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How Old Is Loki? MCU

How Old Is Loki? MCU

Certain Marvel characters are a unique challenge when we want to know personal details, especially age. Forget the fact that they’re often inhuman or enhanced; different pieces of Marvel universe media often contradict themselves on the facts.

Comic books and their live-action movies play fast and loose with facts and reality; that’s why we love them. We’ll do our best to give you a few versions of info on Loki’s age in this article.

We have to consider more years than a human life when we look at the god of mischief, son of Odin, Thor’s adopted brother Loki, from Marvel comics. This trickster wears many hats, but when are frost giants allowed to rent a car?

Spoiler warning: The MCU is known for twists, retcons, and other trickery; some may be revealed below. Beware if you haven’t seen the Loki series on Disney+, Avenger’s Infinity War, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, or Thor Ragnarok.

Loki: Age, Life, and More Before Avenger’s Infinity War (…And After?)

Thor and Loki from the Marvel universe (and Norse mythology) are Asgardians without a typical concept of age. When you ask, “How old is Loki?” an answer in the 1000s isn’t super informative. Depending on where you look, Loki is old, young, dead, alive, dead again, or a girl.

We’ll focus on MCU Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston.

How Old Is Loki?

Most of you probably first met Loki and his brother Thor in either 2011’s “Thor” or the first Avengers film in 2012. These movies are mercifully set in their release years; this makes getting started easy. Let’s begin with Loki’s birth year: Loki was born in 965 AD. His adopted brother and father, Thor and Odin, are a good deal older. In the first Thor movie, Loki is 1046 years old. That’s quite the whopping number.

But Loki Is Dead Now?

Marvel characters, especially a god of mischief, have a habit of not staying dead long.

If you’re reading this, I sure hope you know that Loki was totally killed dead by Thanos early in the first Avengers Infinity War movie. This installment is set in (mostly) 2018; Loki dies before the time-skip. The scrappy son of Odin was 1053 at the time of his death.*Well, this particular scrappy son of Odin anyway.

*Disclaimer: The internet says he was 1,054 years old at his death. 2018 – 965 = 1,053. Please reach out if this math is wrong.

(Or his birth year is actually 964 AD. Marvel comics and the MCU aren’t always straightforward. Oh well.)

The Disney+ Series: “Loki”

A Loki definitely died in 2018, but are there more of them?

The live-action TV series on the former frost giant introduces Iron Man’s worst nightmare: multiple Lokis. Or the plural is Loki. (pronounced Lok-eye)?

The existence of the Time Variance Authority and multiple timelines mean that a different Loki from another time (or earlier time) could hatch a plan and re-emerge somewhere in the MCU. It might be the girl Loki this time.

My vote would be for the alligator Loki.