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How Old Is Mickey Mouse?

How Old Is Mickey Mouse?

Mickey and Minnie are, without a doubt, the most iconic pair of characters from the Disney archives. You can go anywhere on Earth and find people that recognize these rodents. These cartoon characters have been featured in numerous Disney studio features and short films.

My earliest memory of this Walt Disney giant involves those Mickey Mouse watches that would play that tune when you pressed the button; you know the one. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! This little jingle was actually used in the Mickey Mouse Club intro dating back to the 1960s.

Children in the 60s couldn’t help but shout “Hot dog!” when it began to play.

How do we determine the age of an immortal icon like Mickey? What do we label as THE Mickey Mouse Birthday? This article will look at Mickey Mouse from his earliest appearance until now.

Mickey Mouse’s Age and Story

The first of the Mickey Mouse cartoons was an animated short film entitled Steamboat Willie; this is one of the most significant facts in American pop culture. A less known fact is that Walt Disney himself was the voice for Mickey in this original feature, even if you can’t understand most of the dialogue.

You can see the Steamboat Willie in person at Walt Disney World as part of the “Fantasmic!” nighttime spectacle. This experience is only available at the Florida park; Disneyland in California features a different boat.

Steamboat Willie is also where Minnie Mouse made her debut. I guess Mickey and Minnie are the same age; that’s cute.

How Old Is Mickey Mouse?

The film premiered on November 18, 1928.; if you consider that Nov 18 to be our favorite mouse’s birthday, Mickey Mouse is 93 years old and a Scorpio. It seems that Disney thinks this is his birthday, too; In 1978, they threw the massive Mickey’s 50 special TV event and parade to celebrate Mickey’s 50th birthday.

Bonus fact: We’ve noticed some general confusion among our friends and the internet regarding Mickey and Minnie’s relationship. In Walt Disney’s own words, to set the record straight, Mickey and Minnie are a very happy married couple.

An Icon Like the Mouse Is Ageless

While real mice live for roughly two years, Mickey is still kickin’ 91 years past that limit. We can celebrate his birthday every Nov 18, but he won’t age a day. In a canonical sense, the fictional character’s age is totally unknown and immaterial. Say whatever number you like.

Recent activities of the Walt Disney Company aside, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are permanent, enduring fixtures of American and global pop culture who will stand the test of time for decades to come.