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How Old Is Bowser? Super Mario Brothers Franchise

How Old Is Bowser? Super Mario Brothers Franchise

What exactly do two monochromatic plumbers have that a giant, spiked turtle with a penchant for kidnapping doesn’t?

This is what Bowser, in his ongoing attempts at kidnapping Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom (otherwise known as Princess Toadstool), is hoping to find out.

Many of the video games from the Super Mario franchise feature this hapless but lovable villainous reptile.

He’s so famous he even scored a cameo in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph! Are more film roles in the works? We’re thinking something more severe and dramatic.

Because of its overarching light-hearted tone, there isn’t a single character in the Mario series that isn’t beloved by more than a few fans.

Not even DRY Bowser is really hurting anyone; he has a hidden friendly side. Birdo, boos, Bowser, that rabbit family, all of the villains are darn likable.

Bowser has proven his ability to be a hero, helping Mario on occasion; he’s just a little angry and impulsive.

That’s nothing some therapy can’t fix! Does anyone want to bite the bullet and be Bowser’s wife so he can give up his life of crime?

Oh wow, that’s a lot of raised hands; that’s not surprising.

Bowser’s Real Age

There’s not any sense of time between the Super Mario Bros games; the continued narrative is not part of their appeal, even if the self-contained tiny tales are fun and cute.

If you read our articles on the immortal red and green plumber twins, you know Shigeru Miyamoto is unclear on details.

How Old Is Bowser?

The King Koopa seems older than the Mario brothers. Plus, he has a child, Bowser Jr. He gets big, dry, gig, metal, and more, but his most important form is a father.

Maybe he just wants Princess Peach as a step-mom for his kid.

If Mario Mario and Luigi Mario are around 25, Bowser feels at least ten years old. Some sources claim that Bowser is 46 years old. Sources vary by a few years, but that age is pretty average. It sounds right, too.

This is older than Bowser is as a concept, with his first game being released in 1985.

Likewise, there are no official sources for Bowser’s birthday, though numerous fan sources claim that Bowser’s birthday is August 13, 1956, without citation. That answer is as good as any.

This would make him 20 years older, an elderly 66. We don’t think this suits his character and the stories of the games, though.

If Mario and Luigi’s ages are frozen in time, so is the King Koopa’s; it’s only fair.

Just another koopa

Monday 3rd of April 2023

Maybe Bowser is a dinosaur and he is thousands of years old. Due to magic he ages forward back and inbetween.