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20 Hilarious One Piece Villain Memes [2024]

20 Hilarious One Piece Villain Memes [2024]

One Piece villains are strong, scary, unique, and can be downright evil. But that doesn’t mean we can’t clown them with some memes! (Right, Buggy?)

Nakama, join us as we laugh at these 20 hilarious One Piece villain memes. From former foes turned friends to the downright dastardly ones, these memes highlight the hilarity of these baddies.

Hilarious One Piece Villain Memes

20. The amazing One Piece villains

20 Thank You

Suffice it to say, One Piece has great villains. However, Akainu is just on a whole different level.

19. He doesn’t cross that line

19 Standards

Doflamingo has standards, you know.

18. The hate is palpable

18 Strong Hate

But this is a great way to show your utter disgust and dislike. No explanation is needed.

17. Mihawk brings the spooky

17 Haunted

Spooky and mysterious—that’s just how the man wants to live. Unfortunately, there are now loud teenagers in his haunted mansion.

16. How do you fix your glasses?

16 Glasses

Me? I do it the Kuro way.

15. Let bygones be bygones, Luffy

15 Bygones

To be fair to Crocodile, he didn’t hold a grudge against the kid who foiled his plans. He might be evil, but he doesn’t hold grudges.

14. Eating Crocodile

14 Eat A Croc

Ah, classic Oda foreshadowing.

13.  Squad swag

13 Squad Swag

Baroque Works has got to be one of the most unique villain groups ever. They got the drip, alright.

12. The SpongeNel face

12 Best Face

Thank you for giving us this face, Enel.

11. A genius escape plan

11 Genius

Impel Down arc was one of the best arcs due to how former foes became allies. Plus, Bon Clay being Bon Chad, Buggy’s ponytail, Mr. 3 showing his cool (albeit cowardly) side, and Crocodile? That arc goes hard!

10. Forgotten group effort

10 Group Effort

Luffy and Kaido’s fight was such peak One Piece that it totally overshadowed other fights.

9. Live Action Counterparts

9 Netflix

Sham is a total cutie in the live-action series, though. This is one change we can get behind.

8. Worst of the worst

8 Worst Of The Worst

Not all One Piece villains are the same. Some of them are the worst of the woooooorst.

7. It pays to listen

7 Listening

Now, this is the real Observation Haki. Katakuri, you are a genius.

6. Kizaru Apple Pen

6 Kizaru Apple Pen

Okay, Kizaru Sandler is pretty good, but how about the Apple Pen guy? He’s even got the yellow outfit already.

5. Live Action Kizaru

5 Kizaru Sandler

Borsalino Kizaru Sandler hilariously fits so well.

4. Villain Laughs

4 Laughs

My favorite is Crocodile’s Ah-Ah-Ah laugh because I can sing Stayin’ Alive right after.

3. Who’s the worst?

3 The Worst

Among the worst villains in One Piece, the little girl who started the feud between two giants has got to be up there. You don’t know what you started, girl!

2. Grumpy Croc

2 Grumpy Croc

Crocodile is either looking grumpy or ominously smiling. There’s usually no in-between.

1.  The Okama Way

1 Okama Way

What better way to start this list with one of the very best characters of the show: Bon Clay! He started as a foe but later became a true-blue Nakama till we meet again, Bon Chad.