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Top 40 Best Anime Outfits [2024]

Top 40 Best Anime Outfits [2024]

Anime can have compelling stories, brilliant fight scenes, and shocking plot twists. These can make a show quite iconic.

However, what we’re focusing on today is another aspect that can make a series truly memorable for everyone. This is all about the awesome outfits from anime.

Frilly skirts, black kimonos, and pointy glasses? We got that here today!

Without further ado, let’s shine a spotlight on today’s fashion show. Here are the best anime outfits ever!

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Best Anime Outfits

40. Umaru-chan’s Hamster Hoodie (Himouto! Umaru-chan)

Best Anime Outfits Umaru's Hamster Hoodie

Umaru might be the image of a perfect student, but at home, she wants nothing more than to laze about in her hamster hoodie, play games, and eat snacks.

Once she dons the hoodie, it’s like all her responsibilities and worries melt away, and she can be herself without any uneasiness.

We’d like a worry-free hoodie, too!

39. Slam Dunk’s Red Jerseys (Slam Dunk)

Best Anime Outfits Slam Dunk's Jersey

Red is such a catchy color, and these basketball jerseys from Slam Dunk definitely caught our eyes.

Not only does it stand out, but it also represents the fiery nature of the protagonist, Hanamichi Sakuragi, as well as the drive to excel in basketball from the rest of his team.

The red color also matches Sakuragi’s blazing red hair!

38. Karasuno’s Black Crow Jackets (Haikyuu!!)

Best Anime Outfits Karasuno Jacket

Speaking of sports, we definitely can’t skip Haikyuu!! on this one.

The protagonist’s team usually has bright colors. But in Haikyuu!!, Karasuno embraces their crow theme and goes all black.

Their team jackets are jet black with the name of their volleyball club imprinted on the back. It’s simple but memorable and gets the point across. Fly high with your black crow jackets!

37. L’s Shirt and Jeans (Death Note)

Best Anime Outfits L's Shirt And Jeans

This sweets-loving detective isn’t one for glamor and pizzaz. The important thing for him is to figure things out, and what better way to do that than wearing comfy and simple clothing?

Why waste time thinking about what to wear when you can use those brain cells for something else? L and Steve Jobs were on to something.

But despite it looking so ordinary, it has become one of the most iconic anime outfits ever. It’s not difficult to cosplay too!

Grab a long-sleeved white shirt, blue jeans, and a plate of cake – you’re good to go!

36. Idolmaster Costumes (The Idolmaster)

Best Anime Outfits Idolmaster Outfits

If you’re into idol culture, you probably appreciate how vast and varied the costumes are in the Idolmaster series.

The multiple anime series feature it a lot, while the games have the costume motherlode.

From checkered outfits and sparkly dresses to sailor uniforms and pink jeans – the Idolmaster series goes really creative for the girls and their outfits.

Time to cheer for them!

35. Rozen Maiden’s Lolita Dresses (Rozen Maiden)

Best Anime Outfits Rozen Maiden's Lolita Dresses

Lolita fashion in Japan is big. It’s not just a simple fashion choice, but a lifestyle for some.

This subculture in Japan is all about Victorian and Rococo clothing, as well as living a cute life. The clothes are full of frills and ribbons!

An old anime that showcases this really well is Rozen Maiden. It’s about dolls who fight in a game to become real people and meet their creator.

The dolls are crafted really well, and each of them has a unique lolita fashion that fits their personality.

A lot of sad stuff happens, but a lot of wonderful lolita dresses are shown as well! Fans of lolita fashion should check this series out for inspiration!

34. Ciel’s Fancy Outfits (Black Butler)

Best Anime Outfits Ciel’s Fancy Outfits

Speaking of Victorian-inspired outfits, here’s Ciel and his fancy wardrobe.

Ciel wears suits worthy of his noble status. You can see him wear suits in royal blue colors or ones in a purple shade fit for nobility.

He sometimes matches it with gloves, a cravat, or big ribbons. To show his boyish side, he wears shorts with them.

But the most memorable detail in his outfit is his eyepatch. What secrets are hidden behind it?

33. Roberta’s Maid Uniform (Black Lagoon)

Best Anime Outfits Roberta’s Maid Uniform

Maid dresses and uniforms are popular in anime. They’re frilly, girly, cute, but also prim and proper.

But out of all the maid-themed characters in anime, we chose Roberta. Not only does she rock the classic anime maid look, she is fiercely loyal and a total badass when it comes to combat.

She’ll cook, clean, and work with her sniper rifle faster than you can say, “I love maid uniforms!”

32. Aria’s Gondolier Uniforms (Aria the Animation)

Best Anime Outfits Aria’s Gondolier Uniforms

A lot of fans consider this series a “healing” show. You can take your time, relax, and enjoy the calming story and aesthetics of it.

Aside from its unique plot, it also has memorable uniforms worn by the characters.

The characters want to be professional tour guide gondoliers, and their uniforms definitely reflect the prestige and class of this job.

Oh, to row a boat on the futuristic planet of Aqua!

31. Paradise Kiss’s Fashion World (Paradise Kiss)

Best Anime Outfits Paradise Kiss’s Fashion World

We can’t have a best anime outfit list without mentioning Paradise Kiss!

This anime focuses on the world of fashion. You get to see what it’s like for models and fashion designers.

What goes on behind the elaborate fashion shows? How is their struggle in the world of clothing and art?

Not only is it full of compelling drama, but you also get to see wonderful outfits from the cast! Fashionistas and inspiring fashion designers, this is your anime.

30. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s Classic Seifuku (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

Best Anime Outfits Szs Seifuku

When you think about anime outfits, a lot of you probably think of sailor uniforms or seifuku. A lot of anime shows have it in different colors and styles.

But the classic seifuku is definitely the white and blue one. The anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei showcases it in the best way.

This school uniform might be simple and plain, but it juxtaposes with the bizarre plot of the show.

The character designs also have unique silhouettes, so even if the characters are wearing an ordinary seifuku, they still stand out.

29. Yuyu Hakusho’s Gakuran (Yuyu Hakusho)

Best Anime Outfits Yuyu Hakusho's Gakuran

A gakuran is as iconic as a seifuku when it comes to anime outfits. It’s usually a dark-colored uniform for boys, buttoned up to look prim and proper.

But Yuyu Hakusho made it colorful – in bright green, red, and blue! If you haven’t seen it, you’d probably think it’s ridiculous, but the show makes it work.

And my goodness, did it work? No series since has made colorful gakuran this memorable. Here’s hoping the Netflix live-action series will do it well, too!

28. Chihayafuru’s Kimono Game (Chihayafuru)

Best Anime Outfits Chihayafuru's Kimonos

Kimono is also something that you see a lot in anime. But one of the shows that have made it a huge part of the story is Chihayafuru.

In the series, the characters play karuta, a Japanese card game where you match a card being read to a grabbing card in front of the players. It’s basically like a poetry card game that requires quick wit and fast reflexes.

When playing competitive karuta, the players often wear kimonos.

If you’re a fan of this traditional garb, you’ll enjoy the plethora of kimonos worn by the characters. You can even watch the live-action movies to see real kimonos!

27. Bleach’s Shinigami Uniform (Bleach)

Best Anime Outfits Bleach's Black Kimono

As guardians in the afterlife who guide and cleanse spirits, Bleach’s Shinigami wear black kimonos.

In real life, a plain black kimono is usually worn for funerals. Bleach, however, has made it an iconic outfit that fits its story.

Since they deal with death and spirits, a plain black kimono is pretty apt for Shinigamis.

These black kimonos are called shihakusho. Some characters wear accessories that make them unique. Captains wear a white haori over their kimono to distinguish their rank.

Bleach is very synonymous with shihakusho in the minds of a lot of anime fans.

26. Bleach’s Fashionable Outfits (Bleach)

Best Anime Outfits Bleach's Casual Outfits

Bleach’s Shinigami uniform isn’t the only standout outfit in the show. The main characters, especially Ichigo, usually sport very stylish casual outfits when they’re not in their Shinigami garb.

Some fans say that Tite Kubo did mention once that if he didn’t become a mangaka, he probably would have been a fashion designer.

We can definitely see that, Kubo!

25. Demon Slayer Kimonos (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba)

Best Anime Outfits Demon Slayer's Kimonos

Speaking of kimonos, we have to include the ones worn by the Demon Slayer cast due to their standout patterns and colors.

A lot of kimono-wearing characters in anime often wear plain colored ones. Some even look too ordinary.

In Demon Slayer, the characters wear bright patterned kimonos instead. The patterns become memorable but also symbolize something to each character.

For example, Tanjiro’s ichimatsu checkered pattern means prosperity and longevity. Zenitsu’s yellow kimono with white triangles are based on the urokomon pattern, which is believed to protect you from curses.

Sounds like an excellent good luck charm. Since they’re fighting fierce demons, we do hope the patterns help them!

24. Madoka Magica’s Cute Mahou Shoujo Outfits (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Best Anime Outfits Madoka Magica's Cute Outfits

This unique magical girl show has the magical girl outfits you would expect from its genre. The dresses are cute, frilly, and colorful.

Madoka, the titular character, even has her dress in pink! The other girls’ dresses are tailored to their own characters and story arcs.

Their outfits might be bubbly and adorable, but the reality these girls are in are anything but that. That sure makes their outfits one of the best.

23. Saber’s Cool Armor (Fate Series)

Best Anime Outfits Saber's Armor

When you think about the Fate series, you can’t help but remember the blue armor Saber dons in the show.

Not only is it a wonderfully designed armor, but it also looks practical and avoids the cliche sexy anime breastplate. If you’re going to be battling with a sword, you better be well-protected!

She also has other versions, like Saber Alter, where her armor is all black, and Saber Lily, in which she wears white armor.

22. Kirito’s All-black Outfit (Sword Art Online)

Best Anime Outfits Kirito's Black Outfit

Bright-colored outfit for a protagonist? For Kirito, no siree! It’s all black for this Sword Art Online main character.

It might seem pretty edgy, but we gotta admit it’s pretty cool. It goes well with his jet-black hair. Not to mention it matches his all-black sword, the Elucidator.

Say what you will about the overall series, but Kirito definitely dons a cool outfit!

21. Kill la Kill’s Controversial Outfits (Kill la Kill)

Best Anime Outfits Kill La Kill's Outfits

In Kill la Kill, the clothes are the enemies. The threads in it, called Life Fibers, are parasitic alien beings that have shaped humanity and preyed on them for sustenance.

They also give powers, but they gotta be skimpy, just because! In a way, it makes a commentary on confidence and being comfortable in your own skin.

Still, it’s a bit controversial for some anime fans, but you can’t deny it’s quite iconic!

20. Kamina’s Glasses and Cape (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Best Anime Outfits Kamina's Glasses And Cape

You can immediately tell the fighting spirit emanating from such a character. Kamina’s outfit might look simple, but its simplicity exudes confidence and a larger-than-life attitude.

He forgoes any top and shows out his torso. For support, he has bandages on his abdomen and forearms. A great, billowing cape matches his big personality.

Last but definitely not least, his iconic pointy and triangular shades also show his strong character. It even became a meme for a short while, and fans would edit or add it to random characters and pictures.

Row, row, fight da powah!

19. Naruto Cast’s Iconic Outfits (Naruto)

Best Anime Outfits Naruto Outfits

From Naruto’s orange jumpsuit and Rock Lee’s green one to the ninja uniform that’s full of pockets – the Naruto cast’s outfits are quite memorable.

Ninjas need to be stealthy, so the dark green uniform is pretty understandable. But why did Naruto have a bright orange one?

According to Masashi Kishimoto, the series mangaka, this is on par with Naruto’s attitude. It didn’t need to be orange, just a color that shouts, “Hey, I’m Naruto, and I’m here!”

What a way to announce yourself to the world. And yep, it worked, alright!

18. Akatsuki Cloaks (Naruto)

Best Anime Outfits Akatsuki Cloaks

Another iconic anime outfit are the cloaks worn by the Akatsuki members.

It’s black with red trim and red clouds printed all over it. It also has a chin-high collar that helps the members conceal their identities, as well as look cool and mysterious.

The red cloud pattern is so memorable for anime fans that you can probably see it in a lot of merchandise and items.

From shirts, wallets, and pajama pants, to hats and even aprons – the Akatsuki pattern lives on.

17. U.A.’s Gym Uniforms (My Hero Academia)

Best Anime Outfits Ua Gym Uniform

A shounen anime in a school setting usually has unique uniforms. My Hero Academia definitely checks that requirement.

And since it’s a superhero show with student superheroes undergoing training, they gotta wear the proper sportswear.

My Hero Academia gets these school tracksuits with pretty a unique design.

It’s basically a blue tracksuit with a huge UA logo on the front. The logo is actually cleverly designed, making it look like stripes at first.

You gotta be stylish during hero training!

16. My Hero Academia’s Hero Suits (My Hero Academia)

Best Anime Outfits Mha's Hero Suits

And the stylishness doesn’t stop there!

While their tracksuits are pretty cool, their hero suits are cooler. My Hero Academia dedicates a few episodes on how the students come up with their own tailored superhero outfits.

These hero suits are not only for show. They actually accommodate each hero’s Quirks!

For example, Bakugou’s outfit has gloves that collect his palms’ explosive sweat. Ida’s suit helps his leg engines to flame out. Practical and unique!

15. Lupin Iii’s Suits (Lupin Iii)

Best Anime Outfits Lupin's Suits

A slick and suave gentleman thief needs an equally slick and suave outfit. In the case of Lupin, he definitely knows how to dress well.

He has worn different cool suits over the years. He has a pink suit, a green suit that he matches with a yellow tie, a red one, and a blue one with a red tie.

No matter which suit he chooses, it’s always a cool one because of how Lupin carries himself. Confidence is key!

14. Kenshin’s Red Hair and Red Kimono (Rurouni Kenshin)

Best Anime Outfits Kenshin's Red Kimono

Hitokiri Battousai has a memorable look, alright! It’s not just his x-mark scar on his face that leaves an impression on you. His outfit stands out as well!

Kenshin has red hair that matches with his red kimono. He also has a white hakama that makes his red kimono stand out even more.

It’s quite simple, but it reflects his decision to live a simple life. The redness also shows his bloody past!

13. Killua’s Casual Streetwear Looks and Unique Backpack (Hunter X Hunter)

Best Anime Outfits Killua's Streetwear Outfits

Hunter x Hunter is full of unique characters with unique powers and outfits. But because of the bizarreness of it all, Killua’s casual and cool outfits stand out.

But these outfits are not just because he’s fashionable. There’s an explanation for it as well!

Fans say that it reflects his Transmuter abilities. Transmuters are known to be fickle, have a tendency to put on a facade, and are unpredictable. His constant wardrobe changes do show his multifaceted side.

Killua is also exploring who he is outside his assassin family. He is figuring out his identity and finding what he wants to do for himself.

Aside from his extensive costume changes, he also has a skateboard and a very unique backpack with six straps! This kid is as cool as a cucumber.

12. Luffy’s Straw Hat (One Piece)

Best Anime Outfits Luffy's Straw Hat

The main crew in One Piece always gets new outfits every now and then, especially during movies. They would get new swimwear, animal-themed costumes, and even black suits!

But one thing definitely stays constant: Luffy’s straw hat. It’s definitely iconic, and his crew is even named after it!

It was once Gol D. Roger’s, then Shanks’, and now passed on to him. It’s quite an important hat that was owned by important people, but Luffy definitely made it his own.

Hold on to your hat, Luffy!

11. Jojo’s Outlandish Outfits (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Best Anime Outfits Jojo's Outfits

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is full of colorful, larger-than-life, and definitely bizarre characters and powers. And, of course, their outfits definitely reflect this.

You’ve got cowboy hats, crop tops, and brightly colored shirts with chest heart holes!

But no matter how crazy the outfits are, this is simply an expression of the character’s personality.

The outfits in Jojo teach you that your outfit can be a representation of the real you and your journey.

It’s all about self-expression, baby!

10. Zero’s Mask and Cape (Code Geass)

Best Anime Outfits Zero's Mask And Cape

Throughout the show, Lelouch wants to get back to his father, who wronged him and his little sister. To keep his identity secret, he hides behind the name Zero while donning a fencing-looking mask.

His cape is also pretty unique. It has a huge standing collar and two pointy edges at the tip that sort of envelops him. Lelouch’s character can be quite grand and theatrical, so this cape shows his nature too.

Lelouch shows us that revenge is a dish best served while wearing a pretty cool mask and cape!

9. Fullmetal Alchemist’s State Military Uniforms (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Best Anime Outfits Fma's Military Uniform

Becoming an alchemist is a tough feat. You actually need to study the science behind it, like the components of things and such.

And while studying for it is tough, doing it as a job is even tougher. A state military alchemist is such a prestigious job – you definitely deserve a good-looking uniform!

It’s in a cool blue shade with all the bells and whistles of a military uniform. Police guards wear a black version, while alchemists with special expertise or ranks can wear whatever (looking at you, Edward Elric).

8. Eva Plugsuits (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Best Anime Outfits Eva Plugsuits

Neon Genesis Evangelion showed the mecha anime world a different kind of mecha story. It’s full of mystery, heartbreak, and anguish for its characters.

It’s not just the plot that’s unique. The uniforms the characters wear before piloting their Evas are also distinctive.

The plugsuits offer comfort and mobility. They also come in different colors based on the character who’s wearing them. They’re practical and memorable!

Now, get in the robot, Shinji!

7. Attack on Titan Military Uniform (Attack on Titan)

Best Anime Outfits Aot Military Uniform

When you’re fighting huge humanoid monsters, you have to dress the part to survive. The military uniforms in Attack on Titan have a distinguished look mixed with practicality.

They all get a light brown jacket, white shirt and pants, and dark brown knee-high boots. They sometimes wear a green cape too.

Since their military has three branches, they put the logo of their branch on the back of their uniforms.

They also wear gear to help them move around a titan. These gears are called Omni-directional Mobility Gear or ODM.

They attach these around their thighs, which helps them navigate, climb up, and soar in the air.

6. Sailor Guardian’s Sailor Uniform (Sailormoon)

Best Anime Outfits Sailormoon's Sailor Guardian Uniform

The Sailor Guardian’s uniform is one of the best examples of a seifuku turned into something that is more than just a uniform.

Usagi and her friends are normally regular schoolgirls. But when there’s trouble afoot, they transform into the Sailor Guardians.

Their regular seifuku turns into a shorter, more form-fitting, and cuter version. And the transformation is absolutely magical too!

When you think about magical seifukus, Sailormoon’s costume is definitely one of them.

5. Dragonball’s GI or Training Clothes (Dragonball)

Best Anime Outfits Dragonball's Gi

Another iconic anime clothing is Dragonball’s orange training clothes called Gi.

There are actually a lot of training clothes in the series. There’s the Orin Temple Gi that was worn by Krillin for a bit, Dark Gi donned by Goku Black, and Piccolo’s trademark Demon Clothes, among others.

But the most popular one has got to be the orange Gi from the Turtle School, which is Master Roshi’s school. Most of the main characters wear this for the entirety of the series.

Ask anyone who knows about anime, and they can probably picture these orange clothes from Dragonball! I imagine it’s pretty comfortable for training too.

4. Cardcaptor Sakura’s Cute Costumes (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Best Anime Outfits Sakura's Costumes

Cardcaptor Sakura stands out from other magical girl series because of her constant costume changes.

Thanks to her best friend, Tomoyo, she has a huge wardrobe of mahou shoujo costumes. Her Catch You Catch Me costume, with the red dress and poofy layers, is a classic. And some of her battle costumes have grand capes and cute hats!

It was always a delight to see her change into a new outfit in the next episode. Sakura’s outfits were definitely magical!

3. Kiki’s Witch Outfit (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Best Anime Outfits Kiki's Witch Outfit

A witch-in-training like Kiki needs a comfy outfit to wear while practicing her magic. During her on-the-job training, she wore a loose black dress with a red ribbon on her head.

At one point in the movie, she becomes insecure about herself, her experiences, and her capabilities. This made her lose her magic for a bit.

But towards the end, she found her magic again and gained confidence on who she is.

Just like Kiki, don’t be afraid to be you. Rock your loose black dress and red ribbon!

2. Team Rocket’s Uniform (Pokemon)

Best Anime Outfits Team Rocket's Uniform

Prepare for a fashion style that’s timeless, and make that double!

The Pokemon series has had numerous antagonists and villains in its current lifespan.

We got a space-themed team whose leader wanted to create a new universe, a team of skull-wearing misfits, and a rowdy team of fanboys and fangirls. They all have their own unique uniforms.

But these teams come and go. Team Rocket, however, is forever.

Jesse and James’ outfits look simple. It’s just a short white top emblazoned with the letter ‘R,’ black undershirt, black gloves, and white skirt and pants.

But this simple outfit is undeniably memorable. What more do you need when you have enough confidence and charisma to elevate any outfit you wear?

Blast them off with your aplomb, Jesse and James!

1. Ash’s Hat and Blue-themed Outfit (Pokemon)

Best Anime Outfits Ash's Hat And Outfit

Ever since he set out to travel the world and be the best Pokemon master ever, Ash has always had a hat and a comfy outfit with him.

Over the years, the style of his hat and outfit has changed to reflect the new region he’s in. However, there are still elements he retains to show his trademark.

He always has a trusty hat! After all, you gotta be protected from the sun when you’re walking around a lot. The color and the logo changes, but Ash always has a hat.

Another thing that’s constant is his blue-themed outfit. Whether it’s his original jacket, a hoodie, or his Alolan shirt, Ash always dons a cool blue outfit.

The more things change, the more they stay the same – and that’s definitely the case with Ash! Ash will always be Ash!

It’s comforting to know that in a world that can get pretty chaotic, this character from our childhood remains constant but also evolving.

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