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Top 13 Best Path of Exile Add-ons [2022]

Top 13 Best Path of Exile Add-ons [2022]

Given the news of Path of Exile 2 is on its way, you may want to freshen up on your POE game. Path of Exile can be quite a daunting game given its immense length, extensive character building, and so much more.

This will be a list of add-ons to help you on that journey, whether you’re a new or old player, you’ll find that the game will be a bit more manageable with the add-ons on this list.

Best POE Add-ons

13. FilterBlade

Just as the name says, FilterBlade is an add-on that offers players with the ability to pick out loot easier.

The base game of Path of Exile originally has loot text boxes that clutter up the screen, making it difficult to figure out which item is which.FilterBladefilters the loot and provides the player with easy-to-read text boxes that explain what each item is and what it does.

You can also create your own filters using this add-on. Customize the style, the sound effects, and the toggles for any item you want.

12. Path of Exile Trade

This is less of a mod but a valuable tool for Path of Exile players nonetheless! If you haven’t heard of this before, POE.Trade is a trading site for players to find the resources they are looking for made easier.

Before, players would have to navigate chats and forums in order to hopefully find what they needed, but the navigation process is a nightmare.

When you open the site, you are greeted with a page with multiple text boxes, and menus that you can fill out to find what you are looking for that are up for trade. Then you can click over to the Currency Market to do the same thing, but for purchase instead.

11. PoE Controller

Poe Controller

Some games made for PC also come designed with the option for console control settings, but base Path of Exile does not. With PoE Controller, you are able to equip Xbox controls to your game.

Movement is handled with the thumbsticks, spells are controlled through the letter buttons, and your flasks are controlled through the Dpad and the left thumbstick.

If you have wanted to play Path of Exile and keyboard controls are not your thing, then this mod is meant for you. Also, the mod creator highly recommends equipped “always attack without moving” when using this mod.

10. PoE Controller

Poe Controller

For anyone who came from console to PC, this should help you feel right at home. PoE Controller is a simple add-on that allows you to interface Path of Exile with a controller on a PC.

This makes the game feel comfortable for those that are used to playing games with a controller.

9. Awakened PoE Trade

Awakened Poe Trade

PoE Trade is such a useful site when you want to try and look for a specific piece of loot and are willing to trade for it. Given that, however, what if you want to be the one providing for others?

Well, Awakened PoE Trade helps you with that as it allows you to immediately search for items you’ve found in-game on the PoE Trade and see what they’re valued at.

This makes it so that you don’t need to look at your second monitor or alt-tab all the time.

8. Acquisition

Inventory management is a hoarder’s nightmare in this game. A fairly simple inventory management tool, Acquisition comes with all the features you’d expect.

Allowing you to sort and filter your inventory to find certain items, especially with how cluttered it can get in Path of Exile, this add-on is a perfect addition to make the game a bit more manageable.

7. Looty! Stash Search for Path of Exile

Looty! Stash Search For Path Of Exile

After having gone through several characters in Path of Exile, you may find it hard to keep tabs on your shared stash. Especially when you’re trying to find that low-level item that has great stats for a new character.

Looty! Stash Search for Path of Exile lets you do just that. Having multiple filters to find exactly what you’re looking for, the add-on helps you look for things.

You can look for a specific armor or weapon type by sorting the inventory out by level, and you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for.

6. Exile Diary

For anyone having trouble keeping track of what happens or where they get certain loot, Exile Diary will help greatly. With Exile Diary, you can track every single thing you’ve done.

Where you got a certain drop, where you fought a certain enemy type, and everywhere you’ve been, this add-on helps you track it.

This helps greatly when looking for something specific during your playthroughs.

5. PoE Skill Tree

Poe Skill Tree

This is a must-have for anyone wanting to go all out with their newest character or after a few characters are finally ready to make a serious one. PoE Skill Tree allows you to plan every single part of your build.

Gamers can plan out which talents and skills they’ll be taking plus what equipment they can pair with it, including sockets.

This is done with the help of other features like a grouping menu for gamers to easily sort through the build they’re making. There is also an option for players to compare builds with each other.

If you want to see how your current build compares with any of your previous ones, you can simply import them into it. Of course, to make this easier, there is also an option for hotkey assignments.

4. PoE Trade Macro

PoE Trade Macro

For anyone fully devoted to trading within the Path of Exile community, PoE Trade Macro should sort you out.

The add-on allows you to check and compare prices among all of the Path of Exile trading sites, plus real-time price checks. PoE Trade Macro helps you up your trading game.

3. PoE Overlay

Poe Overlay

PoE Overlay steps up a notch from the Awakened PoE Trade add-on. The add-on pretty much brings PoE Trade right to your game as you can manage trade requests in-game while playing.

Beyond this, it also allows you to see the drop rates for items in dungeons to have an optimal plan for grinding rare gear.

And even if the trading aspect doesn’t implore you to check it out, it also has features to tell you the dangers in each dungeon.

That way, you can prepare for them appropriately, especially if you’re playing on hardcore.

2. Craft of Exile

After reaching the endgame and crafting, you might not be the type that likes sitting through dozens of item combinations and not getting what stats you want.

Craft of Exile should then remedy this as it gives you a list of exactly what you need to craft a specific item with specific modifiers.

1. Path of Building

Path Of Building

Although the PoE Skill Tree is useful for the experienced, if you’re a new player who doesn’t like or enjoy the learning process with trial and error, maybe Path of Building would be your preferred add-on.

Path of Building gives you ideal paths for you to spec into for very efficient builds.

This helps newer players who may dislike the trial and error nature of these kinds of games by lowering the barrier of entry and allowing more people to just enjoy the game how they like.