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Top 10 Best Anime Giantess Characters [2024]

Top 10 Best Anime Giantess Characters [2024]

It’s time to give the big ladies some love. And by big ladies, we mean the absolutely gigantic ones!

Yep, for today’s Nerd Bear spotlight, we’re giving the grand stage to the giants. Here are 10 of the best giantess anime characters from various anime series.

We’ve got humongous beauties from classic and popular anime like Macross and One Piece and new giga-gorgeousness from recent anime shows like Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia.

Let’s gaze up and bask in their greatness, shall we?

Best Anime Giantess Characters

10. Farine the Sky Princess (Dog Days)

Best Giantess Anime Farine The Sky Princess

Let’s start this list with a goddess! Not only is Farine an absolute beauty of a giantess, but she is also a god-like character in the universe of Dog Days.

Specifically, she is a sky princess. In Dog Days, three factions participate in a series of war games: the puppy-like Biscottians, the feline citizens of Galette, and the squirrels of Pastillage.

Luckily, this sky princess is an ally of the protagonists. She meets with them during the third season of the show.

Interestingly, she can also create three miniature versions of herself. She’s a giantess with mini me’s!

9. Nimi Minimi (Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid)

Best Giantess Anime Nimi Minimi

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is one unique anime where girls partner with girls (in more ways than one) and turn into weapons for their partners to wield. If you’re wondering, yep, it’s got loads of fanservice.

But unlike the other girls on Mermaid Island, Nimi Minimi doesn’t transform into a weapon. Instead, she turns into a gigantic version of herself.

Her powers let her control how big she can get. Whether it’s 50 or 100 ft, she can become quite an anime giantess if she wants!

8. Klan Klang (Macross Frontier)

Best Giantess Anime Klan Klang

In Macross, certain characters can go big. This process is called Macronization. Meanwhile, their regular human size is called a Miclone form.

Due to her unique genes, Klan Klang has a very unique Miclone and Macronized form. In her giantess form, she’s what you would expect a pro mecha ace pilot would be.

But in her Miclone form, she turns into a young girl! She usually gets teased about it, much to her chagrin.

7. Emilia Jenius (Macross 7 the Movie: The Galaxy’s Calling Me!)

Best Giantess Anime Emilia Jenius

We’ve got another Macross giantess in our list, but this time, she can absolutely rock it out with her guitar!

If you’re wondering about her size, Emilia is half Zentran, which is a race of giant humanoid warriors. Her mom and dad were the first human and Zentradi couple.

As a kid, she saw a movie about a girl who stopped the Zentradi army with her singing, which made her want to become a great singer.

Her Spritia talent caught the attention of Basara Nekki. When the two met, they dueled it out with their musical talent and later worked together to defeat an enemy with their songs.

6. Tiamat (Fate/Grand Order)

Best Giantess Anime Tiamat

We’ve had nice giantess anime characters so far. How about a villainous giantess this time?

Tiamat is a major antagonist in Fate/Grand Order. In the series lore, she is the source of the world and the mother who bore humanity. But after she created the world, she was cast aside.

She was in deep slumber until a series of events awakened her. Following her primal instincts, she set to destroy the world that she created.

Now that’s a fearsome giantess!

5. Mountain Lady (My Hero Academia)

Best Giantess Anime Mountain Lady

Let’s take a break from villainy and give the spotlight to a giantess hero. Next in our list is the Mineyama Hero: Yu Takeyama, a.k.a Mt. Lady!

Mountain Lady is a Pro Hero with a Quirk called Gigantification. This power allows her to become gigantic in size.

In her gigantic form, her strength is amplified, and she can kick and headbutt enemies with a strong force.

She’s also quite vain, but we love a giantess who knows her own beauty. Continue to kick butt with your beauty and size, Moutain Lady!

4. Brandish (Fairy Tail)

Best Giantess Anime Brandish

Up next is the Nation Destroyer—Brandish Myu!

With her magic, called Command T, she can alter matter however she likes, which is why she can make herself huge. It’s also the reason why she can easily topple nations.

Brandish is often calm but can get irritable or disinterested when it comes to conflicts or things she doesn’t like.

During her first appearance, she shows up not to join the fight but to eat star mango gelato! She gets upset once she finds out that the store got destroyed during the battle.

3. Female Titan (Attack on Titan)

Best Giantess Anime Female Titan

When it comes to big fighting ladies, who could ever forget Attack on Titan’s very own Female Titan?!

Aside from her mysteriousness, she showed impressive fighting skills in hand-to-hand combat. She went toe-to-toe with Eren’s Titan form and even easily swatted an elite team of soldiers.

But even her clever elusiveness had its end. Armin was able to trick her, and she had no choice but to reveal her real identity. What a reveal it was!

2. Shirahoshi (One Piece)

Best Giantess Anime Shirahoshi

This next character is no ordinary anime giantess character. Not only is she gigantic in size, but she’s also an adorable mermaid!

Shirahoshi is the Mermaid Princess of the Ryugu Kingdom. Because of her status and importance, she has to be kept safe in her tower. Don’t let her fragile nature fool you—unbeknownst to many, she harbors an immense power.

Despite all that, deep in her heart, Shirahoshi wishes to learn more about the outside world. Let this cutie giantess mermaid explore the vast oceans, Oda!

1. Diane (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Best Giantess Anime Diane

For our pick as the best giantess anime character ever, we choose the fierce-but-cutie giantess in Melodias’s crew—Diane!

The Seven Deadly Sins has a lot of amazing giantess characters (Matrona is our pick as the best buff and muscular anime girl), but our number one spot ultimately went to Diane for being an iconic giantess.

Yep, when it comes to giantess characters, many anime fans will immediately think of her, and for good reason!

Even though she can be emotionally fragile, like being afraid of being alone, she becomes brave and fierce when it comes to defending her friends.

She sometimes feels bad that she can’t do much for Meliodas or King due to her size. Don’t worry, Diane, you’re doing plenty, sweetie.