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How Old Is Endeavor in My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Endeavor in My Hero Academia?

Typical MHA spoiler warning: There are some mild spoilers in the form of familial relations and real names/true identities. If you don’t know all of the tea on the Todoroki family or Dabi, come back to this article later. Trust us.

Endeavor is technically a hero; are we alone in feeling like he has a villainous aura? He means well, we think; Enji Todoroki isn’t really the No. 2 father and husband.

The class 1-A crew is exciting and all, but sometimes their parents are where it’s at.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the flame hero Endeavor as we endeavor to learn more about him.

(Our deepest apologies, this joke will show up in all Todoroki-related articles.) This brief symbol of peace is one of our favorite heroes.

As we mentioned in the articles about his kids, this powerful hero has a powerful bonus quirk besides his fire powers: potent genetics.

He can’t help but pass down his quirk (and sometimes his turquoise eyes.) His wife Rei Todoroki deserves a mention; her genes are half the story, after all.

Enji Todoroki’s Age, Life, and More

We already know that Endeavor is old enough to have kids in hero academy high school, but exactly how old is he?

How Old Is Endeavor?

This Shonen Jump manga series has two apparent groups: young age and not-young age (student vs. pro hero.)

Naturally, this comes from the high school setting that brings us the teacher/student dynamics; but how old are the “adults”? Their ages vary more than class 1-A kids like Izuku Midoriya.

Endeavor, the fierce and fiery hero with the flame adornments, is Shoto Todoroki and Dabi’s dear old dad.

In his first appearance in the My Hero Academia season 1 and manga series, this Hero Billboard Chart icon was a year younger. Endeavor is 46 years old in the most current MHA content.

Endeavor’s pro hero costume is a comic book classic; his quirk is even a part of his look. Enji sports a tight blue bodysuit accented with metal and areas to feature his fire.

He uses his quirk to produce a mask, boots, and shoulder decoration made of flames as the finishing touch.

*Chef’s Kiss* Perfection.

What Is Endeavor’s Quirk?

As if this dude wasn’t already intimidating enough, his ability to produce and manipulate blazing streams of fire has a fear-inspiring name. Endeavor’s quirk is Hellflame.

We’re not trying to go up against that; with moves like Hell Spider, Hell’s Curtain, and Hell Minefield, you’d need courage to spare if you plan on facing this dad.

This is the powerful quirk Enji passed down to his son, Shoto, who ignored it for most of his life.

Ungrateful. (Kidding.)