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Top 25 Best Anime on Amazon Prime [2024]

Top 25 Best Anime on Amazon Prime [2024]

Due to a lot of anime streaming services popping up over the years, watching your favorite anime has been easier than ever.

Unfortunately, despite the ease and access brought by streaming sites like Amazon Prime, it still hasn’t solved the age-old problem we all face during movie night: scrolling through titles to find what to watch.

Luckily, for those with Amazon Prime subscriptions, we’ve compiled 25 of the best anime to watch on the platform.

Instead of wading through its arguably confusing UI, here’s a quick list of must-watch anime titles. As always, check ahead if these titles are available for your region.

Ready the popcorn, the Pocky, and the instant ramen – it’s anime marathon time!

Best Anime on Amazon Prime

Astro Boy

Best Anime Amazon Prime Astro Boy

Let’s start this list by going back to our anime roots.

Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka’s magnum opus, is a very important anime title in the history of anime. It inspired and influenced artists and their works and helped start the boom of anime.

If you want to finally watch this influential title, Amazon Prime has the first original run!

It’s about an android boy who grapples with his built-in human emotions, the reason for his creation, and his purpose in life.

Barefoot Gen

Best Anime Amazon Prime Barefoot Gen

You have probably heard of Grave of the Fireflies, Studio Ghibli’s masterpiece about war-torn Japan during WWII.

Well, let us introduce to you another animated masterpiece that shows the harsh realities of war – Barefoot Gen.

It is about a young boy named Gen and his experiences during WWII while living in Hiroshima. After his hometown gets destroyed, he and his family and friends try to deal with the aftereffects of the war.

The heartbreaking thing about Barefoot Gen’s story is that it’s actually based on real accounts. The animated films are adaptations of the Barefoot Gen manga, which is based on what the author went through as a Hiroshima kid.

Make sure you’re emotionally ready for this marathon!

Lupin III

Best Anime Amazon Prime Lupin Iii

If you want something light-hearted and funny for your next anime session on Amazon Prime, let Lupin III steal your heart!

It’s a classic from the ‘70s and is about a motley crew of bandits and their dedicated detective archnemesis.

First and foremost, you have the leader of the group, the grandson of the infamous thief Arsene Lupin – Lupin III!

Then you have the sharpshooter extraordinaire Jigen, the serious samurai Goemon, and the cunning femme fatale Fujiko.

Chasing after them is the ever-persistent Detective Zenigata, who’s usually a talented detective but becomes a bumbling buffoon when it comes to Lupin III.

Ready for an anime heist?

Grand Blue Dreaming

Best Anime Amazon Prime Grand Blue Dreaming

Up for another fun anime on Amazon Prime? Let’s dive into Grand Blue Dreaming!

University is an important time for a young adult’s life and education, and Iori wants to make sure he has a splendid and ideal university experience. He decides to move to his uncle’s coastal town to go to the university nearby.

But as soon as he moves into his uncle’s scuba diving shop, he meets the rowdy bunch of diving regulars who have a penchant for drinking! The boisterous group eventually convinces Iori to join them.

Grand Blue Dreaming is a comedic tale of finding one’s calling in university while learning how to dive. When you think about it, life is as grand as the sea!

Welcome to the Space Show

Best Anime Amazon Prime Welcome To The Space Show

What starts out as a camping trip during their summer break turns into the greatest space adventure of their lifetime!

Five grade schoolers go camping in a remote mountain village. They lose their pet rabbit but end up finding a talking dog instead.

It sounds crazy but bear with us here because this talking dog is actually an alien researcher studying the flora of Earth. As thanks for their help, the dog takes the kids to the moon.

The kids then discover a vast alien civilization hidden on the moon. Sounds fun and all, but their trip goes south when they find out they can’t go home.

To make matters worse, they seem to be filmed as reality TV entertainment for aliens!

Get ready for a whole lot of fun, adventure, and impressive animation in this 2010 anime movie!


Best Anime Amazon Prime Inuyasha

Anime veterans, rejoice! This classic ‘00 anime is on Amazon Prime as well. Isekai anime? Anime veterans watched isekai before isekai became a thing!

In Inuyasha, Kagome finds herself pulled into a strange world on her 15th birthday. In her new reality, demons, folklore creatures, and magic are real, and it seems she’s an oddity herself!

Kagome finds out that she’s the reincarnation of an important shrine maiden who has sealed in place a dog demon named Inuyasha.

The two are instantly tense towards each other, but they now have to work together to save the land from a demonic threat.

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Best Anime Amazon Prime Saekano

After enjoying numerous anime and light novels in his spare time, dedicated otaku Tomoya realizes that he wants to create his own anime masterpiece in the form of a game.

Sadly, he’s short on the skills needed, so he recruits his friends. His childhood friend, Eriri, is in charge of illustration, and his classmate Utaha will write the script. Of course, Tomoya is the director.

However, there is one big problem with this new doujin circle: they are all inexperienced!

Tomoya looks to his new crush for inspiration, the nice and pretty Megumi. But will this be enough, or will it just cause rivalry between the girls?

Romance, comedy, and a bit of fanservice await you in Saekano!

Slam Dunk

Best Anime Amazon Prime Slam Dunk

Looking for a sports anime to binge? Don’t worry, Amazon Prime has your back with Slam Dunk!

It’s a basketball anime series about a boy named Sakuragi and how he ends up on his new school’s basketball team.

He has always been a tall rowdy grump with red hair. But in his new school, a girl who is unaware of his reputation invites him to try basketball.

Eager to get a girlfriend, Sakuragi agrees. This then starts his basketball journey!

Princess Principal

Best Anime Amazon Prime Princess Principal

In Princess Principal, it’s all about cute girls doing cute spy things!

London is plunged into a silent war over the discovery of a curious substance linked to military technology. A group of girls is hired to do undercover work to know more about it and their enemy.

Mysteries, conspiracies, and other spy things are aplenty in this Amazon Prime anime!

Elfen Lied

Best Anime Amazon Prime Elfen Lied

A strange girl named Lucy is experimented on for her mysterious genetics and ancestry. She is part of a special breed of humans called Diclonius, who have telekinetic powers.

Tired of the inhumane experiments done on her, Lucy violently leaves the lab but hurts her head in the process, resulting in a split personality situation.

Elfen Lied is notorious in anime communities as the anime with gore, violence, and nudity, with a heart-wrenching tale of abuse and experiments.

If you think your heart can take it, give it a try on Amazon Prime.

Made in Abyss

Best Anime Amazon Prime Made In Abyss

Here’s another Amazon Prime anime recommendation that has equal parts of a compelling story and heartbreaking scenarios.

Eager to be like her mother and find out what happened to her, Riko sets out to explore The Abyss, a huge chasm that has affected the lives and livelihoods of those living around it.

It’s unknown what awaits Riko in the depths of The Abyss. Will it be a happy discovery or a heartbreaking journey?

Welcome to the Ballroom

Best Anime Amazon Prime Welcome To The Ballroom

Who says competitive ballroom dancing can’t be a compelling anime? Not us, of course!

Welcome to the Ballroom is an anime about competitive dance and the realities that come with the sport.

The story mainly focuses on middle schooler Tatara as he discovers the beauty of ballroom dancing. He used to meander into life as an inconspicuous individual but now realizes the joy of being in the limelight!

Land of the Lustrous

Best Anime Amazon Prime Land Of The Lustrous

An animated show about gem humanoids fighting a war for their survival? Sounds familiar, but this one’s an anime!

In Land of the Lustrous, crystal beings with human forms called Gems inhabit a world ravaged by meteors. They are also caught up in a war against beings who want them shattered for vanity reasons.

An eager, albeit delicate, Gem wants to help but is delegated a boring but safe task. She meets another Gem who is unhappy with her assigned chore.

Together, they embark on a quest to find a job that’s meaningful to them.

Banana Fish

Best Anime Amazon Prime Banana Fish

Gangs, mafia, and two mysterious words: banana fish. Get ready for a whirlwind of adventure deep into crime and espionage with one of the best anime on Amazon Prime!

Raised in the mafia, a grown-up Ash now has his own gang. He has always prepared for the trouble and entanglement that come with his crime-ridden life.

However, he wasn’t ready when the person who raised him in the mafia turned against him just to research the words “banana fish.”

After the Iraq war, his brother left this cryptic message to the puzzlement of Ash. Now, he has to figure it out while fighting his own people.

Millennium Actress

Best Anime Amazon Prime Millennium Actress

In this Madhouse masterpiece, the life story of a retired actress gets intricately woven with stellar animation and storytelling.

A couple of filmmakers decide to honor a movie studio’s colorful celebrity life by interviewing their most successful star.

As she recounts her past celebrity life, her past, and present, as well as fiction and reality, all mesh together into one interesting narrative.

Princess Tutu

Best Anime Amazon Prime Princess Tutu

Even though you’re not in the mood for a fairy tale anime, don’t get deterred by Princess Tutu’s pink, girly, and princess-y characteristics. This anime is rated highly for a very good reason!

Princess Tutu is a tale of finding your own happily ever after. It’s essentially a fairy tale about a duck who turns into a human girl who can do ballet.

Despite being clumsy, she realizes her purpose: her dance soothes the hearts of people in turmoil.

Let this anime soothe your troubled heart during your next anime binge.

Honey and Clover

Best Anime Amazon Prime Honey And Clover

Honey and Clover is about a group of art college students who feel like they’re aimlessly wandering in life.

Takemoto, in particular, doesn’t know what to do with his life until he meets the tiny and adorable Hagumi. Falling head over heels for her, he decides to finally do something with his life.

If you’re on the search for a cute romance anime with a grown-up cast, Honey and Clover might be the anime you’re looking for!


Best Anime Amazon Prime Toradora

More romance anime, you say? Don’t worry, Amazon Prime has another one that’s extremely good and highly regarded among anime fans.

Toradora is about the unlikely friendship of delinquent-looking Ryuuji and grumpy “Palmtop Tiger” Taiga.

They seem like complete opposites, with Ryuuji looking fierce but actually a softie and Taiga looking adorable but a rageful cutie.

The two end up working together to get closer to their crushes. Sounds like a recipe for a fun anime!

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Best Anime Amazon Prime Wotakoi

Our romcom anime recommendation train isn’t stopping yet! Here’s another one you can watch on Amazon Prime – Wotakoi!

Narumi is an otaku who wants to keep her hobbies and interests a secret from her adult life. Can’t blame her – her previous boyfriend broke up with her due to being a fujoshi!

But it seems like love can be found in the most surprising of places. She bumps into her old classmate, who is now her co-worker. And whaddya knows he’s an otaku too and is eager to date her!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Best Anime Amazon Prime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

If you’ve always been curious about what the fuss is about with this anime, you’re in luck. You can watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on Amazon Prime!

Watch the battle of good and evil unfold over generations between a power-hungry madman and a family of muscle-powered individuals.

Magic, mysteries, and over-the-top action await you in JoJo’s. Wryyyy!

Blade of the Immortal

Best Anime Amazon Prime Blade Of The Immortal

In the mood for samurai sword-swinging action? Blade of the Immortal is also an Amazon Prime anime and is a top recommendation!

It’s about the immortal swordsman named Manji, who is said to have killed a hundred innocent men.

To atone for his sins and to break his immortality curse, he decides to balance the scales and kill a hundred evil men.

He meets young Rin, who seeks the people responsible for killing her parents. Together, they start a journey of revenge and atonement.

Fair warning, this show can get really violent!

The Twelve Kingdoms

Best Anime Amazon Prime The Twelve Kingdoms

Despite being an excellent and responsible student, Youko isn’t really treated well by her classmates.

But everyone gets quite a surprise when a mysterious man shows up in class to declare Youko as his master and invites her back to his kingdom.

After a chase and a battle, she gets whisked away to his realm along with her two classmates. She doesn’t know what awaits her in this new world, but it seems like her can-do attitude is needed once again.

This anime hailing from the early ’00s might seem a bit dated to some, but it’s a highly-rated show filled with action, fantasy, and isekai adventure!

Death Note

Best Anime Amazon Prime Death Note

A young high schooler named Light thinks that the world needs a drastic change, starting with ridding the world of criminals.

Well, his wish comes true when he finds the Death Note – a mysterious notebook that can take the lives of the names written on it.

Unfortunately, while Light’s initial plan comes from a place of concern, he gets too wrapped up with the powers of the Death Note.

This critically acclaimed anime is a popular one among anime fans for its compelling plot, villain protagonist, and numerous surprising twists and turns.

Vinland Saga

Best Anime Amazon Prime Vinland Saga

Take a historical wild ride for your next anime marathon with Vinland Saga!

The story takes place during the time of the vikings when war and pillaging were common. Caught in the middle of this is Thors, his son, and the people in their tiny village.

Not wanting the war to reach their shores, they volunteer to help the fight raging between two superpower countries.

Between the battles they hear and the cold weather they have to endure, the young kids are comforted with the tale of a place called Vinland, where it’s always warm, and nothing bad ever happens.

That’s a comforting thought, indeed.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Best Anime Amazon Prime Neon Genesis Evangelion

Last but definitely not least is one of the most popular and highly regarded anime ever. Yep, you’ll be glad to know that Neon Genesis Evangelion and its movies are on Amazon Prime!

An attack from otherworldly beings has left the planet a changed world. Anticipating more strikes from these strange behemoths, the people of Earth have banded together to fight back using huge robots called Evangelions.

Curiously, not anyone can pilot these large mechas. The institution responsible for Evangelions recruits young teens to pilot them, and a deep connection with these robots is apparently a must.

In the middle of all these are a few young students, each with their own history and issues to deal with. They’re the world’s last defense, but they themselves need help.

Fair warning, this renowned series can get pretty deep and depressing. But it has been praised for its unique storytelling and overall influence on anime.