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How Old Is Santa Claus?

How Old Is Santa Claus?

Merry Christmas, everybody! It doesn’t matter that we are publishing this in May, and you could be reading it any time.

It will be Christmas in our hearts. Drink a peppermint latte, and you’ll be on your way.

We don’t need to explain who Santa Claus is. He is more than a popular character; he is a global embodiment of holiday cheer and excitement.

Call him Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, X-Mas Man; it matters not. As long as you’ve been good this year, expect some presents straight from the North Pole underneath your tree this Christmas Day!

Santa Claus’ Age and Origin

We will stick to Santa Claus, the cultural icon, with no religious talk whatsoever. Anyone can enjoy a red hat and a candy cane.

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through NerdBear, not an anime girl was stirring, not even Mikasa.

It goes without saying that Father Christmas is ageless, but we can look at the age of the idea of him.

Whether it’s Christmas Eve or an 80 degree day in May, there is no wrong time to talk about Santa Claus.

How Old Is Santa Claus?

With all old myths, a single source for the idea of Santa Claus does not exist. There are cultures all over the world with a form of the jolly gift-giver.

In truth, Santa Claus was born when people began to love the thoughts and feelings believing in him brings.

A prevailing story says that the real man named Saint Nicholas, that would go on to inspire the concept of Santa, was born in modern day Turkey almost 2000 years ago. (270 AD, give or take ten years.)

Santa Claus is 1,750 years old, plus or minus ten years. This answer might be surprising, but don’t forget he can fly and visit every home in the world in a single night!

We bet he stopped counting his own birthdays centuries ago. Old Saint Nick will be around for many more centuries to come, too.

Is Santa Claus Real?

People ask this all the time, especially kids. If you’re a kid, ask Mommy or Daddy about this, not a nerd culture website. Otherwise, keep reading if you are old enough to drive.

He likes cookies, reindeer, and good children. The presents couldn’t have come from anywhere else. Santa Claus is real, and he knows when you are sleeping and knows when you’re awake!

The personhood of a Santa could not matter less. The idea and joy of Santa Claus make him as real as any of us.