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How To Tame a Cat in Minecraft

How To Tame a Cat in Minecraft

Cat-lovers were delighted when cats were first added to Minecraft.

And just like with the other animals in the game, getting them to be your lifelong companions is, thankfully, a lot easier than it is in real life.

You’ll want to start by getting some raw cod or salmon from a river or ocean.

Stock up well because you’ll need to feed the average stray cat a fair few times before it’ll like you.

Then, with the fish equipped, approach a stray cat (they generally spawn in villages), and feed it until hearts appear above its head. This signifies that they’ve been tamed.

Once a cat is trained, it’ll follow you everywhere. Don’t worry about them keeping up – like wolves, they’ll spawn next to you if you move more than two blocks away.

If you’d like to avoid leading them into dangerous territory, though, you can order cats to “sit” by pressing “use” on them.

This will keep them in place, so we’d recommend doing so somewhere near your house or spawn point.

Oh, also, if you’ve got at least two cats, and at least one of them isn’t seated, there’s a chance they’ll breed and produce kittens, which will also belong to you.

Just in case you’re interested in becoming the Minecraft equivalent of a crazy cat lady.