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Top 25 Buff and Muscular Anime Girls [2024]

Top 25 Buff and Muscular Anime Girls [2024]

Waifu? How about whey-fu?

If you’re on the lookout for strong waifus who can carry you princess-style and can probably break you like a twig with a quick snap, we’ve got 25 of the best buff and muscular anime girls right here.

They’ve got the gains, the guns, and the gorgeousness to sweep you off your feet, figuratively and physically. They’re beauty and brawns in one!

Ready to be “scaroused”?

Buff and Muscular Anime Girls

25. Amazoness (Arakawa Under the Bridge)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Amazoness

Let’s start this list with the warrior goddess from Arakawa Under the Bridge—the amazing Amazoness!

This series is chockful of people with their own unique stories, struggles, and even delusions. They’re what society would call “denpasan.”

However, most of them are kind, helpful, and full of love to give. One of them is Amazoness.

She announces herself as a warrior defending a precious Amazonian treasure, and together with her tengu henchmen, they patrol the bridge. She gets smitten by Kou, but alas, it is an unrequited love.

It’s okay, Amazoness. You’ll always have your muscles.

24. Amazon Warrior (Goblin Slayer)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Amazon Warrior

We’ve got another Amazonian beauty right here!

Although she was not fully named and was a minor character in the show with a short screen time, this Amazon Warrior in Goblin Slayer absolutely slayed the fans with her muscular presence.

She finally showed up in episode 11, to the delight of many manga readers who awaited her entrance with bated breath.

With her axe, she joined the battle against the Goblin Lord. And whew, what a battle it was!

23. Tsubame Kamoi (UzaMaid)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Tsubame

She might seem like a simple maid, but her past experience as a former Japan Air Self-Defense Force officer has hardened her mind, body, and spirit.

After her stint as a soldier, Tsubame decided to become a maid for the Takanashi household to care for the Russian young lady of the house.

She’s quite competent and can cook, clean, and handle the little girl’s antics of kicking her out. To be fair, Tsubame is a little too obsessed with her, which is pretty sus.

22. Gagaran (Overlord)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Gagaran

If you need a “big bro” to look up to, Gagaran’s the whey-fu for you!

Gagaran’s strength, reliability, and openmindedness have earned her the respect she highly deserves. Unlike other humans, she does not have any ill will or disgust toward demi-humans and non-humans.

Gagaran won’t judge you for who you are but for your actions. So whether you’re a human or not, if you are a menace to others, she won’t hesitate to fight you!

Another thing she won’t hesitate is to pursue love. If she hears that you want to get it on with her, she’ll welcome you with open, muscley arms!

21. Miss Monday (One Piece)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Miss Monday

As an agent for Baroque Works, Miss Monday fought against the Straw Hat Pirates and tried to stop them from leaving Whiskey Peak.

She was partnered with Igaram, a.k.a. Mr. 8, during her time with the organization.

While her muscles are amazing, a big part of her charm is her gap-moe characteristics. Her tall and muscular body is quite a contrast to her absolutely cute voice!

Eventually, Miss Monday found love right where she unleashed her muscle prowess. Check out the manga if you want to know how her tale continues!

20. Saki Hanayama (Keijo)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Saki Hanayama

With her towering and stocky physique and aggressiveness when it comes to Keijo matches, Saki is known as her school’s “Mountain Ogre.”

Outside these matches, she is calm and rather stoic. But put her in a Keijo tournament or ridicule her friends and teammates, and she will unleash her strength!

She is known for her attack called the God Hip Impact, where she jumps and focuses her strength on her rear end. That’s one strong butt!

19. Hana Tsuchiya (Mob Psycho)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya might be an esper, but her powers don’t stop there.

With her athletic body, she fuses her psychic abilities with martial arts. Her entire body becomes a weapon where she concentrates her qi to harden it. Her punches are quite deadly!

But despite her hardening techniques, she’s not too rigid herself. She was understanding to Mob when the soft-hearted protagonist cried due to not wanting to hit her.

As an honorable person herself, she respected Mob’s gentlemanliness and told him to hit her with all he got!

18. Nikki Hanada (Dr. Stone)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Nikki Hanada

The disciplinarian of the team, Nikki, is willing to dish out powerful kicks whenever others try to slack off or insult her. She is often considered very strong for a woman and will often help out with physical tasks.

She may be physically strong, but her heart is weak to music, particularly Lillian Weinberg’s songs, which got her through some tough times in her former life.

Due to her muscular body and strength, other characters often act like Nikki isn’t feminine or pretty enough (we disagree). Imagine their surprise when Nikki showed her pretty handwriting and her penchant for colorful dyes!

17. Nikuma (Seikon no Qwaser)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Nikuma

Nikuma is what you would call a triple threat when it comes to beauty, brains, and brawn. She is a master tactician and is even the trainer for the Qwasers of Athos.

Because of these characteristics, she is often called “Hell’s Dairy Cow” and “Big Ma’am” or “Big Mom”.

She’s big, alright! Can you strategize our hearts, ma’am?

16. Ayaka Uehara (How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Ayaka

Ayaka might not be as big and buff as the other characters on this list, but she is muscular where it counts!

See her very toned abs? Ayaka has dedicated a lot of time to training her core muscles! She does boxing with her sister, and according to her sibling, Ayaka can get really competitive in a fight.

Her entire family is big on boxing, so she started training for it because of them. But even though she makes it sound like she was forced into it, Ayaka is just being tsun about it. She genuinely loves boxing!

She is also the reason why Hibiki started going to the gym. Need a gym buddy? Ayaka is your gal.

15. Michelle Davis (Terra Formars)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Michelle Davis

When fighting humanoid cockroaches on Mars, you gotta have Michelle on your team!

Michelle is the leader of the new batch of space explorers whose goal is to find out what happened on the terraformed Mars and fight the creepy crawlies that are now inhabiting the planet.

She has the same powers as her father, which gives her super strength that helps her act as a tank against roach attacks.

In addition to her strength, she added jet propellants to her suit to make her speedy. Hit hard and fast, Michelle!

14. Park Seungah (God of Highschool)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Park Seungah

Because of her intense training as a kid, Park Seungah grew up to be a formidable martial arts fighter.

Her superhuman strength, endurance, agility, and speed, as well as her Taekkyeon skills, where she uses her ki for attacks and even locks her opponent’s legs with her arm, earned her a place in the God of High School Tournament.

Her personality is as fiery as her strength. She shows immense rage at her sister’s attacker but also unabashedly displays her attraction towards pretty men.

13. Daidoji (Senran Kagura)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Daidoji

Senran Kagura is about a group of girls training to be strong ninjas in a secret school. One day, they are asked to go on a hiking trip by an upperclassman.

That schoolmate? The great Daidoji! And the hiking trip? Training combat in disguise!

Daidoji is more of a “punch first, ask questions later” kind of gal. She’d rather solve problems with punches.

But despite that tough exterior, she has a helpful heart, as shown by her willingness to help the girls with impromptu training.

12. Yukina (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Yukina

In the world of Kabaneri, humanity’s formidability is tested just as the world is going through a change during the Industrial Revolution.

Undead monsters called Kabane suddenly emerged. The only way to defeat them is by using an iron plate to pierce their hearts.

Although a minor character in the overall story, Yukina shows her strength and muscles when she has to help pilot or fix the train.

She’s pumping iron in more ways than one!

11. Valmet (Jormungand)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Valmet

Valmet has the buff, deadly, and sexy anime girl combo locked and loaded.

She was once a member of the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force but is now part of the squad that protects Koko Hekmatyar and her work.

Numerous times in the series, she shows how deadly she is with a knife. At one point, she was doing a hundred or so push-ups like it was nothing!

10. Biscuit (Hunter x Hunter)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Biscuit

When it comes to buff and muscular anime girls, we simply can’t skip the sweet and swole Biscuit from Hunter x Hunter!

Although she prefers showing her porcelain doll-like form all the time, her true muscular form helps her unleash her true strength and power.

She loves being cute, though. She would rather have people call her by her adorable nickname, Bisky. The contrast between her buff form and cute persona shows a strong gap-moe effect!

Bisky was tasked to clear Greed Island. Along the way, she met Gon and Killua, whom she ended up traveling with.

9. Kale (Dragon Ball Super)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Kale

For the longest time, Dragon Ball fans were left wanting and dry when it came to female Super Saiyans.

But thanks to Dragon Ball Super, we are now well-fed and thriving with these awesome Saiyan ladies! One of the best newcomers to this Saiyan tale is Kale.

Unlike other Saiyans, Kale is actually meek and timid, to the point that other Saiyans laugh at her. However, her best friend, Caulifla believes Kale is so much more.

And she’s right! Underneath Kale’s shy disposition and low self-esteem is her ability to unleash a Super Saiyan’s Berserker state!

8. Sakura Ogami (Danganronpa: The Animation)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Sakura Ogami

Buff anime girls and martial arts? Count Sakura Ogami in!

Sakura comes from a family that puts strength and martial arts expertise a top priority. At 19, she already has a 400-win streak and even became a world champion in an international martial arts competition in the US.

People often mistake her for a man, so she often has to announce to everyone that she, in fact, is a woman and a very strong woman to boot!

7. Ghislaine (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Ghislaine

Up next is the strong-willed master swordsman from Doldia Village—Ghislaine Dedoldia!

Ghislaine’s expression might be hard to read, but her poker face is simply hiding her brash but tender-hearted side.

Growing up, she used to cause lots of trouble in the village due to her strength. A wandering swordsman picked up her potential and trained her, which helped her temper her fiery attitude.

But even though she’s very skilled with a sword, she’s not so good at other things, and she falls for a lot of scams.

When she was down on her luck, Eris and her family took her in. Ghislaine has never forgotten that kindness.

6. Noi (Dorohedoro)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Noi

For the uninitiated, you’ll be surprised to know that underneath Noi’s tall and muscular physique is a very capable magic user!

Yep, she’s an elite when it comes to magic. And it’s not magic that’s related to punching and strength. Nope, her magic is healing!

But her muscles still come in handy during fights. She tanks attacks with them and then easily heals herself afterward.

However, her punch and heal combo does make her too carefree at times. This is one brawny magician!

And make no mistake—Noi loves fighting. She sometimes competes with her friend and then celebrates with a big meal.

5. Maki Oze (Fire Force)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Maki Oze

Fight fire with muscles? Maki Oze shows you how it’s done!

In a world doomed with Infernals and the mysterious Human Combustion phenomenon, you gotta have someone like Maki with you.

She’s a pyrokinetic and a member of Tokyo’s Special Fire Force. Her calm but driven nature, as well as her athletically toned body, proves how essential she is to the team.

But despite her muscles putting on an excellent gun show, Maki can get self-conscious about them. She thinks she’s not feminine enough, although other characters strongly disagree and find her totally beautiful.

We do, too, Maki!

4. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Mikasa Ackerman

Toned abs and muscular arms? Mikasa practically took the anime community by storm when she showed her secret training regimen!

In an OVA episode, Mikasa showed that she’s not one to waste time despite being stuck in a cell. She dedicated her free time to improving her strength and muscles.

Push-ups, pull-ups, boxing—you name it, Mikasa has trained it. It’s no wonder that she’s one of the best on the Scout team.

Years later, we still thank the animators for being detailed in that one scene. Mikasa’s abs are divine!

3. Mizuki (One Punch Man)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Mizuki

Okay, Mizuki isn’t an anime character…yet. But we know she will be soon, and her entrance will be as glorious as her buff body!

Mizuki is a character from the One Punch Man series. Currently, she is a manga-only character, and fans have been excitedly waiting for her to be animated in a new One Punch Man season.

In a world full of powerful superheroes, Mizuki can go toe to toe with a lot of them thanks to her superhuman strength, durability, speed, and reflexes.

She fights using sports-related equipment and moves. She can do a Pole Vault and leap over enemies, do a Javelin Throw to pierce through monsters, and perform grappling on opponents.

We can’t wait to see you, Mizuki!

2. Mirko (My Hero Academia)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Mirko

And our runner-up pick for our buff anime girls list is the Rabbit Hero Mirko!

Mirko is a hero in My Hero Academia. Due to her rabbit-like powers, she has amazing hearing and can use her legs to jump high and fast. She is also very agile and dextrous.

Mirko also possesses incredible strength, as shown when she punches through different Nomus and when she easily tears down a metal gate.

And just like her muscles, Mirko’s a rough-and-tough gal. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of confrontations. Plus, she looks good in her rabbit costume.

A buff bunny is a win for anime bunny girls all around!

1. Matrona (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Best Buff Muscular Anime Girls Matrona

Our pick for the best buff and muscular anime girl is none other than the gorgeous giga-buff giant from The Seven Deadly Sins—Matrona!

Matrona is proud of her giantess heritage and her Giant Clan’s ways. In her clan, might is right, and you have to be super strong and a capable fighter to make your mark in the world.

This is why she is super strict with Diane. Matrona wants to train Diane and the other giants to become great giantess warriors.

Matrona starts out as a very ruthless and proud warrior but mellows out when she is shown kindness by other characters. She’s still stern as a mentor, but her teachings now have a touch of motherly love to them.