehicles with Drill Charges
  • Kill 6 Riot Shield Wielding enemies with a Drill Charge
Rewards: Expedite 12 (Contraband)
+7500 XP

Electric Sheep

  • Hack the Wheelson in Ashika Island or in Building 21
Rewards: Building 21 Access Card
+7500 XP


  • Extract the 3 contraband packages from the Sunken Ships in Al Mazrah in 1 deployment
  • Extract the 2 contraband packages from the Sunken Ships in Ashika Island in 1 deployment
Rewards: Wavebreaker (Vehicle Skin)
+15.000 XP

Crown Tier 3

Lachmann Weapons Testing

  • Kill 10 Enemies from a range of under 5 Meters with the Lachmann Weapons Platform
  • Kill 5 Operators with a Suppressed Lachmann Platform Weapon
  • Kill 5 Operators from a range of Over 50 Meters with the Lachmann Platform
Rewards: Basilisk (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

False Alarm

  • Signal all 3 Exfils in Al Mazrah in 1 deployment
  • Extract the final Exfil in the same deployment
Rewards: DRC Building 21 Access Card
+10.000 XP

Delicate Movement

  • Kill the Bombmaker without triggering any traps
Rewards: RPK (Contraband)
+10.000 XP

Crown’s Eye

  • Set up a Tactical Camera in the Building 21 Core Room
  • Extract in the same deployment
Rewards: Double XP Token
+10.000 XP


  • Extract the fake Al-Qatala Documents from the Zaya Observatory dead drop.
  • Stash the fake Al-Qatala Documents on the central security desk in the top room of the Ashika Island Castle
  • Extract from Ashika Island
Rewards: Mawizeh Resort Main Building Key
+10.000 XP

No Traipsing to Trapper

  • Kill the Bombmaker within 60 seconds of entering the Tsuki Castle courtyard
Rewards: Crowned (Sticker)
+10.000 XP

Exfil Tracking

  • Take and extract the 4 Tracking Devices from the Zarqwa Hydroelectric dead drop
  • Plant a Tracker on 3 enemy exfil choppers in 1 deployment
  • Plant a Tracker on the final exfil chopper in the same deployment
Rewards: Foxtrot (Operator Skin)
+20.000 XP

Crown Tier 4


  • Kill 14 enemies from a Helicopter in 1 deployment
  • Kill 3 Riot Shield enemies from a Helicopter
  • Kill 5 operators from a Helicopter
Rewards: Police Academy Key
+15.000 XP

The Deadliest Sin

  • Sell 20 unique valuables in 1 deployment
Rewards: Shouldered Burden (Calling Card)
+15.000 XP


  • Infill solo without any weapons
  • Kill 3 operators in the same deployment
  • Extract $150,000 in the same deployment
Rewards: M16 (Contraband)
+15.000 XP


  • Extract 10 encrypted Hard Drives from Building 21
Rewards: STB 556 (Contraband)
+15.000 XP

The Pound

  • Extract with a backpack full of dog tags
Rewards: DRC Building 21 Access Card
+15.000 XP


  • Kill the Wheelson in Building 21 within 45 seconds after LPCON CHARLIE
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+15.000 XP

Boating and Entering

  • Enter the Ashika Island Waterways tunnel
  • Reroute at least 9 electrical breakers in the Waterways within 180 seconds 
  • Extract the hard drive from the marked cache
Rewards: Hazardous Blueprint
+30.000 XP

Crown Tier 5

Mass Extinction Event

  • Kill 15 Operators in 1 Deployment
Rewards: Kastov 762 (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

All’s Fair

  • Kill the Bombmaker with a Claymore
  • Kill the Chemist with the M13B
  • Kill the Helo Commander from a Helicopter
Rewards: Battle Face (Emblem)
+20.000 XP

Escape Master

  • Successfully Exfil from 10 deployments in a row
Rewards: Double Weapon XP Token
+20.000 XP


  • Extract the Building 21 Intel from the Black Locked Room
  • Extract the Building 21 Intel from the Red Locked Room in the same deployment
Rewards: .50 GS (Contraband)
+20.000 XP

The Golden Rule

  • Extract 13 Gold Bars
  • Extract 8 Gold Skulls
  • Extract 5 GPUs
Rewards: Green Access Card
+20.000 XP

Case by Case

  • Extract the Weapon Case from Al Mazrah without dying
  • Extract the Weapon Case from Building 21 without dying
  • Extract the Weapon Case from Ashika Island without dying
Rewards: DRC Building 21 Access Card
+20.000 XP

Data Wipe

  • Bring the experiment Hard Drive into Building 21
  • Decrypt the Hard Drive at a computer in Building 21
  • Upload the decrypted Hard Drive at the Zaya Observatory Radio Tower in Al Mazrah
Rewards: Dead End Blueprint
+40.000 XP