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How Old Is Candy Cat From Peppa Pig?

How Old Is Candy Cat From Peppa Pig?

Voiced by Daisy Rudd and Madison Turner, Candace Cat, also known as Candy, is an orange cat who is one of the main character Peppa Pig’s best friends from the playgroup. She appeared in the first series of Peppa Pig in the UK as “Candy Cat.”

The world of Peppa Pig is more complicated than other kids’ shows, mainly through the unfettered creativity of the internet. Keep reading if you want to know how old Candy Cat is from the official Peppa Pig series, as well as trivia from arcane internet fan-made content.

Do Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig know about this?

Who Is Candy Cat From the Peppa Pig Extended Universe? (Plus Other Secrets!)

Candy Cat’s parents are Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat, which isn’t a giant leap. In the official school playgroup, her best friend is Emily Elephant. If we stick to the real Peppa Pig show, the only other details we know are her love of tigers and fish.

When we look into the fan canon (fanon), more details emerge around George Pig, Gerald Giraffe, and an interesting rumor about Candy Cat.

How Old Is Candy Cat?

In the official show, Candy Cat is 4 years old, the same age as Peppa Pig. She is an orange cat who wears a turquoise dress.

Let’s learn more about this friend of Peppa Pig.

Content Warning: Stop reading if you were only interested in the official kids’ series. The fanon content of Peppa Pig is more PG-13 than G-rated.

Internet Peppa and Candy Cat Facts

(Neither Daisy Rudd, Madison Turner, nor any Peppa Pig crew were involved with these unofficial internet projects.)

Candy Cat is 4, 8, 11, 40, or 1319 years old, depending on who you ask. There are several Peppa side-worlds. That’s quite the range; Candy Cat is quite the old girl. Or is she… an old man? I wonder if her nine lives count when we figure out her age.

In “The Candy Stalker” episode of Peppa’s New Tales, Candy Cat is a 40-year-old man; she is the daughter of Rebecca Rabbit and Daddy Pig behind Mummy Pig’s back.

This playgroup is really starting to sound like a soap opera; the internet is wild. Why aren’t Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat around anymore? We’ll never know.

Candy Cat and Zoe Zebra share a voice actor in Peppa’s New Tales.

Additionally, there’s a rumor that she had something to do with Gerald Giraffe’s disappearance from the playgroup.

Who do you even call about mysterious happenings in the Peppa Pig World? Mummy Pig? I don’t think many shows like Peppa Pig have a secret murderer who loves fish fingers for lunch.


Monday 1st of April 2024

i think it is an interesting theory, as long we aren't talking about the real show. a kids show with such a dark secret? no, i don't think so. as long as it is their AU it's fine, and i won't argue about it. i like knowing other theory's from other AU's, although they aren't canon.