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Top 10 Best Anime Frogs and Toads [2024]

Top 10 Best Anime Frogs and Toads [2024]

Ready for a ribbit-ting read? In this anime spotlight, we’re giving the lilypad stage to the best of the best anime frogs and toads!

We picked these jumpy animated amphibians for their unique character, story, and design. They’re frog-tastically iconic!

So, if you’ve ever wondered about memorable and iconic frogs in anime, we’ve got a list here.

Well then, let’s hop to it!

Best Anime Frogs and Toads

10. Aogaeru (Spirited Away)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Aogaeru

Remember that frog who snuck away at night to find more gold pieces on the floor and eventually became the first victim of No Face? Yep, we’re starting this list with him!

Aogaeru is a worker in Yubaba’s bathhouse. Like the other employees in the place, he’s a money-grubbing and greedy frog who got blinded by No Face’s wealth.

Unfortunately for him, his penchant for gold landed him in No Face’s belly. Good thing he got regurgitated out in the end.

He may be a not-so-nice anime frog, but Aogaeru teaches us about not being too greedy.

9. Keroppi (Kero Kero Keroppi Anime)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Keroppi

Up next is Sanrio’s adorable frog character Keroppi!

Although Keroppi started as a Sanrio mascot for cute merch, Keroppi gained enough popularity to be added to multiple Sanrio animated shows.

Keroppi lives in Doughnut Pond with his family. He has siblings named Koroppi and Picky, and his dad is a doctor while his mom runs a restaurant.

He loves to eat rice, specifically the rice his mom cooks, and go on adventures with friends. He even has a girlfriend! Keroppi sure is living the life.

8. Duke (Sugar Sugar Rune)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Duke

Duke is the frog familiar of Chocolat, the story’s protagonist. He’s a bit lazy and a flirt with other frogs, but there’s more to this anime frog than meets the eye!

Spoiler alert: Duke didn’t start as a familiar. Without revealing too much, he used a spell to disguise himself, but he ended up botching the process and turned himself into a real familiar.

Unbeknownst to Chocolat, both have an important connection to each other. He genuinely cares for her, both as a familiar and as a family.

7. Yajiro Shimogamo (The Eccentric Family)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Yajiro

From transforming tanukis and tengu to the mysterious death of their father, the Shimogamo family is filled to the brim with eccentricities.

One amusing eccentricity is the second son of the family, Yajiro. He is a tanuki who transformed into a frog but forgot how to transform back.

So now he’s stuck in this new form, and he hangs out in a well. He spends his days listening to people’s wishes.

6. Eruka Frog (Soul Eater)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Eruka Frog

Yep, we’re including humanoid frogs, too! Up next is this witchy frog from Soul Eater, aptly named Eruka Frog.

She’s part of the Witch Order but was forced to work with Medusa Gorgon as her spy. You bet she hopped for joy when she got away from her clutches!

Although she enjoys her magic and loves destroying things with her powers, she knows when to run away. Who wants to be a squished frog anyway?

5. Greninja (Pokemon Animated Series)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Greninja

Not only is this frog Pokemon popular in the Pokemon games, but Greninja and the rest of the Froakie line also made quite the splash in the anime series!

Froakie was the first Pokemon Ash caught during his journey in the Kalos region. It was an outcast among other Froakies, so it wanted to become strong with a strong trainer.

Luckily, Ash was the right trainer for it, and Froakie eventually evolved to be Greninja!

Due to its popularity, the devs later made a special Greninja version in the games called Ash-Greninja.

4. Yokozuna (One Piece)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Yokozuna

Ever seen an anime frog fight a train? In One Piece, the Water 7 Saga opens with a chonmage-wearing scarred frog fighting a Sea Train!

It’s as bonkers and awesome as it sounds. But despite the silliness, Yokozuna is an amazing side character, and he has a respectable and heart-wrenching reason for fighting the train.

To summarize with the least spoilers as possible, Yokozuna’s dear friend was killed because of that train. His other dear companion was also hit by it, and Yokozuna wishes he was strong enough to stop both situations.

Excuse us while we cry over a frog.

3. Gamabunta and the Toads in Mount Myoboku (Naruto)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Gamabunta

Time for the great toads in Naruto to shine!

Mount Myoboku is a mystical land inhabited by great and powerful toads. The chief of the place is Gamabunta, who was affiliated and summoned by Jiraiya, Minato, and Naruto himself.

He can be a bit aloof and apathetic. You have to be a strong ninja to earn his cooperation and respect.

Other great toads worthy of mention are Gamaken, Gamahiro, Gamabunta’s sons whom Naruto summons, the old sage couple Fukasaku and Shima, and the Great Toad Sage Gamamaru.

Shout out to Naruto’s frog purse, too!

2. Froppy (My Hero Academia)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Tsuyu Froppy

When it comes to anime frogs, we can’t skip the totally adorable frog hero Tsuyu Asui, a.k.a. Froppy!

Tsuyu’s Quirk gives her frog-related powers. From enhanced hopping and swimming to extending her tongue, secreting mucus, and even throwing up her stomach, she can do it all!

But it’s not just her powers that make her one of the best anime frog characters, she is also a great person who genuinely cares for others.

Whether you need physical or emotional support, Tsuyu is your frog gal!

1. Keroro (Sgt. Frog)

Best Anime Frogs And Toads Keroro

Even after all these years, Keroro still reigns as the best anime frog character ever!

He’s not just a simple frog. He and his friends are frog aliens eager to conquer Earth. Unfortunately, on the day they arrived on the planet, something happened, and their troops had to pull out.

Now, he and his friends are stuck on Earth, and they spend their time adorably trying to plot world domination. Luckily, the human household they’ve settled in is made up of a bunch of unique and wacky individuals themselves.

Cute frog alien overlords mixed with funny humans? Sounds fun!