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Top 30 Best Farming Simulator 19 Mods [2024]

Top 30 Best Farming Simulator 19 Mods [2024]

The rise of the simulation game genre has seen a diverse selection of simulators hit the market. One of the biggest franchises in this new niche is Farming Simulator. Farming Simulator is a simulation game that is focused on farming crops and breeding livestock to create a profitable farming business, developed by Giants Software.

Here we will be looking at some mods to tweak and improve the gameplay experience for the game. These 30 mods are our picks and arranged in no particular order.

Best FS19 Mods

30. Soil Textures

Soil Textures

Graphical enhancements work best when they tweak something that you are looking at often, and one of the things you will be looking at a lot in Farming Simulator is dirt.

Soil Textures is a mod that makes the soil in-game look nicer. Simple as that.  Be sure to make a backup of your vanilla soil textures, though, in case you want to revert for whatever reason.

29. Forgotten Plants – Terrain

Forgotten Plants Terrain

This mod looks to improve the aesthetic quality of other commonly seen surfaces in the game. Forgotten Plants – Terrain is part of the Forgotten Plants series by Eribus and is a mod that focuses on improving the textures of various terrains in the game.  This includes rocky surfaces, paved surfaces (asphalt, concrete, gravel), various grass types, and dirt.

Since you’ll be going around the farm more often than you’d think, this mod is perfect for adding a bit of variety to the fields.

28. Forgotten Plants – Wheat/Barley

Forgotten Plants Wheat Barley

Now to improve the look of some of the core content of Farming Simulator 19, the crops. Forgotten Plants – Wheat/Barley is another one from the Forgotten Plants series that applies improved textures for some of the common crops, Wheat and Barley.

This mod improves the textures and LODs of the Wheat and Barley crops in the game. Make your golden fields of wheat and barley just a bit more majestic. Running through the crops on a windy evening doesn’t get better than with this.

27. Jbx Graphics

Jbx Graphics

Another element of graphics that can really elevate the aesthetic qualities of a game is post-processing effects! For Farming Simulator 19, we have JBX Graphics. This is a pack that contains modifications for more realistic post-process graphics for Farming Simulator 19.

This includes various features such as better lighting, better color, better contrast, sharpness, and focus. The content in the pack itself has a bunch of modifications from JBX as well as Reshade, SweetFX, and eFX.

26. Forgotten Plants – Grass/Acre

Forgotten Plants Grass Acre

Another visual improvement comes in the form of the mod Forgotten Plants – Grass/Acre, which is a mod that, like the rest in the Forgotten Plants series, visually enhances one part of the game.

In this case, the mod improves the textures and density of the various kinds of grass and foliage. There are two versions of the mod available for download, version one with the new textures and less density, and version two, which has its density doubled.

25. Place Objects Anywhere

Place Objects Anywhere

This mod is quite self-explanatory. Place Objects Anywhere allows you to place objects anywhere. Duh. Unlike the vanilla game, where there are placement restrictions, this mod helps eliminate that.

The mod lets players place their buildings anywhere on their land. This can be done literally anywhere within the bounds of your farm, which also includes inside your other buildings. This lets you save up on space by letting you put stuff where you need no matter what. It may seem a little bit cheaty to some, but it is definitely convenient.

24. Forgotten Plants – Misc

Forgotten Plants Misc

Rounding out the in-game objects to make prettier is Forgotten Plants- Misc, a mod from the Forgotten Plants series that visually improves various miscellaneous objects present.

The mod provides new, high-quality textures for Big Bags, Liquid Tanks, Round Hay Bales, and Square Hay Bales. There are more mods from Eribus in the Forgotten Plants series that you can check out, these are just our picks.

23. Additional Field Info

Additional Field Info

Farming Simulator is, at its core, a management game. To most effectively play any management game, important information needs to be available to the player at a glance. Farming Simulator generally does a pretty good job at this, but we could always have more.

Additional Field Info is a mod that displays additional information in the field info panel. The added info in this mod includes the area covered by each field, the current land area, and potential harvest quantity and crop yield on fields that are ready to harvest.

22. Forgotten Plants – Potato /Sugarbeet /Oilseed Radish

Forgotten Plants Potato Sugarbeet Oilseed Radish

Another one from the Forgotten Plants series covering some more crops. Forgotten Plants – Potato/ Sugarbeet/ Oilseed Radish is a mod that covers the crops listed in its title. This mod improves the textures of the Potato, Sugarbeet, Oilseed, and Radish crops in the game.

No more suddy potatoes or dull radish crops. Become the farmer of the year with some cool textured veggies!

21. Tardis


It takes a good deal of time to play Farming Simulator, which is fine. But we can cut down on some of the tedium so we can get to the meat of the game. Tardis is a mod that does this by allowing the player to teleport anywhere around the map and into your vehicles.

The functionality of the mod includes teleporting yourself and your vehicle if you are inside it and bringing it anywhere on the map. The mod also lets you reset turned-over vehicles for those times when you tried to drift your tractors.

20. Animals Hud

Animals Hud

Following the theme of the previous mod, Animals HUD also provides more information and ease of access to players. This mod adds an info panel with additional information on your animals.

The information displayed is the real-time status of some things that concern your animals, such as food in their trough, when to collect their eggs, and sell wool, among other things. This mod is great to improve your farm management and ensure maximum efficiency of the farm. With this mod, you’ll never forget to do things.

19. Forgotten Plants – Landscape

Forgotten Plants Landscape

Going into more of the landscape visuals of the game, Forgotten Plants also provides some improvements to other foliage like trees. Forgotten Plants – Landscape does that by replacing the vanilla tree textures with higher-quality ones.

The mod introduces new textures for the branch, trunk, and LODs for the different varieties of trees in the game, including the birch, maple, pine, spruce, and more. The mod adds a bit of scenic beauty to jazz up your views.

18. Lifting Heavy Things

Lifting Heavy Things

Farming is no easy profession, and farmers are strong folks. So you as a farmer should be able to carry heavy stuff, eh? Not really, you need farming equipment to move bulky things, but we’ve got just the mod for you to improve that.

Lifting Heavy Things allows the player to pick up heavy items in-game, such as Hay bales, logs, Seed bags, Fertilizer, and so on. This comes in handy when you just need to quickly grab something and move it somewhere else. A little bit unrealistic, perhaps, but convenient.

17. Multiple Contracts

Multiple Contracts

Making fat stacks of cash is quite satisfying in-game, but it can take a while when you can only take one contract at a time. Multiple Contracts solves that by doing what it says in the title. The mod simply allows players to accept more than one active contract at a time.

That’s all there is to it, really, go out there and take all the contracts you can to make a lot of dough for expanding your farm!

16. Fendt Trisix

Fendt Trisix

Moving away from our trusty John Deere gear, we have the mod Fendt Trisix, which introduces a new tractor from AGCO, the Fendt Trisix. It has all the features you’d expect from a tractor and a very high-quality model and textures.

Another plus is that it is compatible with another mod, Course Play, which adds new AI workers! But we’ll get to that later down in the list.

15. Follow Me

Follow Me

Wouldn’t it be nice if your vehicles followed you around the map as you traveled? It’ll help you save a lot of time going back and forth to get the right vehicle. Well, Follow Me is a mod that makes it so you can set some of your vehicles to follow you around while you travel. This can be toggled on and off for individual vehicles or applied to the whole bunch. Make your round across the farm easier and convenient as the vehicles trod behind you wherever you go.

14. Seasons


We’ll start the immersion mods off with a big one. This mod fundamentally changes how you play Farming Simulator. Seasons is a mod that adds seasons to the game. This is not just a visual update either, but it adds the season affects various aspects of the game, such as weather, economy, crop growth, maintenance, and animals, to suit the characteristics of the particular seasons.

This will add a lot of that sweet immersion in both the aesthetic quality of the effects and visual and the mechanical changes that each season will bring. Check out the link for a more detailed look into what this mod has to offer.

13. Money Tool

Money Tool

Now this one is definitely cheating. Money Tool is a mod that gives you $1,000,000 in-game every time you press the assigned hotkey. The hotkey by default is STRG + ALT + 9 or STRG + ALT + HONK in vehicles.

It may be a cheat mod, but you can do as you like as long as you’re not playing competitively because then you’ll risk getting banned. Sometimes you just want to kick back and farm without worrying about your finances, and this mod will get the job done.

12. Platinum Expansion

Platinum Expansion

The Platinum Expansion mod adds more items than all the vehicle mods combined. This mod adds over 35 vehicles and pieces of equipment from the CLAAS product range.

These can range from Tractors to Harvesters to Seeders, Sprayers, and everything in between. As a bonus for non-English speaking players, the mod pack comes localized in 15 different languages.

11. John Deere Seeders Pack

John Deere Seeders Pack

The John Deere Seeders Pack is a mod pack that contains a collection of new seeders, some of them coming from previous Farming Simulators brought over to Farming Simulator 19.

The pack contains 6 different planters from the John Deere company’s catalog, which include the John Deere CCS 2117, John Deere DB60, John Deere DB90, John Deere DB120, John Deere 8350, and John Deere 2130 CCS Plantadeira.

10. Cattle Breeds

Cattle Breeds

If you like cattle, you’ll like this next mod. Cattle Breeds is a mod that replaces vanilla cattle with new real-world cattle breeds along with some realistic tweaks to their characteristics, prices, and output.

The breeds added by the mod include the Red Poll, Angus, Brahman, Ayrshire, and Holstein, all made to be as balanced as possible. This brings a lot of realism into Farming Simulator, which is a great welcome.

9. Guidance Steering

Guidance Steering

This next mod looks to give you some more options when piloting your vehicles across your farm. Guidance Steering is a mod that helps you to create accurate tracks to work your fields. This is a great way to ensure you get the maximum yield out of your fields.

The mod includes various methods for creating tracks, accessible through its menu. Giving you even better control in setting a course for your vehicles. You need to activate guidance steering first by hitting ALT + C before you enter the menu by pressing CTRL + S.

8. Greenhouse Pack

Greenhouse Pack

A structure seen more and more in modern farms are greenhouses. The Greenhouse pack mod brings some placeable greenhouses for your crops in-game. The pack comes with two different greenhouses, one for lettuce and one for tomatoes.

Each greenhouse costs $25,000 upfront and needs a good amount of water and manure to keep up and running. In exchange, the greenhouses make you a good chunk of change in passive income, making you around $1,400 in profit a day. That’s money you didn’t break a sweat for.

7. John Deere R4045

John Deere R4045

Here we have yet another piece of John Deere hardware. The mod John Deere R4045 adds the titular John Deere vehicle, the R4045, to the game. The R4045 is a self-propelled sprayer and spreader. Simple as that, download it now and take it to the fields and spray those crops. This gets the job done quickly and easily!

6. Course Play

Course Play

This next mod is both immersive and improves the quality of life by adding a completely new system to the game. Course Play is a mod that adds a system of AI workers that the player can hire to give you a hand on the farm. These AI workers can be set up to help you in a variety of different tasks, from regular fieldwork to unloading your combine, to selling your harvest, or just dropping it into your silos.

Your army of workers can drive around the farm automatically, completing tasks that you set for them, but make sure you can afford them as workers need to be paid! Course Play does not replace the existing in-game worker system but rather makes a new AI worker that you can use to run side by side with your regular farmworkers.

5. 2020 Ford F250

2020 Ford F250

Now for a non-farming specific vehicle, we have the 2020 Ford F250. This mod adds the 2020 Model Ford F250 pickup to the game. The mod includes the Ford model F250, F350, and F450 all in one.

It also comes with a few options: two srw wheel options, two dually wheel options, a ranch hand bumper option, and an option to make it a flatbed. Every farmer has got a Ford 250 in real life, so why not get one in the game as well!

4. Bruks All in One

Bruks All In One

Part of what is so appealing about Farming Simulator is getting to use all the available agricultural equipment. But what if you could have more? So for even more equipment for your agricultural needs, we have Bruks All in One.

The mod adds an all-in-one Wood Chipper, Tree Saw, and Stump Grinder that you can use to wreak havoc on the local trees. The new tool at your disposal allows you to clear out even more fields for your crops, thus adding more farming to your Farming Simulator.

3. Animal Worker

Animal Worker

This next mod is in the same vein as Course play in the sense that it adds a new AI worker to the game to assist in your agricultural adventures. Animal Worker is a mod that adds a Ranch hand that you can hire to take care of your animals.  The ranch hands will tend to your animals daily, starting at 7 AM, and will feed straw, and water your animals, as well as train your horses 25% per hour.

All of these options are configurable from the mod’s setting window by clicking LAlt + NumPad 0. This gives you even more options with the Farming Simulator worker’s system making you feel more like the owner and proprietor of a productive farm rather than the only worker at one.

2. Horsehelper


This next mod does something similar to the last one but focuses on one aspect, training your horses. Horsehelper is a mod that adds a Horse helper that will help you ride your horses. By default, the helpers will start riding your horses at 11:00 PM and will continue until they are 100% ridden.

This helper must also be paid, and they cost 300 to hire per horse, per day. Therefore, if you plan to use this mod alongside Animal Worker, you will need to turn off the horse riding option in animal workers and use only this one.

1. Added Realism for Vehicles

Added Realism For Vehicles

One of the things that you will constantly be doing for long amounts of time in Farming Simulator 19 is driving a vehicle. This could be in your tractor to plow/plant/spray your fields or in your truck to make deliveries and just get from one place to another.

Seeing as you spend so much time doing it, this is a good mechanic to focus on in an immersion mod. And the mod Added Realism for Vehicles does just that. It adds various tweaks to the vehicle mechanics in-game to make them more realistic. The goal of this mod is to be universal, and so it supports both multiplayer and dedicated servers.

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