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How Old Is Katara?

How Old Is Katara?

If you saw our article on Aang, you know how crazy we are for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

That show has everything. Romance, action, scares, magic, and deep worldbuilding that keeps the series relevant well beyond the first viewing.

Do not mention the live-action feature film to us or any fan of The Last Airbender for your own safety.

Katara and her older brother Sokka comprise two-thirds of the original Team Avatar. Together, they discover the dormant Avatar, Aang, frozen out in Southern Water Tribe waters.

They awaken the young Avatar and begin their journey to thwart the Fire Nation and Fire Lord Ozai.

Katara and Sokka were crucial to Aang’s success in defeating the Fire Lord; without them, this animated series would have been a single episode long.

Katara and Aang got closer than any other pair on the show as time went on, creating one of the most interesting love stories in a children’s show we’ve seen.

Katara’s Age and Life After the Last Airbender

Even as a young girl, Katara was dedicated to the art of water bending. She sharpens her bending abilities alongside Aang as he masters the element of water.

She soon discovers her natural talent for water-based healing abilities; this would become her greatest gift and build her a great deal of fame in the time of Legend of Korra.

How Old Is Katara?

Avatar: The Last Airbender gives us very frank details about the characters, their lives, and the world they inhabit.

It’s one of the show’s strengths. Unlike other shows, we don’t have to dig deep or grasp at straws.

Katara’s age is mentioned early in the series. Katara is 14 years old in The Last Airbender.

This makes her two years older than Aang; their difference in maturity makes sense.

How Old Is Katara in the Legend of Korra?

While Aang does not make it to the era of Korra, Katara does. We see her live a long life and meet her kids: Tenzin, who would father her grandchildren, and the future of the Air Nomads, Bumi, and Kya.

Her daughter Kya inherited Katara’s gift for water bending and uses it to incredible effect with her mother’s training.

As a mother and grandmother, Katara’s firm kindness and careful wisdom are even stronger than they were in The Last Airbender. Katara is 89 years old at the end of the series.

Even at this age, Katara is a powerful healer and fearsome intellect.

This is obvious through her daughter’s abilities and her healing of Korra; even though she was not able to offer a complete cure; Korra would have died without Katara’s intervention.