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20 Memes About Naruto and Sasuke’s Relationship [2024]

20 Memes About Naruto and Sasuke’s Relationship [2024]

Naruto fans have watched Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship go through the wringer.

From being rivals, teammates, and enemies to becoming genuine buddies and trusted pillars of their community, the two have experienced a lot, to say the least.

Let’s look back at their friendship through these memes, shall we? Here are 20 hilarious, silly, and even heart-wrenching memes about these two.

Ready for a Konoha feels trip?

Memes About Naruto and Sasuke’s Relationship

20. Naruto and Sasuke in a nutshell

20 Summary

Yep, that summarizes Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship, alright.

19. A killer pact

19 Pact

Wait, when did this pact start? That’s taking the SasuNaru friendship way too far, guys.

18. Poor Hinata

18 Poor Hinata

All those years of him chasing Sasuke have got to sting a bit.

17. A special connection

17 Sasuke When Naruto

Personal space is not a concept when these two are around each other.

16. Their first fight

16 Fight

The two might butt heads a lot, and Sasuke might seem stronger and cooler, but never forget that Naruto managed to trick and tie up Sasuke!

15. How to get Naruto’s attention

15 Attention

Yep, that’s all it takes.

14. Sasuke’s goofy side

14 Comfort

Jokes aside, the two definitely have a special friendship that makes even the cold and brooding Sasuke let loose.

13. A second time

13 Second Kiss

Yep, they kissed, not just once but twice! You’re welcome, SasuNaru fans.

12. Ninja heart

12 Ninja Heart

Can this be the official SasuNaru logo, please?

11. Teleport no jutsu, quick

11 Come Over

“Babe, I’m wearing his Shippuuden jumpsuit.”

10. Naruto who?

10 Boruto's Dad

It’s Uzumaki Boruto’s Dad now.

9. Hol up

9 Hol Up

Hold your horses there, ninja boy.

8. Tsundere Sasuke

8 Tsun Sasuke

Attempted murder? That’s okay. It was just tsundere tendencies.

7. True friends

7 True Friends

Real friends know when to appropriately kick you.

6. Personal space

6 Personal Space

They’re just…uhh, very close.

5. The difference between the two

5 People Who Like

These two might have their similarities, but their difference (as seen from fan perspectives) can be staggering.

4. Just SasuNaru things

4 Sasunaru Things

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome. -SasuNaru fans

3. The SasuNaru god

3 Sasunaru God

Let’s not forget the unknown ninja in the background who started it all! SasuNaru fangirls, bow down to your ship’s creator.

2. Another thing in common

2 Still Genin

They’re both strong and badass ninjas, but they’re also still on genin level.

1. How Sasuke describes Naruto

1 Naruto Description

Even in emergencies, true friends won’t miss the opportunity to roast each other.