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Top 25 Best Baseball Anime [2024]

Top 25 Best Baseball Anime [2024]

Any one of these shows can be a home run! If you’re there for the shounen, the comedy, or the characters and rivals, then this list could have some of your new favorites.

Let out your competitive side as you watch these characters give it their all to teach the top and achieve their dreams.

Best Baseball Anime

25. Boukyaku Battery

Boukyaku Battery

Haruka, Kei, Tarou, Junpei, and Aoi are a group of friends who quit baseball when they were younger and had no plans to return to the sport.

Fate has other plans for the old group of friends when they all end up at the same university.

When they find out the university doesn’t have a baseball team, they all decide it’s time to return to the game and form their own team.

Catching up on lost time and getting back into the swing of the sport, they all just might reignite their forgotten passion!

24. Battery


12-year-old Takumi Harada was once a baseball prodigy, talented for being an ace pitcher.

But when his family has to move away, Takumi finds himself in a small town in a small school with an inexperienced and weak baseball team.

Hoping to turn this team into a powerful one with his knowledge and influence, but talent becomes quickly overwhelming to his team.

That’s when Takumi meets Gou Nagakura, a classmate who wants to become a baseball player skilled enough to match Takumi’s own talent.

With Gou at his side, Takumi works through his own imperfections outside of baseball to become a better person and teammate to rediscover his love for baseball!

23. Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls

Tamayomi The Baseball Girls

Ever since they were little kids, friends Tamaki Yamazaki and Yomi Takeda have had a deep passion for baseball! Growing up, the two promised each other never to give up their love for baseball.

Tamaki would go on to become a talented catcher, but Yomi was never able to make much of herself on the pitch and decides to quit baseball.

Starting at Shin Koshigata High School, Yomi reunites with Tamaki and decides to give baseball one more try.

With twin sisters Ibuki and Yoshino Kawaguchi, the two old friends try to recruit more members and rebuild the school’s baseball team.

Together, Yomi and Tamaki will push their team towards Nationals and winning the whole championships!

22. Dokaben


Being a judoist in junior high school, Tarou “Dokaben” Yamada planned to continue into high school.

When he enrolled at Meikun High School, he finds himself drawn to Masami Iwaki, Kazuto Tonoma, Satoru Satonaka, and Santaro Hohoemi, who are a member of the school’s baseball team.

With Dokaben’s unique athletic abilities from his days in judo and quick skills as a hard hitter, he and his new friends are determined to make Meikun the number one baseball team in the whole nation!

21. Play Ball

Play Ball

Junior high schooler Takao Taniguchi is unable to play baseball after fracturing his finger.

Starting high school at Sumitani High School, watching the baseball team from the sidelines is almost torture, knowing he can’t play and join them.

However, with both of his legs are perfect condition, Takao decides to join the soccer team. In truth, he hopes to be able to rejoin the baseball team.

Having to start over again from the ground up, Takao finds his competitive spirit and is surrounded by new teammates.

But, he is unable to let go of his first love for baseball and finds himself playing baseball in secret.

Which love with coming out on top: his old passion for baseball or new love for soccer?

20. Nine


Highschooler Katsuya Niimi has always been a track star, and Susumu Karasawa is a judo champion.

Both of their paths are thrown off course when they see a girl named Yuri Nakao crying at the loss of her favorite baseball team.

On a whim, the two boys decide to drop their clubs and join the team, believing they can make it better and bring a smile back to Yuri’s face!

She is the daughter of the baseball coach and fears that the team will be disbanded if they continue down their losing streak.

Katsuya and Susumu are determined to learn how to play and lead their new team to victory with Yuri by their side cheering them on!

19. Cinderella Nine

Cinderella Nine

On her first day at Rigahama Municipal High School, Tsubasa Arihara is shocked to discover her new school doesn’t have a baseball team!

She ends up goes out of her way to form the Girls’ Baseball Club!

One problem: the only girl students that are interested in joining have never played baseball a day in their life!

Along with girls who quit baseball and join purely for the challenge, Tsubasa doesn’t know what mess she got herself into!

Nevertheless, Tsubasa is determined to make her new teamwork! Clashing and fighting with each other, will Rigahama Girl’s Baseball Club be able to survive?

18. Batsu & Terry

Batsu & Terry

A movie that revolves around high schoolers Bats and Terry.

They both have a reputation at school for being tough guys who don’t take crap from anyone and pick a fight with anyone.

They’re not all bad: they will protect anyone from danger and stand up to injustice. But, when it comes to Bats and Terry, you either love or fear them!

Oh yeah, one more minor detail: these troublemakers are the star pitcher and catcher of their school’s baseball team!

17. Azusa Will Help!

Azusa Will Help!

After losing horribly in their last game, Karugamo High School’s baseball team loses only of their players and isn’t able to compete.

Out of pure desperation, Shunpei Harumaki buys a baseball robot to save his baseball team.

With what little money he has, Shunpei buys a maid robot named Azusa to replace his teammate. Azusa was built for cooking and cleaning, but she was not designed to be a baseball player!

Up against other skilled baseball players and robots, Azusa’s secret and mysterious past might become unburied, and it could bring his baseball team to glory!

16. Samurai Giants

Samurai Giants

Raised in the rough seas of southern Japan, Ban Banjou has always been isolated and acts as a wild child. Somehow, Ban finds himself in Tokyo.

Now of that, but he has become a professional baseball player for Tokyo Yomiuri Giants.

Ban is a pitcher known for his signature blazing fastball but lacks control.

Facing new challenges and rivals in each match, Ban will have to work hard to perfect his talents and skills!

15. Gurazeni: Money Pitch

Gurazeni Money Pitch

Natsunosuke Honda is a pro baseball player. He has been a pitcher for eight years on his team, the Spiders.

However good to player performs will determine their salary, and Natsunosuke is one of the greatest paid players.

For Natsunosuke, he judges a player by the money they make, not their rare skill or talent.

Natsunosuke worked hard to get where he is, never plans to falter, and never let anyone dethrone him.

Will Natsunosuke get a wake-up call or always stick in his narrow-minded way of thinking?

14. Slow Step

Slow Step

Softball player Minatsu Nakazato finds herself caught up in a love triangle!

She’s always had to deal with the unwanted attention of boys and even her male teachers.

Classmate Shu Akiba is in love with Minatsu, and rising star boxer Naoto Kadomatsu is in love with a mysterious girl named Maria.

Unbeknownst to Naoto, Maria is one of Minatsu’s disguises she once used to avoid her romantic pursuers.

Who will Minatsu fall in love with? Shu, Naoto, or someone she never expected?

13. Kyojin No Hoshi

Kyojin No Hoshi

Hyuma Hoshi’s father was a professional baseball player and hoped to follow in his footsteps by becoming an ace pitcher.

Hyuma’s dream weighs heavily on his shoulders, knowing that he will also make his father’s dream come true, who was forced to retire from baseball after being injured in World War II.

Hyuma joins the popular baseball team, the Giants, but feels to pressure to become the top star of his new team.

Facing his rivals also aiming for the top, will Hyuma become to make his and his father’s dream a reality or crack under the pressure?

12. Moshidora


After her best friend Yuuki Miyata ends up in the hospital, Minami Kawashima takes over as team manager for their high school’s baseball club.

One problem: Minami has no idea what to do!

She goes out to find a book on how to manage a baseball team and comes home with a book about managing a business. Great start.

Unable to return the book, Minami decides to read it anyways and apply a more business angle in taking care of her new baseball team and push them to win the Nationals!

11. Princess Nine

Princess Nine

Nine girls that go to Kisaragi School for Girls create a baseball team in hopes to play just as well as the boys’ team by facing off with them in the National High School Baseball Championship.

Together, the all-girl team aims to win at the Koshein Stadium, where the best of the best play.

They are led by an ace pitcher, Ryo Hayakawa, who has a chip on her shoulder, being the daughter of a former pitching star who was banned from the world of baseball.

10. Miracle Giants Doumu-kun

Miracle Giants Doumu Kun

Everyone knows that 10-year-old Dome Shinjo is the song of the deceased baseball player of the legendary Yomiuri Giants.

So it’s no surprise that Dome has the same love for baseball that his father did and was born with rare talent.

Dome also has his father’s last gift to him: he taught Dome his magical shot. Getting his father’s old glove, Dome is able to use the magical shot and earns the attention of the Giants.

Dome would go on to make the Giants an unbeatable team.

However, after he loses at the hands of the captain of the Dragons, he knows he needs to create his own magical shot, or he will never be able to take the Giant to victory!

9. Mix

Tatsuya Uesugi

Tatsuya Uesugi put Meisei Academy High School on the map with his baseball team. 26-years-later, the glory, and fame of the baseball team have long since been lost.

Middle school students and stepbrothers Souichirou and Touma Tachibana hopes to bring Mesei Academy back to its former glory by winning National!

Souichirou is a skilled catcher and batter, while Touma was once a talented pitcher until he suddenly stopped.

Getting into high school, the two stepbrothers are by each other’s side to get their baseball team to the National High School Baseball Championship!

8. H2


After injuring his elbow, Hiro Kunimi gives up his love for baseball and moves to a school without a baseball team.

His childhood friends Hikari Amamiya and Hideo Tachibana go to a different school where Hideo can be a baseball ace.

Both wish Hiro wouldn’t give up on baseball and are disheartened to learn that Hiro joins a soccer team instead.

However, through soccer, Hiro meets Haruka Koga, who is the manager of a private baseball club at Hiro’s school.

When the baseball team challenges the soccer team to a game, this might be exactly what Hiro needs to reignite his passion and make his switch sides.

7. Taisho Baseball Girls

Taisho Baseball Girls

Back in 1925, baseball has made its mark on Japan yet, and there are only a few professional teams. What’s worse: women can’t be baseball players!

14-year-old best friends Akiko Ogasawara and Koume Suzukawa are determined to prove Japan wrong!

The two form a baseball team and are prepared to face the old-fashion voices that baseball is “for men” and find members who are willing to take a chance and learn about this undiscovered sport.

6. Big Windup!

Big Windup!

Back in middle school, Ren Mihashi was the ace of his baseball team. However, because he sucked at pitching, his team never won.

Lose after loss after loss, Mihashi’s team turns on him and begins to bully him.

Mihashi’s self-esteem was destroyed, and when he graduates from high school, he wants nothing to do with baseball.

Just his luck, Nishiura High drags Mihashi into joining their baseball team, where he is starting pitcher. Oh no.

With help from his new teammates, Mihashi can rebuild his confidence and become a better ace than he ever was!

5. Touch


Twins Kazuya and Tatsuya Uesugi are complete opposites. Kazuya is a gifted ace pitcher at his school.

Tatsuya is a slacker who gave Kazuya’s spotlight a long time ago even though he is more talented than his brother.

Minami Asakura is Kazuya and Tatsuya’s next-door-neighbour and childhood friend, who everyone believes belongs with Kazuya.

Tatsuya is willing to give everything to his brother but finds himself unable to let go of his feelings for Minami.

Tatsuya steps out of Kazuya’s shadow and is ready to prove his worth to everyone—especially Minami that could change to twins’ relationship forever!

4. Ace of Diamond

Ace Of Diamond

Pitcher Eijun Sawamura’s mistake makes his middle school baseball team lose their final game.

This only adds fuel to the fire with Eijun’s ambition to get to Nationals in high school alongside his teammates.

His dream is derailed when Tokyo’s Seidou High School invite him to enroll at their school. Getting the thumbs-up by his teammates, Eijun enrolls at Seidou High School

At first, Eijun was excited to improve his skills in a more competitive school but struggles to find a place on his new team, all talented baseball players.

Even his dream title of ace gets taken! Will Eijun be able to find his place in Seidou’s baseball team, or will all the other skilled players swallow him up?

3. Major S1

Major S1

Gorou Honda’s father, Shigeharu, was a professional baseball player and shared his father’s obsession for the sport! After losing his wife, Shigeharu is inspired by his son to keep playing baseball.

However, after he offers an elbow injury, Shigeharu becomes depressed.

With his son always on his mind, Shigeharu switches his pitcher’s mitt with a baseball bat. Watching his father makes young Gorou is more than determined to make a name for himself!

2. One Outs

One Outs

Although Toua Tokuchi is a professional athlete, he is also an irresponsible gambler! Toua is gifted with his “fastball,” and it catches the attention of veteran baseball player Hiromichi Kojima.

He wants to scout Toua as his new pitcher to try and salvage his weak baseball, the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons.

Toua accepts the pitcher position but decides to make things a little more interesting with a gamble: every time Toua gets someone out, he gives him five million yen, but if he ever gives up, he loses fifty million yen!

1. Cross Game

Cross Game

Despite their families being close friends and business partners, Kou Kitamura and Aoba Tsukishima can’t stand each other!

Kou’s family owns a sports shop but has never been interested in sports—especially not baseball.

Aoba’s family owns a baseball batting cage and absolutely loves baseball, and dreams of being an ace pitcher.

The only thing Kou and Aoba can agree on is their love for Wakaba Tsukishima, Aoba’s older sister.

Although they’re always at each other’s throats, Wakaba is always there for them and shows them that they can be friends.

Baseball just might be what Kou and Aoba need to turn hate into a real friendship.