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How Old Is Tilly Green From Big City Greens?

How Old Is Tilly Green From Big City Greens?

Premiering on June 18, 2018, Big City Greens is an underrated animated series from the Disney Channel and Disney XD. Sharing writers and creators with cult class Gravity Falls like Chris and Shane Houghton, and Rob Renzetti; the Green family could have a similar following one day. (The theme song is very cute.)

Chris Houghton lends his voice to the main character Cricket Green in addition to writing the show.

Big City Greens has a novel but familiar aesthetic, drawing inspiration from Gravity Falls, The Simpsons, and the general trends in sitcom-style animated shows of the 2020s.

Fun Fact: Most fans already know this, but we didn’t! Big City Greens was initially given the name Country Club by the team at Disney XD. We think the title change was a good choice.

Tilly Green’s Age and Life

Cricket, Tilly, and their father, Bill Green, leave their lives as happy farmers behind to live in Big City. She is an energetic, kindhearted kid with a knack for comedy and theatrics.

Greens Fun Fact #2: Nowadays, most animated TV shows use digital drawing pads and animation tools.

Big City Greens is unique in that it is still produced mainly with traditional pencil and paper.

This is an uncommon nod of respect to the art form of animation, which has been cheapened by a high volume of low-quality CGI and digitally drawn projects.

(There are quality projects made with digital tools, too. Don’t get us wrong!)

How Old Is Tilly Green?

This show gives a very plain view of family life, fun, and soft struggles. The Green children are young but handle the stress of losing their home and way of life with brave faces and good attitudes.

The creators themselves have noted that the story takes place during school breaks as a way to explain the characters not aging as the seasons go by. This makes figuring out their ages easier since they are staying the same.

Cricket is younger than Tilly, but their attitudes towards life can make it seem like the opposite. Tilly Green is 12 years old. This makes her two years older than her brother.

This spunky pre-teen loves animals, can communicate with them better than most people and loves to sleep during the day. We think that last detail is incredibly relatable.

Is Tilly Green Adopted?

This is not as uncommon a question as you might think. We were surprised, too. Tilly Green is not adopted.

Her parents are Nancy Green and Bill Green, just like her brother Cricket. Siblings can have different dispositions and still be blood-related.