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The 20 Funniest Eren Jaeger Memes [2024]

The 20 Funniest Eren Jaeger Memes [2024]

Attack on Titan has finally come to an end. After 10 glorious years on TV, its last episode aired just a few weeks ago to the bittersweet tears of its fans.

But although its journey has ended, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it with a few laughs. Let’s look back at Eren’s decade-long journey with these hilarious memes about the Jaeger-meister himself!

Funniest Eren Jaeger Memes

20. Anyone hungry? It’s Eren’s treat.

20 Mcdonalds

Brb—quickly grabbing some Mcdonald’s during our next rewatch. Maybe a Happy Meal can inject some happiness after that bittersweet ending.

19. Eren’s voice actor

19 Eren Va

That must have been so emotional for him. Thank you for your work, Yuki Kaji! You were a fantastic Eren.

18. Is this what growing up is like?

18 Growing Up

Cheering for our older and college-aged readers. You can get through this!

17. Complex character

17 Complex Character

Eren is all that rolled into one, which is why he remains to be one of the most interesting and compelling Shounen characters ever.

16. Life outside the walls

16 True

We didn’t see that coming at all, but he’s right both times. Oh, the things you pick up when rewatching the show!

15. Bet

15 Bad Guy

Oh, how the turn-tables, Reiner.

14. The secret to Eren’s glow-up

14 Glowup

Oh, it’s just a diet of dad and other Titan-rich food.

13. It’s Eren all the way down

13 Different Erens

Yep, there is only Eren.

12. It’s the same Eren

12 Same Eren

He might seem calmer and gloomier, but he’s still the same rage-filled Eren we know.

11. Introducing the different glorious faces of Eren

11 Eren Faces

Fans are getting a kick out of giving Eren funny expressions and smiles. If his smile is gone, the fans will find it for him.

10. Bonjour, Monsieur Titan!

10 Moustache

Add this to the pile of things we cannot unsee during our AoT rewatch.

9. Robin and the gang approve

9 Teen Titan

Petition to have this joke incorporated into any future Teen Titans Go episodes, please.

8. The Titan-eating mantra

8 Titan Eat

Just eat them back. Problem solved.

7. The Jaeger Cheer

7 Yeah Girl

I now have a cheer for Eren during my rewatch. Yeah, gurl! Stomp them like the powerful Titan that you are. Slaaay!

6. Daddy issues?

6 Daddy Issues

Just throw that Titan-sized trauma back at him!

5. You don’t wanna mess with the Jaeger-meister

5 Psycho Eren

Because he might have a few loose screws in that Titan head of his.

4. Can you pull his look?

4 Eren Hair

Messy hair? Check. Tired face? Check. Eyebags and nihilism? Check and check. Actually, looking like Eren? Let me cosplay the Cart Titan instead.

3. Where did it go?

3 Eren Smile

Where did his precious smile go? Look how precious he was!

2. Gotta control it

2 Titan Yawn

Can’t let them know you roar like Titan whenever you yawn.

1. The key to all of this…

1 Bikini Key

…is Bikini Key! We’re rewatching the show right now and we can’t unsee it too. Now, we pass this curse to you.