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Top 35 Best GTA 5 Mods [2024]

Top 35 Best GTA 5 Mods [2024]

Seeing as how GTA 5 was released about 8 years ago, being able to mix things up will let you squeeze even more game time out of it.

If you don’t mind being limited to offline, then modding your GTA 5 may bring upon a couple more hours of solid entertainment.

So here are 25 mods that we recommend, from improving quality of life and other elements to making GTA 5 feel fresh again.

Best GTA 5 Mods

35. High-waisted Leather Shorts

High Waisted Leather Shorts

These stylish shorts are the perfect way to add a touch of class to your wardrobe as you prowl the streets as your GTA V character.

The high-waisted design ensures a flattering fit, while the 13 textures give you plenty of options to customize your look.

Shorts are a must-have item in any wardrobe – they’re versatile, comfortable, and perfect for when the weather gets warm.

And this season, there’s one style, in particular, that is having a moment: high-waisted shorts.

Whether gamers are hitting the digital town or just cruising around Los Santos, these shorts will help them look their best.

34. Dragon Tales Pack

Dragon Tales Pack

Are you a fan of Dragon Tales? Well, now you can enjoy the show every time you play Grand Theft Auto 5!

This Dragon Tales Pack includes loading screen tunes and Dragon Tales jams for the radio, plus loading screens that include screenshots from the cartoon show!

It’s the perfect way to add a little bit of childish fun and humor to your GTA V experience.

Download the pack today and enjoy Dragon Tales every time you play!

33. Power’s Horns From Chainsaw Man

Power’s Horns From Chainsaw Man

A set of horns from the manga/anime Chainsaw Man is now available for GTA V female characters!

Chainsaw Man is an action-packed anime and manga that follows the story of a young man who transforms into a chainsaw-wielding superhero.

The perfect accessory for cosplayers, these horns add an extra touch of style to any look. Imagine how intimidating your in-game badass will look, jacking a car wearing devil horns!

32. Predator


Have you ever wanted to play as Predator, the hunter from the classic sci-fi horror movie? Well, now you can with this custom GTA V character model!

The Predator is a master of stealth, using the shadows to stalk its prey before striking with lethal precision. It always seems to be one step ahead of its victims, leaving them baffled and terrified.

This detailed model looks just like the real thing, complete with Predator’s signature mask and armor.

This fierce look will have rival criminals and law enforcement alike fleeing through the streets to get away from your character, no matter how much in-game crime you’ve committed! (Results may vary.)

31. GTA v Save File With $1,000,000,000

Gta V Save File With $1,000,000,000

Imagine having a billion dollars in GTA V. You could buy every property in the game, upgrade your vehicles to the max, and still have enough money left over to live the high life in luxury apartments and mansions.

You could even purchase your own private island.

With that much money at your disposal, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, it would take some time to earn a billion dollars through traditional means such as completing missions and smuggling contraband.

But if you found a GTA V save file with a billion dollars already on it, you could start living like a king or queen right from the beginning.

Skip the wait and shoot to the top right away.

30. Pull Me Over

Pull Me Over

Looking for a more realistic cop experience in GTA 5? Look no further with the Pull Me Over mod!

The Pull Me Over mod enhances the responses from the police by creating a series of reasons they can pull you over.

These changes include a variety of real-life driving offenses.

So, you now will be able to be ticketed for speeding, running a red light, using a phone while driving, and in general, driving recklessly.

These offenses won’t initially get you on the wanted list until you refuse to comply with the cops, of course!

29. Gang and Turf Mod

Gang And Turf Mod

The GTA franchise is known for taking place in areas where anything can happen! But GTA 5 can feel a little too safe at times.

The Gang and Turf mod introduces gang setups to the game where you can create your own gang and fight for territory.

This mod is set up similar to GTA San Andreas, and the territory you have will provide your player with income.

At any point, you could encounter rival gang members and end up in a shootout, really spicing up the quiet streets!

28. LSPD First Response

Lspd First Response

Ever wish you were the one calling the shots over the police radio? With the LSPD First Response mod, you can leave the world of crime behind for a gun and badge!

With this mod, you can chase people down and take out robbers and other criminals.

You can even arrest the bystanders to murders that happen around the city!

You can also create custom settings so that you can enforce the law as you please!

Create police agencies and change the vehicles how you want to create the perfect police image.

27. Trucking Missions

Trucking Missions

If you’ve been playing GTA for a while, then you’d know that there used to be trucking side missions at times.

The Trucking Missions mod brings these back for a little escape from crime!

This mod will have you driving everywhere, shipping precious cargo for many people, even for the US government!

Just download the mod, go to Sandy Shores and start a contract.

But be sure to pay attention to the requirements of the shipping. Some contracts need you to be careful, while others want their cargo as soon as possible!

A great to earn easy extra cash with!

26. Complex Control

Complex Control

If you’re finding the replayability of GTA 5 a little lackluster, try turning it into a roguelike game instead!

The Complex Control mod transforms the game of GTA 5 into an action-packed roguelike battle royale.

Basically, you’ll be playing a violent version of hide and seek through all of Los Santos!

Now, with this mod, you’ll drop into the city via car with a randomized weapon kit. AI players will drop in via parachute, and a new zone will appear every couple of minutes.

However, this game mod is only for single players. There is no multiplayer mode.

25. Field of View Changer

Field Of View Changer

If you enjoy playing in the first person, you may find the FOV quite small, but you can fix that with Field of View Changer.

Originally made to work with improving the FOV to what you want in the first person, the mod was developed further, now letting you set individual FOVs for each view mode.

This includes third-person, in a vehicle, first-person, and third and first-person ADS letting you seamlessly swap between them without one feeling too close or too far out.

24. Script Hook V

Cript Hook V

The most essential mod for both GTA 5 and other heavily modded games. Script Hook V is an expansion for the code in GTA 5, making it possible for certain more advanced mods to run and for modders to continue making more mods.

The community is constantly improving these for the never-ending search of a better-running modded GTA 5 experience.

23. Simple Metric Imperial Speedometer

Simple Metric Imperial Speedometer

Simple Metric Imperial Speedometer lets you monitor the speed at which you’re driving instead of basing it on how loud the engine is going.

Introducing a customizable speedometer that lets you choose between metric and imperial as well as adjusting how much information is on display and the colors too. The speedometer is a great UI change that we’re sure many will appreciate.

22. Animals Won’t Call Cops

Animals Won’t Call Cops

A simple fix, the mod Animals, Won’t Call Cops fixes the times when you’d shoot or kill someone in a deserted location only for a wild cat to call the cops on you.

Seeing as to how this can lead to a possibly annoying car chase because some random animal caught wind of what happened, this mod is the perfect escape from all of that.

Get your target to join you in a secluded area, peek out for any humans before you hunt your target down without any worries of an animal calling the cops on you.

21. Character Menu

Character Menu

A simple mod that allows you to change your character model to any that are available in the game. Character Menu not only lets you pretend to be another character but also changes their clothing.

Beyond this, you can also duplicate or simply change a pedestrian you see walking by if you don’t want to change yourself. There are some limitations when playing as another model, such as not accessing shops or picking up the money.

Other than that, it’s what the villains call “the perfect disguise.”

20. Reworked Engine Sounds

Reworked Engine Sounds

If you’re a big car person and notice the engine sounds not lining up, Reworked Engine Sounds fixes that. The mod does not actually change or add to the sounds in-game but rather change out some vehicles’ sounds with others.

This is because, just from looking at the number of the vehicles, engine sounds don’t match with the kind of engine they have.

So, although a minor change for any car people playing the game, their immersion can be significantly improved.

19. Online Vehicles in Single Player

Online Vehicles In Single Player

As the name suggests, Online Vehicles in Single Player ports over the online-only vehicles into the story mode. This allows you to both buy them on the in-game website as well as find them driving about Los Santos.

You don’t have to be online to be able to drive exclusive vehicles in the game anymore!

18. Easy Mod Folder

Easy Mod Folder

Easy Mod Folder makes it easier to mod in assets. This is done by having one homogenous folder that organizes all the vehicle, weapon, or model mods that you may want, making it easier to add and remove these smaller and simpler mods.

Anything more advanced like lighting, ENBs, or script-heavy mods won’t really benefit from this. Other than that, it’s a great mod manager to keep track of the mods you are using.

17. Modded Cars Dlcpack

Modded Cars Dlcpack

Modded Cars DLCPack simply adds 16 new cars to the single-player campaign. So if you felt like the cars were lacking, now there are several fresh new cars for you to play around with.

These are not the usual cars you’d find on the street but the ones that you always dreamed of, such as Dodge Charger, Mercedes Benz, Nissan Skyline, Ford Mustang, and many more.

16. The Agency

The Agency

Ever wanted more of the Lester missions where you went around killing important figures to affect the stock market? The Agency doesn’t focus on the stock market side of it but the assassination very much so.

The mod adds multiple unique missions to assassinate targets that your new employers want to eliminate.

With 3 difficulties for these contracts allowing you to pick and choose how difficult and how valuable the targets are, this mod will make you feel like Agent 47 in GTA 5.

15. Alien Invasion War

Alien Invasion War

Assuming you enjoy the combat of GTA 5, Alien Invasion War is a great way to experience more of it. The mod creates a constant conflict between the police, FIB, and military with the aliens that can be found in unique events.

This, besides creating mass amounts of chaos, also adds a whole host of new items.

The police, FIB, and military have new, more powerful units and vehicles. The mod also allows the player to pick a side to fight while having access to the faction’s weapons and armor.

14. Carmageddon V

Carmageddon V

Carmageddon V is exactly what you’d expect if you’ve played with the previous GTA 4’s mod of the same name. The mod makes the cars in the game act wildly and brings chaos to everywhere a car could spawn.

The mod lets you play around as if the world was going to end. Carmageddon V being paired with another chaos mod would easily enhance the experience making it feel like you’ve woken on the wrong side of the bed.

Sometimes a bit of chaos is what we all need.

13. North Yankton Dlc

North Yankton Dlc

A complete map of the North Yankton area you visit in the story mode North Yankton DLC adds a lot more to see, including all the things you see around the Los Santos map like functioning garages, hospitals, safe houses, cinemas, restaurants, and more.

It even has other locations like fire stations and police stations, which all have their own interiors, with some being unique or a nod to other games.

You can get to North Yankton by using the airport available in Los Santos and the newly added one in North Yankton.

Players can explore Dekunwinator’s interpretation of the North Yankton state which adds much map area to explore.

12. Enhanced Night Sky

Enhanced Night Sky

The somewhat dated textures of GTA 5 still hold up well to this day. But some of the more commonly seen elements may need a bit of touching up.

With Enhanced Night Sky, you can spend the other half of the day with a more pleasant looking sky replacing the base game night skybox with a 4096×4096 version making the night drives more appealing to look at.

11. GTA 5 Launcher

Gta 5 Launcher

Given the fact that GTA 5 still has a very active online player base, it is in the best interest of Rockstar to prevent any cheating.

Unfortunately, a side effect of this is that modded games will be read as either a cheater or as a corrupted game.

With GTA 5 Launcher, it makes dealing with this hurdle a non-issue allowing users to launch both their modded games offline and unmodded online without having to mess around with any files.

So if you still want to play with your friends on official Rockstar servers, you don’t need to spend any time messing around and can just get straight to it.

10. Fleeca Bank Heist

Fleeca Bank Heist

After finishing the story, you may want to continue robbing banks as it is one of the game’s core mechanics. With Fleece Bank Heist, you can rob 6 different banks played much like the online mode’s bank heist.

The heist in the vanilla game requires substantial prep work with the risk of losing chunks of money if things go wrong, allowing for more end-game content or just more ways to get money.

This mod is a very lore-friendly and natural way to go about it.

9. LS Life

S Life

LS Life lets you role-play what you weren’t in the base games action movie-type story as you may want a tamer but still engaging experience. With LS Life, you can play as a drug dealer that manages its own operations.

The mod sees you leading a gang and battling against both rival gangs and the police while managing your properties and deliveries.

The mod makes the drug-dealing empire better over time with high-quality production and new wheels while, of course, the competition and police continue to ramp up their efforts.

8. Pinnacle Reality Enb

Pinnacle Reality Enb

An ENB to work alongside any other lighting mods that are very performance-friendly considering the new realistic look, Pinnacle Reality ENB gives the GTA 5 a facelift by significantly improving effects without conflicting with any other mods you may have installed.

So further customization is still easily done with this making it a great mod for those picky gamers.

7. Chaos Mod V

Chaos Mod V

If you want a “unique” gameplay experience that doesn’t hold back, then Chaos Mod V gives you 290 different unique scenarios.

From something as harmless as a troupe of monkeys dancing on you to near-invincible NPCs that will hunt you down near endlessly, Chaos Mod V brings a ridiculous and unpredictable gameplay experience to GTA 5.

These scenarios can just benefit you or hamper your progress. Using Chaos Mod V while trying to complete a task is also a great challenge as you’ll never know if the mod will suddenly take the controls from you or just teleport you to your waypoint.

As expected, though, playing with this mod can be frustrating as it is complete chaos, if you’re up for the challenge and open to laughing at your misfortune, this is perfect.

6. Cryinglighting’s FX 2.0

Cryinglighting’s Fx 2.0

CryingLighting’s FX2.0 aims to breathe some life into this 8-year-old game by allowing for customization of the lighting with both presets and your own.

Four presets are currently available, with 3 of them going for a more cinematic and straight-up beautiful looking game, while the fourth one goes for just a better look in terms of realism for the lighting.

So whether you wanted GTA 5 to look more like current titles or had a look in mind, you can achieve it with this mod.

5. Total Real Driving Simulator Mod

Total Real Driving Simulator Mod

Suppose you’ve played Rockstar’s previous title GTA 4.

In that case, you may actually dislike the changes they made with the driving when it came to GTA 5 as they made the types of vehicles feel more homogenous, making most of the cars drivable, yes, but removing what you think they’d individually feel like.

With the Total Real Driving Simulator Mod, you can get that feeling back and more.

As the name suggests, the goal of this mod is to make all vehicles handle and act differently from each other by factoring in actual physics. This allows for more realistic drifting and cornering and even the possibility for the tires to lock with your brakes.

This plus the removal of the “turbulence” that flying vehicles had by replacing it with simply tougher physics for them.

4. Better Deformation and More Durable Cars

Better Deformation And More Durable Cars

Now assuming you don’t want completely realistic driving but want the more detailed damage models for cars, then Better Deformation and More Durable Cars do just that.

It makes the cars look and feel more real by making them less flimsy as well as having more spots that can be individually damaged for a worse-looking car after your adventures.

3. Zombie Outbreak Simulator

Zombie Outbreak Simulator

If you want to kick back and play a zombie game but not sure which one you want to buy then, Zombie Outbreak Simulator can scratch that itch for free.

Adding two unique modes that see you fighting hordes of zombies, Zombie Outbreak Simulator states a pure rampage level of zombies and a more “game” like amount.

With Endless simply being a constant spawn of zombies alongside panicking pedestrians and resisting law enforcement, this mod is a whole lot of fun. The realistic mode, in contrast, sets a few random locations as epicenters for the zombie outbreak too.

So if you can eliminate the zombies fast enough in these locations, you can prevent the spread to the rest of the map, after which things will calm down and go back to normal until you start a new outbreak again.

2. GU Mod

Gu Mode

GU Mod is a more advanced version of the native trainer, allowing you to manipulate the game to do almost anything you want with a whole heap of cheats and other tools.

The mod allows gamers to set the time of day, gravity, teleport, and much more fulfilling any power fantasy they may have or create unique scenes in-game.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5.5

Grand Theft Auto 5.5

For anybody that wants to just plop a mod in and be done with it, Grand Theft Auto 5.5 does just that by being a complete overhaul mod that changes almost everything.

From bar mechanics that didn’t need tweaking to enhance textures, lighting, shadows, and other effects, as well as removing unnecessary effects in first-person.

Moment-to-moment gameplay has also been changed heavily, like with the traffic working realistically with the times of the day.

Certain times will see heavy traffic or near to no traffic, and you might even get a glimpse of online DLC vehicles around locations where they make sense.

The mod also adds the back and forth systems with random gangs and the police.

The mod has police patrolling in high traffic or tourist-heavy locations the most, and the wanted system sees a tamer search during low wanted levels and having police at every corner on higher ones.

Alongside this, gangs will have their own personalities, from weapons to vehicles, and even those they prefer attacking.

Unfortunately, due to the increased effort of immersion, performance problems may arise with higher pedestrian count as well as possible conflicts with a variety of mods.

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