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How To Get the Null Pointer in Borderlands 3

How To Get the Null Pointer in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has been something of a summertime fling for me. I ravaged it when it first came out and fell out of love shortly after, longing for it to be worth playing again.

Thankfully, Gearbox put its big boy pants on and released some stellar (and some not so stellar) end game content juicy enough to bring old players diving back in.

It was on this new playthrough that I found an appreciation for the Null Pointer.

It’s not a sniper you’re going to bring into a raid with you, but it will carry a critical hit build character far beyond the weapon’s level.

Where To Get the Null Pointer

The Null Pointer is given to you by zero, which is pretty obvious given the flavor text.

It’s a Hyperion weapon, which is honestly the weapon’s biggest downside, but nothing you can’t overlook for the sake of the sniper’s effectiveness.

The Null Pointer is so easy to get your hands on that I don’t even need to give you instructions on how to get it. Seriously.

All you have to do is play the game, and you’ll be given it as a reward from Zero during the main story.

Okay, okay, that’s a bit of a cop-out, so let’s dive in a little deeper.

Complete Hostile Takeover

The mission that rewards you with the Null Pointer is called Hostile Takeover.

It’s the sixth main story mission, so you get access to it pretty early on, between levels 10 and 12, to be precise.

During the mission, you’re going to be helping your old pal raid a building to stop the Calypsos from opening up a vault. It serves as an opening of sorts to the game’s second act.

I’m not going to spoil the mission for you here because it’s pretty awesome to experience it blind for the first time, but just do as you do, follow the objectives on your screen, and you’re going to get your hands on this sniper.

There Are Actually Two Null Pointers

Fun fact, there are actually two Null Pointers that you can obtain in a single playthrough of Borderlands 3.

Both are obtained through the same Hostile Takeover mission, so it’s not like you can get one at a higher level.

It’s next to pointless to get two copies, but it’s a neat addition all the same.

At some point during Hostile Takeover, you’re going to find yourself in a Maliwan armory. Look around the armory, and loot some of the weapon containers.

The Null Pointer is going to be in one of those chests.

What Does the Null Pointer Do?

Unlike many red text weapons in the game, the Null Pointer doesn’t have any fancy effects.

It is an incredibly solid base increase to your stats across the board, though.

To be specific, the Null Pointer increases:

  • Critical hit damage by 21% percent.
  • Weapon damage by 39% percent.
  • Weapon fire rate by 43% percent.
  • Weapon shield capacity by 44% percent.
  • Reload speed by 15% percent.

It looks like those numbers are fixed, too, so you don’t need to fret over getting a Null Pointer that rolled well.