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Pet Rescue Mission Guide DMZ

Pet Rescue Mission Guide DMZ

Pet rescue is a Redacted tier-five mission for season 3. To complete this mission, you have to find and deliver two rare items to the shopkeeper in Koschei Complex. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll need to do, followed by a more in-depth guide.

Pet Rescue Mission – Redacted Tier 5

  • Retrieve the Cat Statue and the Dog Bank from Ashika Island
  • Deliver both items to the shopkeeper
  • Extract safely with the shopkeeper’s intel
Pet Rescue Mission Redacted Tier 5

Where To Find the Cat Statue and the Dog Bank

Pet Rescue Cat Statue Bank Dmz

Finding both items can take a while as they are both rare, and they spawn randomly for this mission. So, to find them, you will need to head to Ashika Island.

While it may seem like a tedious challenge at first, there are some things you can do to make it a little easier.

  • Search around the residential area 
  • Search the buildings around Tsuki Castle
  • Duffle bags tend to have a better chance of having either of the items in them, but you can also find them in lockers

I’ve found both items fairly consistently in the duffle bags and lockers in the multiple strongholds at Port.

While you can find both in the same game, I’d recommend that you exfil safely after finding one and stowing it in your mission stash.

Once you have found the cat statue and the dog bank, and they are both in your mission stash, it’s time to move on to the next phase.

Delivering the Cat Statue and Dog Bank to the Shopkeeper

Now that you have the Cat Statue and Dog Bank, it’s time to deliver them. You’ll need to make sure that they are in your backpack and then deploy to Al Mazrah.

I’d recommend that you go in with a Secure Backpack so that you don’t lose anything if you get eliminated.

Head to one of the bunkers to gain access to the Koschei Complex. Once inside, head to the dark area where you can find the factory admin key. Head to the factory admin entrance and go inside. 

As you go through, you’ll see a Dead Drop, it’s between two Buy Stations. Open the Drop Box and put the Dog Bank and the Cat Statue inside. 

Upon delivering the items, a package called Crown Instructions will drop on the floor, pick it up as this is the shopkeeper’s intel.

Once you have it, it is important that you leave safely via the nearest exfil elevator as you wouldn’t want to fall at the final hurdle.

Once you have successfully left via the nearest elevator, you have completed the mission, and you will then receive your rewards.

Pet Rescue Mission Rewards

For completing this mission you’ll receive the following:

  • Double Weapon XP Token
  • 20,000 XP
Is Pet Rescue Still a mission in DMZ?

Pet rescue was removed during Season 5 of DMZ.

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