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How Old Is Luigi? Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers

How Old Is Luigi? Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers

Luigi is the second most prominent name in video gaming AND plumbing. This green dude stars in many Super Mario Bros games from Nintendo’s largest franchise that all began with the arcade game, Mario Bros. Good luck finding a Nintendo console without a game featuring Mario and Luigi.

Luigi is the green, taller and thinner Mario brother. He fights alongside his brother in Super Smash Bros Melee (and others), smacks his head into dice in Mario Party, wields a fire flower while driving in Mario Kart 7+, and is played by John Leguizamo in the incredible Super Mario Bros film; if you haven’t seen this live-action masterpiece, do that right away.

Luigi keeps himself relevant in the Mushroom Kingdom even though his love interest isn’t Princess Toadstool.

Like we said in our article about his brother Mario, it’s tricky to figure out the age of an ageless immortal plumber. Characters from video games, anime, and manga are often a challenge. We need biographies written by these characters immediately.

As usual, we’ll do our best with the scarce information as we bring back the Year of Luigi.

Luigi’s Age, Just Like Mario’s (That’s How Twins Work)

Luigi Mario (yes, that’s their last name) can jump higher than his red-loving brother. We think people should know.

How Old Is Luigi?

Looking at the original games that Nintendo released in 1981, the franchise as a whole has been around for 41 years; If we use this for Luigi’s age, that would make his brother and him a pair of fresh newborns in the arcade game. That doesn’t make much sense. (They regress to babies for their appearances in the Yoshi’s Island games, though.)

Luigi is 25 years old, going off of Shigeru Miyamoto’s info. We know that Luigi Mario is the same age, but we don’t think Luigi Mario nor Mario Mario seem like men in their 20s.

Strangely enough, the “41 years old” we already mentioned makes sense to apply to the present, just not to the past. Miyamoto has called Mario an “old dude,” so Luigi is one, too. The creator doesn’t seem super concerned with the green plumber’s exact age, just vibes.

Luigi’s place in the Super Mario Bros game canon teaches us something we also learned from Mario: that nothing matters.

Sometimes your hat is green, Princess Peach definitely doesn’t know your name, Bowser Jr is the biggest villain you get, King Koopa wished you were your brother, and being played by John Leguizamo is pretty neat.

Check out Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo GameCube if you haven’t already. It’s a masterpiece, the best game under the Super Mario Brothers umbrella even though it features the green guy.