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Top 60 Best Ark Mods [2024]

Top 60 Best Ark Mods [2024]

ARK is one of the best survival action-playing games with a lot of adventure in it. It starts you off stuck on an island where you have to survive with roaming dinosaurs and many other prehistoric animals.

Along with that, you will have to face many natural hazards and hostile human players.

ARK is an open-world game with a lot of adventure for you to explore, played in either the first-person or third-person perspective.

The player can use different firearm weapons to battle against wild creatures such as dinosaurs and, at the same time, can build defensive bases on the ground.

What makes this game even more interesting is the limitless mods from the modding community.

Here we will go over the best ARK mods that will take your gaming experience up a notch.

Best Ark Mods

60. Death Recovery Mod

Death Recovery Mod

Making the decision to play ARK can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.

The possibility of dying and losing all your valuable items is an ever-present danger for players. It’s a survival game, after all.

With Death Recovery, you no longer have to worry about never seeing your belongings again when you pass on to the next world.

This innovative mod allows you to craft and place a personal gravestone in a location of your choice on the map.

Once placed, the gravestone will safely catch any objects found on your corpse, allowing you to reclaim them at any time. This mod guarantees that you’ll never lose out due to early demise again!

59. Auto Engrams

Auto Engrams

Leveling up in ARK: Survival Evolved can be both exciting and daunting, especially for new players who are still getting the hang of the game.

Soon, you’ll want to start progressing through different levels and engaging more challenging creatures with more powerful tools.

Unfortunately, this requires upgrading Engrams as you level up, which can be tedious.

Thanks to Auto Engrams, that process is now simpler than ever before.

With this mod installed, your selected character will automatically unlock new Engrams as they gain experience levels so that you can focus your time on going out into the dangerous world of ARK instead of constantly trying to upgrade your available abilities.

Any player looking to make things easier will find that this auto-upgrader is just the tool they need.

58. Advanced Tek Bow

Advanced Tek Bow

From modderCrimsonXLI, this custom-made weapon mod adds a reinforced and is perfect for serious hunting.

After all, nothing is more frustrating than trying to take down a giant creature like a megapithecus or brontosaurus with weapons that simply don’t measure up.

The Advanced Tek Bow offers higher damage and faster projectile speeds at the cost of longer draw time.

It’s a great tool for an experienced player to take down mighty targets. This weapon is a great addition to the vanilla ARK arsenal.

57. Awesome Spyglass

Awesome Spyglass

The Awesome Spyglass mod for ARK is the perfect tool for any aspiring, info-hungry adventurer.

This innovative mod allows you to see all kinds of useful information about your target, from creature stats to loot locations and even their eggs.

With its intuitive interface and crystal-clear visuals, the Awesome Spyglass makes it easy to track down exactly what you’re looking for on the vast open terrain.

There’s a healthy selection of options on the spyglass, so you only see the information you’re interested in.

We think this is one of the best ARK mods when it comes to quality of life. The streamlined experience will make it impossible for you to go back.

56. Classic Flyers

Classic Flyers

Who else misses the pre-nerf flyers?

Classic Flyers restores vanilla flyer species’ stats.

Thousands of players were beyond disappointed when flyers in ARK were nerfed, stunting their ability to level speed and reach their full potential.

This mod allows players to experience the former glory of the Pelas, Griffin, Phoenix, and more!

Because this mod edits the creature files directly, it will not be compatible with mods that also alter the vanilla game flyers. Classic Flyers also can’t modify flyers from other mods or expansions.

55. Titanous Doug

Titanous Doug

When news reached the virtual islands of ARK that a new beast was roaming the landscape, hunters and scientists alike were captivated by tales of Titanous Doug.

This massive lizard was believed to be related to Godzilla himself, and this titanic yet elusive creature had already claimed countless lives of both man and beast alike.

But despite his ferocious reputation, many seemed eager to take on this incredibly powerful beast.

With its heaving chest and thick, reptilian body, Titanous Doug radiates raw power.

And when it finally reveals its deadly breath attacks – first a fiery inferno and then an icy blast – anyone who meets it knows that this monster is unlike anything they had ever faced before.

But even these fearsome abilities could not stop hunters determined to track down and defeat the legendary Titanous Doug.

54. Dynamic Structures

Dynamic Structures

When it comes to building in ARK: Survival Evolved, time, technique, and resources can be major obstacles.

The trial and error to determine the best approach to construction can eat into the enjoyment of new and longtime ARK players.

To overcome these challenges, Dynamic Structures aims to make building much easier. This mod allows players to place structure objects in a user-friendly point-and-click style.

As it stands now, it is a pretty basic building mod, but the creator aims to continue making improvements.

We enjoy the resources box feature that lets players dump the needed resources into a single spot for construction.

53. Svartalfheim


Svartalfheim is a stunning sprawling new map that adds a massive dwarven-inspired world to explore.

This rich new landscape is packed with gold, mithril, and countless other precious materials just waiting to be unearthed.

And as if that weren’t enough, the map is also home to a host of powerful Alpha Dinos, each one carrying unique loot drops that are even more valuable than what you might find elsewhere on the ARK.

Dive into this incredible expansion today and begin your adventure in the sprawling lands of Svartalfheim!

52. All Arena Plus

All Arena Plus

With this mod, users are able to bring any dino into any arena they desire, allowing them to take on challenges like never before.

They can even customize the ranges of their teleporter hubs, making it easy to move between different areas and fight bosses under ideal conditions.

Additionally, this mod lets users take advantage of restricted items like tek gear and cryopods in any map or arena they want, giving them an edge when taking on the toughest challenges in ARK.

51. S-dino Variants for Svartalfheim

S Dino Variants For Svartalfheim

This mod adds powerful S-Type dinos to the beautiful lands of Svartalfheim.

Take on revamped dinos like the S-Allosaurus, S-Rex, and S-Trike, just to name a few.

These redone beasts glow with power; they’ll offer even more stunning visuals and cinematic gameplay for those that have gotten all they can get out of the base version of Svartalfheim.

Even though these S-Dino variants are only a visual change, they’re quite a sight to behold.

50. Dinotracker


The presence of dinosaurs is one of the fascinating parts of the game. How about a power that will let you track the dinosaurs? Absolutely yes, this mod does exactly that. DinoTracker allows you to track the dinosaurs in the game.

A DinoTracker is a crafted device that can be applied to any glove item in the game. After activating this mod, you need to activate the tracker and select your pet, Dino.

It will help you show the direction of that Dino by highlighting it with a beacon.

49. Ultra Stacks

Ultra Stacks

If you find it difficult to manage the items in inventory or fed up with its capacity limitations, then you must give this a try. Ultra Stacks mod allows you to manage all of our items easily without pausing the game.

Moreover, this mod also makes changes in the quantity of the items as well as in the weight of items.

Not only that, but it also helps you to make changes in the spoiling times as well. For most items, the spoiling time is almost doubled, and for some items, it is even more. This makes survival a tad bit easier.

48. Castles, Keeps and Forts: Remastered

Castles, Keeps And Forts Remastered

Are you a fan of big architecture and want to build huge castles and forts for yourself and your tribe? If yes, then this mod is definitely for you. 

Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered will add a whole new bunch of crafting blocks that will allow you to build medieval-style castles and forts anywhere you want.

The is one of the major upgrades in the structure of buildings available in the game. Moreover, you can also have Dinos roaming around freely in the castles with this.

In simple words, lock yourself in from the outside world and create the kingdom that you always dreamed of.

47. Additional Lighting

Additional Lighting

Though ARK is one of the best games available when it comes to graphics and visuals, some pro players have complained about the visibility due to dim lights.

If you have the same reservations, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore

Introducing Additional Lighting, a mod that helps you enhance the visibility in the game by adding new dynamic lights along with different recipes. It will add a new flare to the world.

Moreover, you can adjust the intensity, radius, and color strength of the light along with 12 different color combinations with custom animations.

46. Small Dragons

Small Dragons

The dragon mod in this game is always fascinating, and this mod is no exception. Small Dragons mod allows you to have small-sized dragons in your game which can also wear armor and, most importantly, can be used for riding.

Moreover, you can have both male and female variants of dragons and use them as your favorite pets by using this mod.

The female dragon can also lay eggs, making it a great way to create your very own dragon Empire, Game of Thrones will be jealous of this one.

45. Dino Pick Up

Dino Pick Up

Ever thought of picking Dinos on your shoulder and move them around in the game? Yes, it is really possible.

Dino Pick Up enables you to put your favorite Dino on your shoulder by making it extremely small and move around on foot.

You can also carry the Dinos on your shoulder while riding on another creature. However, for using this mod, you have to learn the anagram at level 10.

This is an exciting and adventurous mod that you must give a try.

44. Stark Wars: Survival Evolved

Stark Wars Survival Evolved

Star Wars is a film series in which the future is depicted in space, and many new laser items are imagined. You can bring all the sci-fi greatness to ARK.

STARK Wars: Survival Evolved allows you to add a huge amount of star wars content to your game which includes vehicles, weapons, buildings, and many more things.

Now enjoy the hybrid experience of Star Wars intertwined with survival madness that is ARK.

43.  Pokemon Evolved 1.76

Pokemon Evolved 1.76

Pokémon is one of the most favorite cartoons in the world. Even now, the kids love to watch Pokemon.

How about adding some Pokémon characters to the game? Pokemon Evolved 1.76 adds Pokemon characters into the game, and trust us, ,you will be speechless for a minute.

You can use the characters as you want by fighting side by side with them or take them on a quest. You can have them as your favorite pet and even play a game within the game of catching them. How cool is that?!

42. Ecotrees


If you are a climate activist or a fan of mother nature, then this mod is definitely for you. And even if you are not, you must give it a try, as it will give you a new refreshing experience with the game. 

ecoTrees adds a bundle of new trees to the game, which will make the scenery beautiful and refreshing.

Though this mod does not affect the game story or gameplay in any way, it will enhance the display by making the landscape visually appealing.

41. Marniimods: Horses

Marniimods Horses

ARK is one of the most popular action-playing games because many prehistoric animals and creatures can also be used for riding. However, wouldn’t it be more interesting if you are allowed to ride a horse?

MarniiMods: Horses adds plenty of horses of different color, sizes, shapes, and level of strength at different locations. Interestingly, the horses have different spawns and can be found at different places such as beaches, mountains, grassland, and snow.

Raid the lands and reign supreme red dead redemption style!

40. Dino Healing Brew

Dino Healing Brew

ARK is a difficult game to play, and some of your Dinos can’t upgrade armor solutions. If a battle breaks out at a very high level, it can inflict huge damages to your Dinos. 

Dino Healing Brew allows you to cook an elixir that will help you to soften the impact of attack inflicted on your Dinos.

To cook this elixir, you need 10 cooked prime meat along with 2 medical brews and 5 rare flowers. The Dinos will automatically consume the elixir once their health falls below 80 percent.

39. Death Inventory Keeper

Death Inventory Keeper

In one of the previous mods, we discussed how you could have some items in your inventory, such as metal ax upon dying and respawning.

You must have thought about why you can’t retain all the items that you had before dying. This is a bit annoying, and we’ve got just the thing.

Death Inventory Keeper allows you to keep your items once you die and recover them when you respawn after death. In simple words, you don’t have to loot again and again after dying because you can retain all of our items even after you die.

38. Noob Starter Kit

Noob Starter Kit

ARK is not an easy game, and the new players may find it difficult to survive for a longer period of time in the start. The difficulty is coupled when you die in the game and all of your items in the inventory are lost.

This can get frustrating, and we’ve got just the thing. Noob Starter Kit allows you to have a Metal Axe, Metal Pick, 10 Spears, 50 Tranq Arrows, and a set of Flak armor every time you respawn.

With this, you will no longer have to worry about collecting the items in your inventory every time you die.

37. The Shopping Mod

The Shopping Mod

Those who have played this game before must be familiar that there is no such economy involved in this game. However, if you wish to add it, then you have to try this mod.

By using the shopping mod, you can set your items for sale, purchase new items and resources, and also, you can set the prices of everything to create a balance.

This will give a completely new dimension to the game. In addition to that, you can easily get rid of all of your useless items and resources by gaining money instead.

36. ARK Additions: The Collection

Ark Additions The Collection

ARK is popular for having advanced machines such as guns along with prehistoric creatures like Dinos.

However, many professional gamers have reservations that the Dinos don’t look realistic enough. If you have the same reservations, then you must try this mod.

ARK Additions: The Collection mod allows you to add 7 new complex creatures, which include Deinosuchus, Archelon, Brachiosaurus, Concaventor, Cryolophosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Xiphactinus.

In addition to that, it makes the already existing Dinos look more realistic and terrifying, completely ramping up the gaming experience with new visuals.

35. Jetpack Mod

Jetpack Mod

Although ARK provides gamers with a lot of wonderful experiences, the vanilla game, just like any other game, has certain limitations. If you wish to fly, you can do it by riding dragons and other flying creatures.

However, if you wish to fly without taking any wild creature, you couldn’t do it until today.

Jetpack Mod adds a jetpack to your game, allowing gamers to fly and explore the world without the need to have a riding dragon around.

The mod makes the whole ride scene crazy, making it look like the player is rocketing into the clouds. Reach destinations quicker and escape deathly situations fast with the jetpack.

34. Godzillark


Many players who play it regularly may find it too easy to play, which can result in losing interest in the game. If you think the vanilla game is too easy for you, then you must try this mod

GodzillARK upgrades the strength and sizes of the wild creatures in the game to increase the difficulty level of the game. Along with that, this mod also comes with upgraded pieces of equipment to counter these extra powerful creatures.

If you’re looking for a challenge, this is it.

33. Olympus


This is one of the most popular mods in all categories available for ARK as it brings a radical change to the existing map of the vanilla game and provides an amazing new experience.

Olympus is a popular map-based mod as it completely transforms the default map by adding scientific fiction to the game. Moreover, the bugs and the faults that existed in the vanilla game are completely eradicated by this mod.

32. Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction

Castles, Keeps, And Forts Science Fiction

ARK is famous for combining some features of the past with future items. For example, you and your tribe live in a castle; however, you have machine guns of the modern-day. This mod does somehow the same but better

Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction allows you to build different types of castles, forts, and other buildings for yourself and your tribe with the theme surrounding science fiction.

This mod adds more than 75 additional building parts of medieval construction, bringing all your fantasy and sci-fi domination to life.

31. Health and Torpor Bars

Health And Torpor Bars

The Dinos in the game are the most dangerous creatures, and fighting them is not easy, especially when their health is maximum, and you are short on ammo.

Moreover, the game does not give us the status of the health bar of the Dinos before contacting them in a fight first. This can create confusion for you about whether you should attack the Dino or not.

Well, now you can get rid of the double thoughts with Health and Torpor Bars, a mod that allows you to eliminate the guesswork by adding a bar of health on the Dinos passing near you so that you can formulate your strategy.

Moreover, this health bar can be seen on all creatures giving you enough information to proceed with the kill or simply pet the animal.

30. Zipline System

Zipline System

Ziplines are used to move from one place to another fast using height, gravity, and a rope. You, too, can achieve these mechanics by getting a Zipline System.

The Zipline System brings in a system with Ziplines that are connected in mountainous areas allowing gamers to zip from one point to another in a blink of an eye. Call it fast travel or ingenuity, this mod is excellent for cutting down traversal time.

29. The Volcano

The Volcano

ARK has many limitations, and the map of the game is no exception. If you are fed up with roaming around the same map again and again, then we’ve got something exciting for you.

The Volcano mod allows you to a completely new island in the game, which has a whole bunch of new areas, including 5 different biomes.

Now you can expand the scope of the game and explore something new, keeping things fresh and exciting.

28. Play as a Dino

Play As A Dino

Are you tired of running away from the Dinos in the game and want to make them taste their own medicine? If yes, the Play as a Dino is just for you.

With this, you can play as a dino with all the powers and capabilities, and also, you can also fight with other Dinos. In addition to playing and fighting the other Dino, you can also breed and hatch eggs as well.

No need to keep your ego to the side because these critters are tough, and you need to be one to fight one.

27. Stairs Mod With Rounded Walls

Stairs Mod With Rounded Walls

If you don’t like the ramps and want to build stairs for your buildings or have rounded walls for the castles, give Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls a try.

It allows you to create a new bunch of room types as well as rounded stairs with the castle.

Have a bit more diversity in your castles and buildings. Give it a bit of a fancy round feel or an elegant staircase that takes you to the top from where you can see your mighty Dino empire.

26. Rehud


Despite enjoying huge popularity, there are some minor flaws in the game. There have been multiple complaints on Reddit about the status icons on the right side of the screen not being visible enough.

Thinking about it, yes, it’s an issue that, once you notice, you can’t forget about it.

ReHUD mod allows you to add colors and circular themes to the icons present on the right side of the screen, making them more visible and easy for you.

This mod does not really affect the gameplay, but it definitely makes things easy for you.

25. Pimp My Dino

Pimp My Dino

Bring a bit more color and power to the Dinos in the game by pimping their appearance with Pimp My Dino.

The mod transforms the Dinos in the game by adding a new set of armors for a whole bunch of Dinos available in the game.

If you thought that your pet Dino lacked the right outfit for a fight or was not that glamorous like your character, change things up with this and see how it makes a difference!

24. Improved Dinos

Improved Dinos

This is another mod that is related to enhancing the abilities and power of DinosImproved Dinos adds the better and elite variant of Dinos to the game. These Dinos also provide a chance to harvest better gear blueprints.

Moreover, these Dinos are so difficult to take down, and if you somehow manage to do that, it will drop some excellent loot without having to farm the equivalent of several standard types.

Are you up for a challenge that reaps the rewards? This is it.

23. Carts and Wagons

Carts And Wagons

The game has a lot of traveling in it as you need to migrate from one place to another regularly, and carrying all the stuff on your own is difficult and very time taking. How about using the Dinos for this purpose?

Carts and Wagons mod allows you to have carts and wagons in the game that can be attached with Dinos and other creatures so that they can carry a huge amount of your stuff in one go.

No need to come back for seconds to move all your belongings as the cart is enough to carry a buck load of things in one go.

22. Valhalla Redux

Valhalla Redux

If you get bored of moving around the same map again and again and want to explore new places, then Valhalla Redux is your calling.

The mod gives you a new fantastic map to explore. Moreover, on this map, you will find a huge lot of under passages, along with snow, glaciers, and many more things.

Roaming around Valhalla with critters added foliage, stunning visuals, and unexpected events can make the game interesting, new, and appealing to the eyes.

21. Awesome Teleporters

Awesome Teleporters

This is yet another mod this is used to shorten the traversal time. This is one of the best mods that take transportation to the next level

Awesome Teleporters allows you to create a teleporter controller and portals per se that help you travel from one place to another quickly and in a shorter period of time.

Moreover, it allows you to pick up from anywhere and does not requires extra foundations. Cut down your travel time and invest in expanding your world with this!

20. Thieves Island

Thieves Island

ARK is kept interesting with mods that expand the scope of the game by adding new maps, and this is one of them

Thieves Island gives a completely new location to explore, which is an island and the best part for some gamers is that this island is not as big as Valhalla.

This new island is full of new coves, underground caves, along with a bundle of old pirate ships that you can explore for loot. This mod simply expands the size of the map in your game but not so much that it’ll have you lost finding your way.

19. Armored Storage Stands

Armored Storage Stands

Crafting armors is a time-consuming process, but at the end of it, you can’t even stand back and marvel at your hard work.

Armored Storage Stands lets gamers display all their crafter armor on a shelf, allowing them to marvel at their creations. 

The mod adds special shelves, armor stands, and gun racks so that you can put on display all of your items and get a look at all of your hard work at the end of the day—nothing too utilitarian but something worth having.

18. Tree Homes

Tree Homes

Everyone has thought of building a treehouse in their childhood. Some might have been successful, but many don’t get to live their dreams. Well, you can do it now in the ARK.

Tree Homes allows you to build tree houses on any tree that is present on any map (vanilla or modified). You can also place different items in these tree homes and live the childhood that you never had.

17. Glass Metal

Glass Metal

If you wish to make your buildings more beautiful without affecting their durability, Glass Metal is the mod for you.

It allows you to make block tiles with metal, but they will look like glass as a lot is crystal is added to them.

The cost of these types of blocks is much lesser than that of the metals, giving you more resistance and effectiveness while being light on the pocket.

16. Structures Plus (Open Source)

Structures Plus (open Source)

This mod has transformed the functions of buildings and architecture in the game.

Structures Plus allows you to add a new and better way of building along with a bunch of new items. In addition to that, many new functions such as auto door open and close are added.

Not only that, but the mod also gives you huge flexibility in constructing customized builds. Those that play survival games for the construction, yes, you know who you are, this is your savior.

15. Solar Panel

Solar Panel

ARK, at times, might feel so real as you require batteries and energy to recharge your different items.

As in the real world, the world is moving from conventional sources of energy to more clean and green energy, such as solar energy. What not move to it in the game?

Solar Panel allows you to add solar panels along with rechargeable batteries that will be useful for you when you wish to go out in the nighttime.

Each battery you have with the solar panels will give you an extra one hour of in-game power in the night.

14. Primal Fear

Primal Fear

If you think that the vanilla game of ARK is too easy for you and want to step up the difficulty of the game, then try this mod. 

Primal Fear mod adds a bunch of massive Dinos and other special boss creatures, which will make the game a bit of a challenge.

However, you don’t have to worry that the game might become a lot difficult for you because this mod also provides you with stronger items that help you conquer the mod.

Moreover, it also provides you with new ways of playing the game.

13. Mrradtools Content Pack

Mrradtools Content Pack

Some mods just do one thing while others a couple of things, this one is different as it does everything that you need in the game. 

In addition, MrRadTools Content Pack provides a new twist in the game by adding new items to the game, including decorations, crafting stations, resources, weapons, and many more things.

It ultimately changes the game’s core system by all means giving you access to everything making survival a piece of cake. Yes, some gamers might not want all that power, but it’s what they have been looking for for others.

12. Structure Plus

Structure Plus

Like the previous structure plus that we discussed, this mod also changes the game’s core system but in a limited area. That’s why it is one of the favorite mods for ARK gamers.

Structure Plus completely transforms and revamps the existing building and crafting mechanism that comes in the vanilla game.

It provides you with a new variety of customizations to the buildings. Moreover, you also perform transformations and customizations on the vehicles present in ARK.

11. Call of the Wild

Call Of The Wild

In the game, you can make fortified bases that are used for defense purposes. You might have thought that what’s the point of having such fortified bases when no one is going to attack you.

If you want to add this twist to the game, then hold on to your pants and try this.

Call of the Wild adds neat defensive towers to your base and Dinos that constantly will attack you. This mod gives a new thrill to the game and will keep you entertained for hours!

10. Homing Pigeon

Homing Pigeon

Pigeon in real life are very loyal, and it is believed no matter how far the home is, the pigeon will return to it.

Put this idea to the test with Homing Pigeon, mod adds a leg ring on your pet pigeons that allow them to return home after roaming around in the wild.

Never worry about your pets running on you, as this will make them loyal to you and your tribe’s cause.

9. Allskins – Chest

Allskins – Chest

If you want to have more skins and find it too difficult to find the blueprints of them in the game, then try this mod.

AllSkins- Chest gives you a chest that contains the blueprints of all the cool skins available in the game.

All you need is to open the chest and collect all the items available in it and enjoy. This mod may be referred to as a cheat code, but this is very helpful for everyone, especially novice ARK players.

8. Super Structures

Super Structures

Another mod that is used to enhance the existing building and crafting mechanism of the game is Super Structures.

The mod looks to transform the system of building and structures by providing you with new structure styles, new tools, along with stackable foundations.

Moreover, it has made construction much easy by adding new shortcuts. Bob the builder wishes he had superstructures to save him some time!

7. Gyrosphere


Do you remember the famous circular vehicles that were in the Jurassic World series? Yes, you guess it right; this mod does it for you. 

Gyrosphere allows you to add circular vehicles of the Jurassic World series in ARK and travel to far-off distances letting the vehicle give you information on the prehistoric creatures that come across.

Don’t worry about attacks, the glass on this bad boy is strong enough to fend off any attacks.

6. Stackable Foundations

Stackable Foundations

We love building and construction and so, here is another mod for you. Stackable Foundations allows you to use the foundations in many ways so that you can create new structures with new designs.

By using this mod, you can build a structure on such places on which you have never thought of, such as mountains, beaches, and many more.

Build beautiful buildings defying architectural logic with this and impress your friends!

5. Outer Realms

Outer Realms

Imagine ARK with a heavenly feel to it. Better yet, a completely different map that makes you feel like you’re in the outer realms.

Well, this mod does just that by adding a new map filled with blossoms, flowers, rivers, shining sky, and many more beautiful sceneries. This mod will have you marvel at the surreal landscapes around you.

4. Valguero Dino and Map Extension



This is very exciting and honestly speaking, it is one of our favorite mods available for ARK. It’s a two-in-one package.

Valguero Dino and Map Extension expands the existing map of Valguero and also allows gamers to add a new set of unique Dino’s to the game. Why use 2 mods when a single one can get the job done just right?

3. Eco’s Stable Structures and Décor

Eco’s Stable Structures And Décor

Can you even call a building a home if there is no décor in it? eco’s Stable Structures and Decor mod allows you to add a set of new décor items used to make your buildings more beautiful.

Most importantly, the decor items that come with this mod are eco-friendly and provides you with a lot of greenery, which is really pleasing to the eyes.

2. All Dinos Allow Guns

All Dinos Allow Guns

One of the many limitations in the game is that you are not allowed to use your gun while riding the dinos. All Dinos Allow Guns fixes this mess of a limitation for you by allowing gamers to carry a weapon such as a pistol in your hand while riding on the Dinos.

Be the Wild Wild West baddie that you fantasized about, but instead of horses, it’s Dino action!

1. Modern Weapons

Modern Weapons

Looking to enhance the arsenal in the game? Modern Weapons enhances your arsenal by introducing more than 20 new and modern weapons, including sniper and many other assault rifles.

With so much variety, you can make hunting a sport rather than a means of survival.

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Emma gray

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

Do u ark much mate ur list is wacked ur utter unbelievable I can't even put words to ur list not only is it in the wrong order there are Better mods that u don't even have listed and mods on the list that have no right to be on there as some of them you can find in some of the other mods that have been listed this list looks like it was done by a 5 Yr old newbie fortnite player that clearly knows nothing don't give up your job any time soon 😂😂😂


Wednesday 17th of August 2022

A lot of these mods are out dated and some haven't been touched since 2016. Did you even play test these before recommending them?