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How Old Is Shigaraki From My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Shigaraki From My Hero Academia?

Tomura Shigaraki. The man, the myth, the villain, and the owner of way too many hands leads the League of Villains in the My Hero Academia manga and anime.

With one of the most terrifying quirks in all of Japan, this insistent Deku antagonist inspires fear and mystery in Midoriya and the other UA heroes.

Caution, spoilers ahead: While discussing Shigaraki’s age and role as the League of Villains leader, some mild MHA spoilers might slip out. You’ve been warned.

Without further decay, I mean delay, let’s talk about boku favorite be-handed edgelord, Shigaraki, and answer the question: How old is TomuraShigaraki?

Shigaraki’s Age and Quirk

UA is a high school, after all.

The more established oldies from the manga like Nana Shimura, Endeavor, and the symbol of peace himself seem to have finished their most serious business before My Hero Academia season one/issue one.

The same is (mostly) true for the villains, with the anime featuring people like Dabi, Toga, and Shigaraki.

How Old Is Shigaraki?

We first meet this Izuku-hater in episode eight of the MHA anime and chapter 11 of the manga. Shigaraki is 20 years old when he makes this debut.

Alongside the pale skin villain, we also meet Kurogiri (my personal favorite villain) for the first time at the same time in the anime. (You’ll have to wait much longer to see him in the manga.)

In-universe time has passed in the My Hero Academia anime and manga; as a result, all characters have seen their age tick up. Currently, Shigaraki’s age is 21 years old.

As of writing this, his birthday, April 4th, is fast approaching. Do you think Dabi got him anything? I know Deku didn’t. Does the League of Villains even exchange birthday gifts?

I bet Shigaraki could use a new pair of black pants or something. An antagonist can celebrate things, too. They’re people! Bad people.

Who Is Tenko Shimura?

TomuraShigaraki’s birthname was Tenko Shimura; That last name should sound familiar. He is former One for All pro hero Nana Shimura’s grandson. That apple fell FAR from the tree, huh?

What Is Shigaraki’s Quirk? (Plus a Terrifying, Horrible Bonus Quirk)

Tenko Shimura’s main superpower quirk is called Decay. If Shigaraki lays his hands on you, living or dead, friend or foe, you’re done.

He can completely destroy anything with a simple touch, turning it to dust. Simplicity is elegant; pure destruction is the perfect quirk for one of the premier villains.

Does your recipe call for any Izuku Midoriya powder or Todoroki dust?

But wait, there’s more! In addition to decay, Tenko unfortunately fused with All for One and all of the villain’s stolen quirks. This makes Shigaraki a successor similar to Deku, but gross.