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20 Memes About the Uchiha Clan [2024]

20 Memes About the Uchiha Clan [2024]

The mystery of the Uchiha Clan and its death is one of the most compelling things in the Naruto series.

But despite meeting such a tragic end at the hands of one of their members, fans of the show didn’t miss the opportunity to make things lighthearted with some memes.

Here are 20 hilarious memes about the Uchiha Clan!

20. Time for an emergency meeting

20 Amongus Uchiha

Itachi: Bro, what are you talking about? Bro, you’re SUS-ke, bro.

19. My sus senses are tingling

19 Sus

Someone’s being sus in this picture.

18. Objection!

18 Uchiha Disagrees

The Uchiha clans and their fans disagree.

17. The true meaning of the symbol

17 Fan

Can’t argue with that.

16. Uchiha afterlife

16 Uchiha Afterlife

No rest for the wicked, Itachi.

15. Imposter

15 Imposter

There’s an Uchiha imposter among us.

14. The Itachi pose

14 Itachi Pose

You better not have any family around that cat.

13. Sarada, pls…

13 Sarada Pls

Your uncle is spinning like a Beyblade in his grave.

12. Not my Uchiha!

12 Uchiha In Boruto

Look at how they murdered the clan. You’d better add this to the list of things Boruto has done wrong again.

11. Lost History

11 History

It’s a pity when your clan’s history is lost with the youth. Itachi is rolling in his grave, Sarada.

10. Chair problems

10 Chairs

Itachi, please…

9. Prodigies

9 Prodigies

Beat that, Billie.

8. Tobirama on Uchihas

8 Tobirama Things

Just Tobirama things.

7. Yoinks eyes

7 Yoink

What a fine day to forage for eyes.

6. Hokage vs Uchiha

6 Hokage Vs Uchiha

Don’t worry; Itachi will take care of the rest.

5. Tobirama, when it comes to the Uchiha

5 Tobirama

Don’t ask Tobirama about his thoughts on any Uchiha.

4. Family destroyer

4 Family

Watch out, Vin Diesel. Your clan might face extinction with this guy.

3. Finger painting

3 Fingerpainting

This edit hilariously ruins (or improves) one of the most dramatic scenes about the two survivors of the Uchiha Clan.

2. The Uchiha Clan in a nutshell

2 Summary

What’s up with anime clans and their red eyes?

1. Responsibilities

1 Responsiblities

When your biggest burden is choosing between chips instead of wiping out your entire clan, I don’t envy Itachi at all!