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The 20 Best Victoria 2 Mods [2024]

The 20 Best Victoria 2 Mods [2024]

Paradox Interactive is known for its Grand Strategy games. Among their number are famous titles like Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, and Crusader Kings. But here we are going to look at Victoria 2.

The game lets you engage in 19th-century statecraft as any nation across the world, participating in diplomacy, wars, international trade, and much more.

Ever since it has come out, a large amount of community-made mods have been made to enhance and mix up your experience as you plant your country’s flag across the world and rule the waves.

Here are the 20 best Victoria 2 mods.

Best Victoria 2 Mods

20. Cheat Pack Victoria 2

Cheat Pack Victoria 2

Cheat Pack Victoria 2 is a cheat engine that lets you edit various values in-game, either on yourself or on other factions.

This mod is great for chilling in your Victorian sandbox and getting everything you need, but it is also a very useful tool when testing and troubleshooting other mods.

Have unlimited power and control in the Victorian era with this cheat pack. Rule the kingdoms and create a massive following without any effort if you want to rise to the top ASAP.

19. Less Infamy

Less Infamy

Some gamers believe that the base-game infamy system is holding them back too much, and if you’re one of those, this mod is the right one for you.

Less Infamy is a mod that reduces the effect of infamy in the game so that the player is not as hindered by it.

The examples show the player receiving infamy of 4.4 instead of 10 when declaring war with the “acquire state” war goal.

You’re less affected by infamy with this one.

18. Kwizzle’s Utility Mod

Less Infamy

Another little utility mod that makes small tweaks and gives you more control over the game is Kwizzle’s Utility Mod.

It is a utility mod that allows you to overcome some of the game’s limitations.

Some of its features include directly managing craftsmen, releasing puppets with only their core provinces, reducing infamy, and more.

It is also highly compatible with other mods as it does not use or modify any of the base game files. So you should definitely explore this!

17. Napoleon’s Legacy Remake

Napoleon's Legacy Remake

This next mod is an overhaul for Victoria 2, set in an alternate historical setting in which Napoleon’s France is the dominant force in Europe.

Napoleon’s Legacy Remake is a multiplayer-focused mod that is a remake of Napoleon’s Legacy mod.

It is set in an alternate 19th century Europe where Napoleon’s France is the dominant power on the continent.

Although the mod is focused on multiplayer, it works completely fine when playing a single-player, making it a great mod for those looking for a different storyline.

16. 1815: The Concert of Europe

1815 The Concert Of Europe

Another historical mod that starts the game in an earlier part of the 19th century to the base game is 1815: The Concert of Europe.

This mod is a historical overhaul for Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness that starts the game off in 1815, with tweaks and changes to the game that helps sync with the relevant timeline.

Some of the major features include a new start date, a reworked campaign map, added and reworked cultures, and a reworked population migration system.

It also has new events, treaties, wars, and much more. It’s definitely a medley of a lot of things and an appreciated mod for the gamers.

15. The Concert of Europe: Roar of Industry

The Concert Of Europe Roar Of Industry

A historical rework for Victoria, this mod fully recreates the world of the 19th century than the vanilla Victoria 2.

Concert of Europe: Roar of Industry is a gameplay overhaul mod for Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness that overhauls almost all the systems in the game.

It focuses on balance, historical authenticity, and of course, fun.

Unlike the previous mod, this iteration has a particular focus on industry and economics, trying to depict the spirit of the industrial revolution of the time. You won’t be disappointed.

14. Age of Enlightenment

Age Of Enlightenment

Age of Enlightenment takes players into the previous century to what vanilla Victoria 2 offers. This mod is an overhaul that recreates the world of the 18th century in Victoria 2.

The features include a whole host of new features, such as a custom tech tree, new units, new ideologies, and new mechanics. It’s the perfect mod for fans looking for something unique.

13. Victoria 2: New Era Mod

Victoria 2 New Era Mod

Yet another mod taking Victoria 2 to another period is Victoria 2: New Era Mod.

This mod is an overhaul mod that takes the game to the period we see in other paradox games like Hearts of Iron 4, bringing to life the world of the interwar.

The timeline is around 1920 to 1936 onwards, and the mod brings new mechanics, units, ideologies, maps, and factions.

So if you don’t have HoI4 but own Victoria 2, this is the mod for you.

12. Everyone Uncivilized

Everyone Uncivilized

The mod mixes up the game a bit by putting everyone on a similar footing at the start. Everyone Uncivilized is a mod that makes it, so all factions start uncivilized and decolonized.

It also starts the game with some indigenous factions such as the Aztecs, Incas, and some West African states.

Everyone starts on a relatively equal footing making it is a race to become the first civilized nation.

Will you reach the top or crumble like many before you?

11. Awh – Alternative World History

Awh Alternative World History

Sometimes when playing a historical game, you want to mix it up with a bit of historical fiction. If so, this mod is for you.

Alternative World History is an overhaul mod that presents an alternative world featuring unique fictional scenarios based on our history.

Some of the features include some fictional countries like “Louisiana,” the “German Confederation,” “Grand Duchy of Warsaw,” among many others.

It’s definitely a whole lot of fun messing around with history and potentially seeing what the end result would be like.

10. Culture “Change” Mod

Culture “change” Mod

This mod adds a little bit of functionality to help you throughout the game. Culture “Change” Mod is a small tweak mod that changes the culture of a province by adding a new option to the systematic extermination decision.

This option removes between 88 to 94 percent of non-accepted cultures in non-colonial provinces.

It helps in giving you more options on how to go about managing and running your territories in the game.

9. Modern Age Mod

Modern Age Mod

Modern Age mod is exactly what it says in the title. It is an overhaul mod that brings Victoria 2 into the modern era.

The mod sets the start year to 1989 when the Berlin wall fell in Germany and the fall of Communism in the Warsaw Pact. In this great time of change, you are tasked with leading your nation into the future in the new geopolitical landscape.

This lets you take the game to an era that Paradox has not tried to delve into yet in any of their games. Play this mad mod and see how things would’ve turned out in a parallel universe!

8. Pop Demand Mod Ultimate

Pop Demand Mod Ultimate

Pop Demand Mod Ultimate is an expanded version of the original pop demand mod. This is a mod that adds various new states and factions to Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness.

Some of these factions include:

  1. Roman Empire
  2. South American Empire
  3. African Empire, and more

You’re definitely going to have great fun trying out the different empires!

7. Blood and Iron

Blood And Iron

Blood and Iron is another major overhaul mod for Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness.

This mod overhauls the game and adds new mechanics, also implementing new mini-mods and features from other popular Victoria 2 overhaul mods.

It keeps a focus on balance and expanding content by fixing various game mechanics and increasing the ability to play realistic and historical scenarios. It even adds some alternate history events to possibly spice up your playthrough.

The mod tries not to create a too bloated or feature-heavy mod that railroads you down certain paths. It has enough excitement for anyone.

6. Victoria Universalis

Victoria Universalis

Many mods seek to give you a new Victoria 2 experience, with new units, new eras, or even new worlds. But there are a good many mods that seek to make improvements to vanilla, such as this next one.

Victoria Universalis is yet another overhaul mod that seeks to improve the Victoria 2 experience by fixing various bugs, tweaking and refining existing mechanics, and adding many new options for you to play with.

Some of the features include the ability to dynamically target your provinces for province events, some new generic decisions for all countries, and a national idea system that allows you to choose from a long list of different bonuses to their country.

5. Kaiserreich: The New Legacy

Kaiserreich The New Legacy

Kaiserreich is a famous name in the Paradox strategy game sphere. Several Paradox games have Kaiserreich mods, but the most legendary one was for Hearts of Iron 3.

Kaiserreich: The New Legacy is inspired by the Victoria 2: Kaiserreich. The mod is an overhaul for Victoria 2 that is set in an alternate history interwar timeline.

The period starts from 1921, reaching up to 2037, and adds all the features from a Kaiserreich mod, with added balance tweaks in this legacy version.

4. Victoria 2 Cold War Enhancement Mod

Victoria 2 Cold War Enhancement Mod

Yet another overhaul that brings Victoria 2 into another historical period is Victoria 2 Cold War Enhancement Mod.

This time we find ourselves amid the cold war, one of the defining political conflicts of the last century.

The mod is an overhaul that brings the game into the Cold war era and beyond. Some of the features include ideological blocs, international institutions, decolonization event chains, and generally just creating the cold war world.

Try to manage conflicts or exacerbate them in this sensitive timeline.

3. Historical Project Mod

Historical Project Mod

Paradox games draw in the crowd of history enthusiasts, and although their games do a very good job, they can’t do everything exactly correct.

The Historical Project Mod is a mod that implements a series of tweaks and minor changes to every part of the game to make it more historically accurate to the timeline it is trying to depict.

The mod tries to add more authentic historical flavor to Victoria 2, taking into account plausible historical outcomes and mod performance.

It truly is a gem of a mod if you want everything done right.

2. Soar of Eagles

Soar Of Eagles

Soar of Eagles is a similar mod to the previous one. It was made to enhance Historical Project Mod.

It is an overhaul that looks to make small incremental changes to various parts of the game that the mod author felt were lacking.

The mod was made to compliment the historical project mod and should be added together if you want a complete experience.

1. Historical Flavor Mod

Historical Flavor Mod

Historical Flavor Mod was inspired by Historical Project Mod, adding even more high-quality historical and alternate historical content and events to the game.

This mod adds many new opportunities for flavor-rich historical and alternate historical gameplay while striving to keep close to the overall tone of Victoria 2.

New events keep on updating to keep the game fresh and interesting, so don’t forget to check this spectacular mod out.

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