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Top 25 Best Anime on Hulu [2024]

Top 25 Best Anime on Hulu [2024]

If you’ve got a Hulu subscription and are looking for the best anime to binge this weekend, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some of the best anime to watch on Hulu right now. Our recommendations below are a good mix of classic shounen shows, some excellent romcom anime, and underrated series you’ve probably never heard of yet.

Ready the popcorn and pocky, my friends. It’s time for an anime marathon!

The Best Anime on Hulu

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Best Hulu Anime Boruto

If you were a fan of Naruto during your younger years, you can now watch the journey of his son through Hulu.

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, you see the adventures of the children of Konoha’s finest. Aside from Naruto’s children, you’ll see Sakura and Sasuke’s, and even Orochimaru’s “son.”

But if you miss the old gang, don’t worry – they show up every now and then! Naruto juggles his work as Hokage and as a father. Like, hi, his son is quite a handful too!

Gun Gale Online

Best Hulu Anime Gun Gale

Karen has always felt awkward with her height. When you’re quite tall and literally a head above the rest, people tend to stare.

Deep down, she has always wanted to be the opposite of her height. So to get that fulfillment, she chooses to be a tiny and adorable girl in her online games!

But not only is she small and cute, but she is also a menace with a gun in Gun Gale Online. But then Karen gets roped into a battle royale. With her pocket-size adorableness and pink gun, how will she fare?


Best Hulu Anime Overlord

MMO games can be quite life-draining but also a source of joy and purpose for some. So when Momonga’s favorite MMO was about to close, he chose to stay logged in to the game until the very end.

But after waking up from an accidental sleep, he finds himself trapped in the game instead!

But it seems like years of mastery and grinding in the game has made him quite the expert in it. He has become the most overpowered being in the game!

The Irregular at Magic High School

Best Hulu Anime The Irregular At Magic High School

Although he didn’t fare so well in the entrance exam of his new magic school, Tatsuya seems to be a very knowledgeable and talented student for his ranking.

His physical prowess in combat and technical know-how in magic are quite odd for a “Weed” like him. Now everyone labels him an “irregular” at school!

Maybe there’s more to Tatsuya than meets the magical eye.

Trigun Stampede

Best Hulu Anime Trigun Stampede

Everywhere he goes, trouble follows him. Due to this reputation, Vash has been nicknamed “The Humanoid Typhoon” by people.

But this drifter is all about love and peace. He wants no trouble at all! Unfortunately, bounty hunters don’t care for his virtues, and they will do everything to capture him to get paid.

This is a new anime adaptation of Trigun. Fans of the 1998 anime might want to check this out to see how they gave this series a new style.

Sonny Boy

Best Hulu Anime Sonny Boy

What would you do if you found your class suddenly adrift in a cross-dimensional void?

Thirty-six students suddenly find themselves in this situation. Instead of working together to find a way home, an argument divides the class instead due to how some of them developed powers.

This is a wacky interdimensional anime adventure that might need your entire focus when binging it.

Black Clover

Best Hulu Anime Black Clover

After being abandoned at a random church, two friends, Yuno and Asta, grow up learning about magic and the title of Wizard King.

But while Yuno is a natural at magic, Asta can’t seem to do anything magic-related. He tries to physically train himself but still ends up not getting a magical grimoire on his 15th birthday.

But when Yuno gets randomly attacked for his grimoire, Asta immediately comes to his rescue and surprisingly unleashes his own magic from deep within. He then gets a grimoire of his own – a Black Clover.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Best Hulu Anime Fsn Unlimited Blade Works

In this world, winning the Holy Grail is the most important thing for a master and their servant.

But before getting it, the duo must fight against other mages and their servants. These servants are the spirit of heroes from history, myths, and legends.

In this quest to attain the Holy Grail, who do you think will win?

The Tatami Galaxy

Best Hulu Anime Tatami Galaxy

While eating ramen, a hopeless romantic third-year college student thinks back on his early years in college.

He desperately wants to live a fulfilling and love-filled college life. But since he constantly fails to attain this goal, he instead spends his time breaking couples and being anti-cupid to others.

And although he did end up asking someone out, he failed to follow through, which he bitterly regrets.

But on this ramen-filled night, it seems like he can get another chance in love!


Best Hulu Anime Horimiya

Looking for a romance anime to sweeten your anime marathon? Give Horimiya a try!

Horimiya is the tale of two seemingly opposite people who find out that they have more things in common than they thought.

Hori is the perfect student in many people’s eyes. She’s smart, kind, and pretty! This kind of triple threat seems so different from the quiet, meek, distant, and mysterious Miyamura.

But due to Hori’s responsibilities, she has little time to socialize. And due to Miyamura’s secrets, he is hesitant to open himself to others.

They both realize they’re in a similar situation and start to slowly open up to each other instead.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Best Hulu Anime Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Need more sweetness in your Hulu anime marathon? How about we sprinkle a bit of comedy in it?

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is a rom-com anime about two people who just won’t admit their feelings for each other.

What started out as a game to see who will confess their infatuation first became dangerously real for these two hilarious love birds. They both later realize they like each other but are too proud to admit it!

Sigh – love is definitely a warzone for these two.

Snow White with the Red Hair

Best Hulu Anime Snow White With The Red Hair

We’ve got a fairy tale recommendation right here! But instead of the usual Snow White, we bring you a redheaded Snow White who’s also a herbalist and a wonderful healer.

Shirayuki was living a peaceful life as an apothecary when the Tanbarun prince took notice of her and her hair.

Smitten by her locks, he wants to make her one of his concubines! Shirayuki understandably refuses.

She runs away from him, cutting her long red hair in the process. Thankfully, she meets another prince, a kind one this time, who helps her. But she ends up healing him from being poisoned!

Now, Shirayuki aims to be a court herbalist for this prince’s kingdom. But not only did she cure him, but it also seems like Shirayuki healed his heart as well.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Best Hulu Anime The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

Although not a warrior like his father, Arslan was still eager to prove his worthiness as the prince of his kingdom and the son of a mighty king on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, a betrayal has turned his life and kingdom upside down.

Now without a kingdom, an army, or even family, Arslan sets out to find any loyal allies remaining. He sets out to find the traitor, take back what is his, and become the king he was destined to be.

For anime fans who enjoy historical anime with kings, knights, and battles, this is a great anime to binge on Hulu!

Yu Yu Hakusho

Best Hulu Anime Yu Yu Hakusho

Hulu has a lot of shounen fighting anime to choose from, but one of our recommendations is this classic title that had a lot of 90s anime fans do the finger gun.

Yusuke started out as a delinquent who ran in front of a truck to save a kid. Due to his previous record of being a no-good student, this baffled the authorities of the spirit realm.

In another surprising turn of events, the prince of the realm decides to give him another chance at life, but only if he becomes a spirit detective for him.

With the help of his rival-turned-friend, Kuwabara, as well as two mysterious demons, Kurama and Hiei, Yusuke then starts his new life as the spirit realm’s very own spirit detective.

The Promised Neverland

Best Hulu Anime The Promised Neverland

The kids at the Grace Field House thought they had the perfect home. Although they were orphans, they were treated very well by their caretakers.

They had food, a proper education, and a big family with all the other orphans in the house. Life was great, to say the least.

But the curiosity of some kids led to the revelation that their utopia isn’t as perfect and safe as they thought. It seems like the world outside of their lovely home is infested with demons.

Why are they put in this house? Who is really taking care of them? And why do kids leave the house and never come back?

This spooky tale will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time!


Best Hulu Anime Bofuri

Not wanting to get hurt, newbie gamer Maple decides to put all her stat points into Defense. This unknowingly made her quite a tank in the game!

Battle after battle, she puts up her shield and defeats enemies in her own creative and Defense-filled way.

Through this odd yet effective strategy, she ends up getting a lot of experience points and even completing quests and acquiring important loot.

Maple is well on her way to becoming one of the strongest and most overpowered players in the game!

Your Lie in April

Best Hulu Anime Your Lie In April

A traumatic event in his past has caused Kousei to stop playing the piano. Although he’s a prodigy and known as the Human Metronome, he seemingly can’t hear the sounds of a piano anymore.

Enter Kaori, a spirited violin player whose lively, eccentric, and definitely different way of playing awakens something within Kousei. Through her, Kousei seems to slowly enjoy the sound of music again.

A word of caution when binging this series: Prepare tissues for your tears, and don’t forget to hydrate!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Best Hulu Anime Demon Slayer

After his family gets attacked by an unknown demon, Tanjiro sets out to find the person responsible and figure out a cure for his sister, who turned into a demon.

Along the way, Tanjiro discovers a network of Demon Slayers. They are people who have dedicated their lives to battling and eradicating demons. Like him, a lot of them have lost loved ones to demons too.

Tanjiro then decides to become one himself. Although now a demon, his sister becomes highly protective of him and now fights demons herself too.

Berserk: Golden Age Arc

Best Hulu Anime Berserk

If you have heard of Berserk and want to know the tale of Guts and his huge sword without reading the manga or watching a lot of episodes, this is a good place to start!

Berserk: Golden Age Arc is a film trilogy about the tale of Guts and how he ends up with the mercenary group, the Band of the Hawk.

It also shows his friend, Griffith, and how the two end up going on different paths.

The trilogy consists of the movies The Egg of the King, which shows how Guts’ life started with the Hawks, The Battle of Doldrey, which shows the battles they encounter, and lastly, The Advent, where everything goes sideways.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Best Hulu Anime Jjba Diamond Is Unbreakable

JJBA fans, you can marathon the show’s third season on Hulu!

Yep, Diamond is Unbreakable is season three of the ever-popular JJBA series. It follows the tale of Josuke Higashikata, Joseph Joestar’s illegitimate son, as he and his friends hunt for a bow that can grant Stand powers.

The beauty of JoJo as a series is that it occurs over different generations, and every season has new characters introduced in its story.

For new viewers, you might have to watch the earlier seasons to fully enjoy the story. But if you wanna be wild and immediately jump into Diamond is Unbreakable, be our guest!

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Best Hulu Anime Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

After years of waiting, Bleach anime fans can finally watch the continuation of their beloved anime on Hulu!

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is the continuation and sequel of its 2004 anime series. In this new adventure, Ichigo and his friends have to stop the return of Yhwach, known as an ancient Quincy king.

Yhwach wants to revive the feud between Quincy and Shinigami and even plans on destroying Soul Society and the human world.

Sounds like Ichigo and his friends have their hands full again!

Chainsaw Man

Best Hulu Anime Chainsaw Man

Due to his father’s enormous debt, Denji inherits his financial problems and gets chained for life working for shady people.

He has sold his organs, done dubious things, and even continues to risk his life-fighting demons. His only solace in this bleak world is Pochita, a chainsaw-dog hybrid demon.

But a betrayal from his employer had him almost killed! Good thing his trusty chainsaw-dog friend is always there to help.

Thanks to Pochita, he rises anew with his new demon and chainsaw powers. And at the end of his first fight as a chainsaw demon man, he even gets recruited by the lovely Makima.

Things seem to be looking up for Denji…or so he hopes.

One Punch Man

Best Hulu Anime One Punch Man

If you’ve ever wanted to marathon this superhero anime with a bald guy as its main character, then now’s the time with Hulu.

After living an apathetic and directionless life, Saitama decided to change his life for the better. An encounter he had with a villain made him decide to become a superhero instead.

And so he tirelessly worked to achieve the superhero bod of his dreams. He did 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and ran 10km every single day! Whew!

His training was so intense, he lost all his hair. But it’s all worth it because he became the strongest being ever. Not bad, baldy!

Attack on Titan

Best Hulu Anime Attack On Titan

Yep, another popular and highly rated anime can be watched through Hulu. And now that the final-final-final season will be airing soon, it’s a great time to marathon this amazing anime series.

Attack on Titan is about a kingdom being constantly attacked by huge humanoid creatures called Titans. The kingdom faced years of peace from them until one fateful day when their walls were breached, and they got attacked once again.

In the midst of this chaos is Eren. Due to his tenacity, he somehow survived a Titan attack and came out fiercer than ever.

But whether his tenacious and fierce disposition will be enough to continue to thwart Titans remains to be seen.

Spy x Family

Best Hulu Anime Spy X Family

And our pick for the best anime on Hulu right now? Why, it’s Spy x Family, of course!

When Loid, spy extraordinaire, gets assigned on a new mission, he decides to have a family as a disguise. He adopts a kid from an orphanage and gets into a relationship with a nice lady.

But that nice lady is secretly an assassin! And the adopted kid? A powerful telepath. Even their dog has secret superpowers! There is not a dull moment with this family.

The show is adorable, funny, action-filled, and full of heart! Despite their initial pretenses, you slowly see them turn into a proper loving family.