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Top 25 Best Traps in Anime [2024]

Top 25 Best Traps in Anime [2024]

Ah, traps. It’s a character type that has made its mark in the anime world. They’re pretty, they’re cool, they’re awesome.

But whether or not we should continue to use the term is a debate we should have another day. For now, let’s take a look at the best traps in anime and admire their character.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These entries contain spoilers! Leave now if you don’t want to know their secrets!

Best Traps in Anime

25. Honjo Kamatari (Rurouni Kenshin)

Best Anime Traps Honjo Kamatari (rurouni Kenshin)

A member of Juppongatana and one of Shishio’s henchmen, Honjo adores his feminine looks. He is comfortable in his own skin and even flaunts his feminine beauty.

While he’s usually bubbly, he’s absolutely serious in combat and uses a scythe-like weapon. He fawns over Shishio but knows that his affection would never be reciprocated.

24. Kalluto Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter)

Best Anime Traps Kalluto Zoldyck (hxh)

The Zoldyck family is a mysterious bunch. Their secrets have secrets, and their members are quite deadly.

It’s the same case for this youngest Zoldyck child. He might look like a little girl, but he’s actually a boy who is quite lethal with a paper fan. He even participates in assassin missions!

23. Mare Bello Fiore (Overlord)

Best Anime Traps Mare Bello Fiore Overlord

He might seem cute and meek, but this shy dark elf is actually 76 years old and packs quite a punch due to being a 6th Floor Guardian.

He actually has a twin, an older sister named Aura Bella Fiora. They’re quite polar opposites!

He’s timid and often stutters, while his sister is energetic and tomboyish. He wears a skirt, and his sister wears pants!

Due to his appearance and clothing, those who are not from Nazarick often mistake him for a girl. It’s easy to make that mistake!

22. Saika Totsuka (Oregairu)

Best Anime Traps Saika Totsuka (oregairu)

As the president of the school’s tennis club, Totsuka is quite good at tennis. But not only is he athletic, but he also has good leadership skills, and his cuteness can easily motivate his team!

Despite his feminine beauty, Totsuka tries to be manly and doesn’t want people to be confused with his gender.

Hachiman, however, often jokingly forgets that Totsuka is a guy!

We’re cheering for you, pretty Totsuka!

21. Mizuho Miyanokouji (Otome WA Boku NI Koishiteru)

Best Anime Traps Mizuho (otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru)

Mizuho gets the shock of a lifetime when he finds out that his deceased grandfather left instructions in his will about Mizuho going to an all-girls school!

His mother went there, and his grandfather simply wants him to experience the school cherished so much by his mother.

But how can he enroll there if he’s a guy? Well, his disguise is so good that he actually blends in perfectly! The girls even fall for his beauty!

20. Hotaru Tachibana (Aoharu X Machinegun)

Best Anime Traps Hotaru Tachibana (aoharu X Machinegun)

Hotaru has a strong sense of justice. So when she hears about her best friend getting tricked by a host, she barges in there and fights them.

Well, the fight is more of a survival toy gun game. And she ends up getting recruited and enjoying the games. The only hang-up is that the competition is for boys only.

No matter! Hotaru is often mistaken for a boy, and she likes to dress up as the opposite sex anyway!

19. Aoi Hyoudou (Kaichou WA Maidsama)

Best Anime Traps Aoi Hyoudou (kaichou Wa Maidsama)

Aoi loves cute and girly things, and he’s not afraid to embrace them. He’s so not afraid that he often dresses up as a girl!

He even has an internet idol persona! He knows he can easily pass as a girl, and so he enjoys toying with men’s feelings.

That sounds cruel, but Aoi knows his cute charms work.

18. Ritsu Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Best Anime Traps Ritsu Sohma (fruits Basket)

The Sohma family is wrought with secrets and secret problems. They have a curse where random family members turn into Chinese Zodiac animals.

As someone who is anxiety-filled, with very low self-esteem, and is the current Monkey of the curse, Ritsu looked to dressing up as a woman to comfort himself.

He feels a lot of pressure, both from society and his family. But when he dons female clothes, he feels like his worries all slink away.

Upon meeting him the first time, Tohru thought he was a woman!

17. Ukyo Kuonji (Ranma ½)

Best Anime Traps Ukyo (ranma)

After a failed engagement with Ranma and being mocked by girls for not being feminine enough, Ukyo decided to throw her femininity away and dress up as a boy.

She trained to become the best okonomiyaki chef in the world and entered an all-boys school.

Not only did she improve her okonomiyaki skills, she even learned okonomiyaki-style martial arts!

16. Gasper Vladi (Highschool Dxd)

Best Anime Traps Gasper Vladi (highschool Dxd)

There are two important things you need to know about Gasper: he loves boxes and enjoys wearing girl clothes!

He’s actually shy and introverted. But he’s not shy enough to wear their school’s girl uniform! He thinks it’s cuter, and he definitely looks cute wearing it.

He’s actually a Dhampir, which is a half-vampire being. He also has time powers that became uncontrollable at one point.

A trap vampire with the ability to stop time? Gasper is one unique character.

15. Amawa Hibiki (I, My, Me Strawberry Eggs)

Best Anime Traps Amawa Hibiki (i My Me Strawberry Eggs)

Jobless Hibiki needs to pay rent, so he applies for a teaching position in a nearby school. The only problem is that they’re only hiring female teachers.

Does he look for another job? Nope, not Hibiki! Instead, he dresses up as a female teacher with a necklace that can help him modulate his voice.

And you know what? No one was any the wiser, and he looks pretty dang good! Oh my, indeed.

14. Felix Argyle (Re: Zero)

Best Anime Traps Felix (re Zero)

Time for the trap catgirl!

Felix embraces his feminine cuteness and would even tease people who are surprised to find out he’s a boy.

He would act all adorable and use cutesy words to tease people.

Apparently, his cat features are due to his Demi-Human blood. His parents didn’t take too kindly to this and abused and mistreated him.

However, he was saved by Crusch and remains fiercely loyal to her. Pat him for us, Crusch!

13. Haruhi Fujiouka (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Best Anime Traps Haruhi (ouran Highschool)

While attending a prestigious school sounds like a dream come true, it’s hard to survive in it.

With Haruhi, she has to be on top of her studies. And since she couldn’t afford the expensive uniform, she had to wear baggy clothes.

Her hair got gum at the start of the school year as well, and so she had to haphazardly cut it short. All of this made her look like a boy, and everyone thought she was one!

But due to some freak accident, she got recruited into the host club. There, her boyish charms made her quite popular with some of the female student clientele!

12. Mariya Shido and Shizu Shido (Maria Holic)

Best Anime Traps Shizo And Mariya (maria Holic)

We got a combo-wombo for our number twelve entry! Here are the twins Mariya and Shizu from Maria Holic.

These twins look so alike that they can easily swap places and dress up as the other.

Mariya’s goal is to win the championship both in the all-girls and all-boys school, and so he pretends to be his sister.

But he did not expect to meet Kanako, a girl looking for love in an all-girls school because she’s allergic to boys. Kanako falls for Mariya and, of course, hijinks ensues!

11. Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4 the Animation)

Best Anime Traps Naoto (persona 4 The Animation)

As a descendant of well-respected detectives, Naoto wants nothing more than to be treated like a proper detective. Unfortunately, this isn’t that easy if you’re young and a girl.

In order to be taken seriously as a detective, Naoto dresses up as a boy.

She also acts mature and reserved, way more for her age. This is partly due to the hardships she has experienced in life.

Don’t worry, you’re an ace detective for us, Naoto!

10. Ayumi Saitou (Shion No OU)

Best Anime Traps Ayumi Saitou (shion No Ou)

In order to earn money through shogi, Ayumi dresses up as a girl and joins shogi competitions for women.

The men’s division takes two years to be qualified, and Ayumi simply doesn’t have the time for that.

Why is he in a hurry? Well, his mother got sick, and now he’s taking care of her by earning through shogi. We salute your sacrifice, Ayumi.

9. Haku (Naruto)

Best Anime Traps Haku (naruto)

As an orphan, Haku experienced a lot of hardships in life. But thanks to the tutelage of Zabuza, Haku became a competent ninja and even became a deadly mercenary.

When he encountered Naruto, the orange jumpsuit-wearing ninja exclaimed that Haku was even prettier than Sakura!

While that’s amusing and all, Haku’s tale ended on a sad note.

8. Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa)

Best Anime Traps Chihiro Fujisaki (danganronpa)

While Chihiro looks cute as a girl, the reason he started wearing girl clothes isn’t a happy story.

Due to being bullied for acting like a timid boy, Chihiro decided to just embrace his feminine looks to avoid the abuse.

He pretended to be a girl, so no one would bully him anymore.

Unfortunately, it just caused an even bigger problem when people found out.

Eventually, Chihiro found the strength to reveal his secret. But in the setting of Danganronpa, how do you think this will go?

7. Kino (Kino’s Journey)

Best Anime Traps Kino (kino's Journey)

When it comes to reverse traps, Kino is an icon.

She travels around with a talking motorcycle and dresses ambiguously. She even uses “boku” when talking about herself. To protect herself, she has her trusty revolver and pistol.

Unique character aside, the story and the world of Kino’s Journey is a touching and memorable tale about humanity.

6. Kenjiro Hato (Genshiken)

Best Anime Traps Kenjirou Hato (genshiken)

Hato joins the Genshiken club due to his love for yaoi and boy’s love genres. To hide the fact that he’s a “fudanshi,” he pretends to be a girl.

But because he looks so good as a female student, a lot of students became smitten and curious by his female persona.

Since nobody knew his identity or his class, he became known as “the mysterious beauty.”

Beauty knows no bounds!

5. Ruka Urushibara (Steins;Gate)

Best Anime Traps Ruka (steins Gate)

The famous time-traveling anime gets its very own trap character, of course!

Luka was once described as girlier than any girl and more feminine than any female by Rintaro.

He is very sweet and timid. He harbors feelings for Rintaro, although he knows his love is taboo.

Since his family is in charge of a shrine, you often see him there as a shrine maiden. It’s a good look for him!

Since this is a time-traveling tale, the story shows you that there is a world where Luka is apparently a girl. When this Luka interacts with Rintaro, it’s a bittersweet moment between the two!

4. Akito Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Best Anime Traps Akito Sohma (fruits Basket)

Fruits Basket is an emotional anime about family, acceptance, and love. There’s suffering too, and the head of the Sohma family deals with this in a heart-wrenching way.

All throughout the show, we see glimpses of Akito in the shadows. Their identity is mysterious and kept as a secret.

Why are they hurt, and why do they keep hurting other people?

It turns out that Akito is a woman and was abused as a kid. Their mother, jealous of her for having a close father-daughter relationship with her dad, decided to raise her as a boy instead.

This was confusing for little Akito, who just wanted a father and a family. But the damage was already done, and in turn, Akito hurt other people.

The good news is that Akito managed to work through all that trauma. She even found true love and support among her family.

It’s an important lesson about hurt people hurting people and that love definitely finds a way.

3. Astolfo (Fate Series)

Best Anime Traps Astolfo (fate Series)

As stated by the legends, Astolfo was a handsome paladin who traveled around the world and was a total ladies’ man.

So imagine everyone’s shock when he turns out to be this androgynous-looking boy! He seems to enjoy surprising and confusing people and is very fond of wearing cute clothes.

It’s quite unexpected, but anime fans adored his cute girly charms!

2. Hideyoshi (Baka to Test)

Best Anime Traps Hideyoshi (baka To Test)

We can’t have a “best traps in anime” list without mentioning Hideyoshi!

Hideyoshi has become the face of traps in anime circles due to how pretty he is. In the anime, he topped the list of “Guys who would look good in a girl’s outfit.” Girls would even forget that he’s a boy!

He gets confessions left and right. He even gets his own changing room to protect himself and others due to his beauty!

As a gag, the characters talk about how his beauty is its own gender.

Your beauty is immaculate and unparalleled, Hideyoshi!

1. Kuranosuke (Princess Jellyfish)

Best Anime Traps Kuranosuke (princess Jellyfish)

And the best trap in this list goes to – drumroll, please – Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish!

While we have a lot of beautiful and cool traps and reverse traps in this list, Kuranosuke is more than just beauty.

What he stands for in the show and the lessons the story imparts to its viewers made us pick him as the top trap!

Kuranosuke loves fashion and dressing up as a girl. Tsukimi even thought she was in the presence of a dazzling lady! But there’s more to it than simply dressing up.

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