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The 25 Best Jurassic World Evolution Mods [2024]

The 25 Best Jurassic World Evolution Mods [2024]

As Jurassic World Evolution 2 has already been announced alongside a release date, you might want to give Jurassic World Evolution another go.

But if you’ve found some aspects lacking in previous playthroughs, some problems still irritating you, or just want more dinosaurs in your game, you can get mods to help you out.

Here is a list of the 25 best mods for Jurassic World Evolution that can spice up your game and deliver a smoother experience.

Best Jurassic World Evolution Mods

25. Instant Incubation

Instant Incubation

A cheat mod that allows for Instant Incubation of all dinosaurs. It lets you play around with all the dinosaurs with instant incubation and access to all of the genome modifications.

Now you can start playing around with genes faster than ever before.

Instant incubation will do the job, whether it is for testing out different things or just because you’re lazy and want to speed through something.

24. Glazed Aviary

Glazed Aviary

Want a mod that adds a variety of options for the aviary structure? Glazed Aviary adds variations that change the visibility or even the condition of the aviary.

Gamers can now change the way their aviary looks according to their preferences.

So if you wanted a clearer look at the inside or a more abandoned and damaged look, you can use the variations of the aviary available with this mod.

23. Standalone Scenery Pack 1

Standalone Scenery Pack 1

A collection of random scenery, Standalone Scenery Pack 1 doesn’t do much but can help with different areas of your park. You can say that the mod simply works on improving aesthetics.

You can now have objects like barrels, abandoned trucks, trash bins, hedges, and many more items to fill your Dino park with.

You won’t have any more empty spaces with a standalone scenery pack.

Hope the dinosaurs don’t mind!

22. Mrtroodon Model and Texture Edits

Mrtroodon Model And Texture Edits

A recolor/retexture of nearly all the dinosaurs in the game would require getting the DLC as it affects those dinosaurs too.

Mrtroodon Model and Texture Edits is a mod that really does need you to look at the available offerings.

The textures do vary quite a bit, as you can find 1993, 1997, chaos, and novel-themed changes that follow those eras of Jurassic Park.

The chaos option being the outlier, pretty much just being a wackier-looking change.

Because of this, we recommend you to check the page before deciding, but given the number of options, you’re probably going to like something.

21. Torvosaurus New Model

Torvosaurus New Model

The Torvosaurus, a large carnivorous member of the megalosaurid theropod, brings a different look to the game. It is large but slender and has a bloodthirst.

Caught your attention? Good, get this mod then!

Torvosaurus New Model is an updated version of the previous mod with a similar name. The mod looks to improve the dinosaur model better, making it more terrifying and intimidating than before.

It does not add or remove any dinosaurs but simply upgrades the Torvosaurus into a beast.

20. Dimetrodon New Species

Dimetrodon New Species

Dimetrodon New Species adds the Dimetrodon, a member of the Sphenacodontidae family, with its most pronounced feature being the large spine tail that formed on its back.

Technically, the Dimetrodon isn’t a dinosaur but seeing as to how it made its way into many bundle packs of dinosaur toys, clearly, people think it looks close enough.

So it’s up to you if this spiny creature will make its way into your game, its iconic look alone would be enough for many gamers.

19. Dracodentitan (New Hybrid Species)

Dracodentitan (new Hybrid Species)

When it comes to terrifying and powerful dinosaurs, there really is no shortage but to mix things up a bit.

The creator of Dracodentitan (New Hybrid Species) decided to try something a little bit different.

The mod introduces Dracodentitan, a mix between the Baryonyx and Polacanthus, a nimble and extra spiky dinosaur.

Easily its most notable feature is its beak-like mouth that still has the shape of multiple teeth within it.

So if you wanted an unusual-looking dinosaur that still looks mostly normal in your game, then maybe it’s time you got a Dracodentitan of your own.

18. De-hybridized Dinosaur Pack

De Hybridized Dinosaur Pack

The De-Hybridized Dinosaur Pack adds 3 new dinosaurs to the game:

  1. The Agathaumas, an armored ceratopsian
  2. The Borealosaurus, a large titanosaur with a beautiful pattern
  3. The Utahraptor, the largest and oldest of the dromaeosaurs

This mod does replace three of the base game dinosaurs, so backing up files is recommended if you want to use this. Well, you’re definitely going to be using this, most people are in awe of unique creatures.

17. Inspinedoraptor (New Hybrid Species)

Inspinedoraptor (new Hybrid Species)

The Inspinedoraptor (New Hybrid Species) is not a dinosaur but a monster. Being another larger-sized dinosaur but with a large spine, this is not its most distinctive feature.

The dinosaur has deadly red highlights along its dark purple skin, giving a unique and terrifying look. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

16. Aog Edmontosaurus Annectens

Aog Edmontosaurus Annectens

The AOG Edmontosaurus Annectens replaces the Edmontosaurus with the Edmontosaurus Annectens, a sort of sub-species within the Edmontosaurus.

Despite the Dracodentitan being a hybrid species, the Edmontosaurus Annectens looks a lot more like a mashup between creatures with its head and multi-patterned body.

A truly unusual-looking dinosaur that will easily catch the eye of any park visitor and is a must-have for all park owners!

15. Aog Yangchuanosaurus Shangyouensis (New Species)

Aog Yangchuanosaurus Shangyouensis (new Species)

The previous dinosaur mods have added existing or hybrid creations to the game, with AOG Yangchuanosaurus Shangyouensis (New Species), they add a completely original dinosaur to the game.

The Yangchuanosaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur that boasts a bright and beautiful look, with its most notable feature being its jagged boned nostril area.

Let this beast roam around the grounds leaving park visitors astounded by the sheer magnificence of this creature.

14. Excavaraptor


Adding another raptor-like dinosaur with a twist, the Excavaraptor has rather large hands when compared to other raptors.

It features a small body with a quick-looking build, but the hands may seem odd.

Worry not about the hands as there is a purpose to it. The name Excavaraptor suggests its arms seem to be built for digging. An odd design but interesting, to say the least.

13. Non-replacement Deinosuchus That Should Work Now

Non Replacement Deinosuchus That Should Work Now

Non-Replacement Deinosuchus that should work now is an attempt to bring the extinct back. For being a Jurassic World game, it is fairly odd that this Dino was an exclusion.

For those unfamiliar, the Deinosuchus is an extinct crocodilian from the same era as dinosaurs.

This mod adds the Deinosuchus without replacing any of the other dinosaurs available, unlike the previous version of the mod.

Beyond that, the Deinosuchus in the mod is also fairly difficult to take care of as it has harder to meet needs which should make the management part of the game a bit more interesting.

12. Invisible Fences

Invisible Fences

Invisible Fences allows you to pick one fence of your choice to be invisible. Why would you want this, though?

Well, to maintain a less cluttered look while still having extra divisions in your park, you may find this handy.

Looking to accommodate all eras? Don’t worry, you can pick a fence from each era. That way, you never lose Invisible Fences’ utility.

Additionally, these divisions can be disguised with bushes and foliage to make them look and blend quite naturally into the park.

11. Mrtroodon Better Looking Fences

Mrtroodon Better Looking Fences

Rather than invisible fences, you might want “better” looking fences. Mrtroodon Better Looking Fences, despite the name, doesn’t really provide better fences but bring good variation to have more distinct looking areas.

All of the fences on offer have a very large and industrial look, so at least they look like they would be effective against dinosaurs.

If you’re looking to change the aesthetics of the game, this can help.

10. Isla Sorna Scenery Items (Non-replacement)

Isla Sorna Scenery Items (non Replacement)

Much like many of the other scenery item mods, Isla Sorna Scenery Items (Non-Replacement) adds a good amount of new items to help make your park seem more alive.

It adds a variety of crates, oil barrels, signs, and shipping containers.

Most of these new items give off the feeling that your place is being constantly worked on, things being moved all the time, making it seem like many heavy and important things make it in and out of your park all the time.

We didn’t think we’d ever say this, but it’s a great way to add more clutter to the map if you want your park to look busy.

9. Jurassic World Scenery Items

Jurassic World Scenery Items

If you wanted to fill out more space in your park with more park-like items, then Jurassic World Scenery Items does just that.

The mod adds divisions, umbrellas, dinosaur statues, and other display items, giving it a more park-like feel.

When compared with Isla Sorna Scenery Items that make the place look busy, Jurassic World Scenery Items takes a more relaxed and fun look to bring a smile to your park visitors.

8. Prehistoric Scenery (Non-replacement)

Prehistoric Scenery (non Replacement)

Another scenery item mod but this time themed after not only prehistoric creatures but environments as well.

Prehistoric Scenery (Non-Replacement) adds mostly plant life, foliage, and other such things that are more prehistoric in their appearance.

This could be for an enclosure that you want to look as “natural” as possible or simply on the sidewalk to enthrall the visitors.

Let’s not forget that the dinosaurs came from the lab, but with this mod, we can give them a habitat similar to the prehistoric time that Earth had witnessed.

7. Northfire’s Realistic Textures

Northfire’s Realistic Textures

A simple mod that changes the environmental textures to look more real, Northfire’s Realistic Textures doesn’t attempt to revolutionize anything, But it does try to make the game look more lively.

The mod helps in making the blades of grass thinner but denser and trees more green and more detailed.

It makes many of these subtle changes to make every part of the world feel more real. Even the facilities look more uniform and well-constructed!

6. Environment Rework

Environment Rework

Environment Rework is a very simple mod but really helps you make your park your own.

The mod adds their set pieces but also separating the already existing items in the game to separate pieces. This allows gamers to mix and match almost every environmental piece available to them.

Naturally, this will take a lot of work on the player’s end, but to people who like meticulously crafting every single thing on their map, this lets you tinker to your heart’s content.

A small drawback of this mod is that object hitboxes have to be aligned well, or else NPC’s won’t react to the scenery correctly. It might seem to clip through things, when in reality, it’s because the hitbox is too small.

Spacing the scenery properly is another thing to keep in mind. And finally, this mod also provides a livelier retexture for the plants, dirt, water, and general environment to make environments pop more.

5. Enhanced Terrain Tools

Enhanced Terrain Tools

Having played other park builders, you may find the terrain tools in Jurassic World Evolution to be limiting.

Let’s say you preferred Planet Coaster’s tools, well Enhanced Terrain Tools try to bring that exact feel for your dinosaur park builder.

The mod adds a variety of new brushes as well as intensities to work faster or more precisely on the terrain. This helps to make the park look and feel as natural or neat as you want.

4. Jurassic Park Expansion Pack

Jurassic Park Expansion Pack

Jurassic Park Expansion Pack looks at retexturing all of the dinosaurs to more accurately depict their movie counterparts.

Of course, just that alone would’ve been a lot, but they’ve also retextured several decorative items to go along with the retextured dinosaurs.

The mod also changes the loading screens and intro to give a more classic Jurassic Park feel while providing new paddock signs.

Overall, this mod changes a lot visually, and because of that, it is down to personal preference if this mod would suit you or not.

Without looking at the images yourself, it really is just outright more classic looking or even nostalgic. So if you love the look of the old films, this is an easy recommendation.

3. Expanded Islands

Expanded Islands

As with most theme park builder games, or rather just any building game, you hit a point where it just isn’t possible to add any more to your map.

So, instead of dusting your hands off and being done with all of the hard work you’ve put in, Expanded Islands lets you create even more.

If you really want massive maps filled to the brim with detail or just like having a large amount of space to work with, this mod should be quite handy.

Let your creativity run free and create the best Jurassic park that ever existed!

2. Expanded Dinosaur Behavior

Expanded Dinosaur Behavior

Changing the numbers to make dinosaurs play around with each other differently does work, but it wasn’t enough for the creator of Expanded Dinosaur Behavior.

This mod is all about going to the next step and changing the AI itself for each dinosaur and dinosaur group.

You can give the dinosaurs different stats, altering their behavior, making it an interesting observation. You can even alter the values of other dinosaurs in different mods.

There are no compromises with this one.

1. Ultimate Mixed Eras

Ultimate Mixed Eras

Building a great park is possible with the game’s options, but some options may not be available at times.

Ultimate Mixed Eras makes both Jurassic Park as well as Jurassic World era structures available at the same time in the sandbox.

Included with this is the removal of the limit in buildings as well as unlocking all special buildings. It even fixes several bugs in the game.

On top of this, Ultimate Mixed Eras adds many features from the simple quality of life like underground and underwater feeders to remove all building constraints.

With the removal of clipping and restrictions, things can easily start to become a mess. But if you play slowly and plan things out, you have complete freedom in how the park looks.

If you are satisfied with most of the things in the base game, this mod is more like a Jurassic World Evolution plus.

It simply allows gamers more freedom and adds nice quality of life changes with a few bug fixes. It is a humble mod indeed!

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