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Top 12 Best Beat Saber Mods [2024]

Top 12 Best Beat Saber Mods [2024]

Easily the most popular rhythm game for Virtual Reality, Beat Saber is no stranger.

However, given the trial and error nature of the game, you may want to change things up a bit from the fairly repetitive gameplay loop.

There are mods out there to just change up everything about the game, from visuals to assist you in perfecting your play on a specific track or making the overall experience more convenient.

Best Beat Saber Mods

12. Model Downloader

Model Downloader

Seeing as to how Beat Saber itself leaves you as disembodied lightsabers swinging around the void to match the beat of the song, you may want a little change of appearance.

However, seeing many other VR games have extensive user customizability allowing you to import any 3d model as your body, Model Downloader does all that for Beat Saber.

The mod allows you to sort from a variety of models already configured for Beat Saber. These change just about everything, your model, the sabers themselves, the platform you’re on, and the note blocks.

The Model Downloader also informs you of models you’ve downloaded already and warns you of models that need additional mods that you don’t have.

This makes the experience a bit easier. However, keep in mind that you will need additional mods to work with all of the models available.

11. Custom Energy Bars

Want to up the themes and a bit of HUD visuals? Custom Energy Bars are recommended to have access to all of the mods that change the look of the energy bars.

This is, of course, necessary for anyone wanting to make their Beat Saber look unique and themed after a certain style. Have the game look the way you want it to look.

10. Beat Saber Custom Walls

Ever wanted to be defeated the way you want to be defeated and not what the game plans for you? Well, Beat Saber Custom Walls gives you access to such by replacing the walls.

This mod allows you to change the way the walls look, and seeing as to how they are obstacles that get right up into your face, they might as well look good. So go out on your own accord!

9. Beat Saber Custom Notes

If you want to change up the look of the main blocks you’ll be hitting throughout your playtime, then you need Beat Saber Custom Notes.

With Beat Saber Custom Notes, you can replace the default note blocks with whatever you like.

Though the readability may be affected by custom models, the look of your game can be spruced up to make up for it.

8. Beat Saber Custom Avatars

Finally, the end of what is needed for allowing custom models. Beat Saber Custom Avatars easily does the most out of the bunch as the others replace the already existing models.

But Beat Saber Custom Avatars allows you to import models to see yourself in-game.

This, of course, can be whatever is available out there, which pretty much means you can look like anybody.

At the very least, you get to see your body wriggle around as you avoid the obstacles and try to hit all the note blocks.

Or, if you intend to create content using the game, your model would look a lot better compared to a pair of sabers just floating in the air.

7. Score Saber

Score Saber

For anyone that plays competitively in any game leaderboards for a single player, experiences are great to let you gauge your ability with others.

With Score Saber, this is made possible as you can upload your scores, benchmark yourself against other players, and see where you stand.

Letting you have a pseudo competition with people from all across the globe, this mod is a thirst quencher for all those with a competitive drive.

6. Beat Saber Particle Overdrive

Want to adjust all of the factors that go into the game when it comes to effects? Beat Saber Particle Overdrive is the perfect mod for you.

It lets you fully customize how it feels to hit the blocks. This can be from the sound effect and its volume to the sparks and particle effects that come off after you hit them.

So in case, you may find the base settings to be a bit too much, you can pull it back a bit.

Or, if you want more of a rush with even more particle effects to make each hit more emphasized, you can do so at your peril.

5. Playlist Manager

Playlist Manager

If you don’t want the action to stop and have played enough of both base game tracks and custom ones to know which ones you enjoy, Playlist Manager will amplify your experience.

With Playlist Manager, you can easily make compilations of your favorite tracks to play them all in one go.

The mod allows you to name your own playlist, give it descriptions, easily change the order, and add or remove songs.

In addition, it has a well-made interface that lets you sort between all tracks, playlist, and WIP tracks, to just one of these to browse quickly for what you want to play.

It even has a folders section letting you organize all of this even more if that is to your liking.

4. Songcore

Songcore is how the game sees all of the custom tracks with multiple file locations for finished tracks ready to be played fully and WIP maps that need more work.

For anyone who wants to play custom maps all the time, this is essential.

It also serves as a great tool for people making tracks themselves as it allows you to play them in practice mode to slowly feel them out.

That way, you can iron out all of the unreasonable parts or just not fun to create a fun experience for anyone who plays your tracks.

3. Beatsaver Downloader

Beatsaver Downloader

For any PC-based rhythm game, custom tracks from the community are part of what makes them so fun as it allows everyone and anyone to make their levels using music that they want.

With BeatSaver Downloader, you can make that process even easier and do it all in-game.

Allowing you to browse and download from the BeatSaver website in-game, the process of downloading custom tracks is made quicker and delivers a more seamless experience.



Camera2 is an update to the previous camera mods of Beat Saber after being rewritten for the best possible experience when recording Beat Saber.

The mod allows for multiple camera angles to be able to see yourself playing through a track.

With options for walls making them semi-transparent to keep the camera on you, this is perfect for content creators or just people who want to see how they did to revisit your gameplay and see how you could do better.

In addition, it allows you to fully enjoy the atmosphere you’ve meticulously crafted using all of the custom models you’ve downloaded.

1. Bsipa


The plight of anyone who wants to just play their modded game is easily solved with one tool, BPA.

BSIPA allows an interface for managing all your mods and making sure they are compatible with each other.

The unity manager comes with all the features like seeing what mods are installed, enabled, disabled, and all the other expected features of a mod manager.

A simple but essential mod to ensure frictionless gameplay!

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