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Top 15 Best Time Travel Anime [2024]

Top 15 Best Time Travel Anime [2024]

When it comes to time travel, time paradoxes, and timelines, anime shows either do it right or wrong, and all of these series below do it perfectly, some are even considered masterpieces!

Getting the sci-fi clique and fresh coat of paint, all of these shows and movies make time travel refreshing all over again.

Best Time Travel Anime

15. Occult Academy

Occult Academy

17-year-old Maya Kumashiro, and student at Waldstein Academy, crosses paths with Fumiaki Uchida, a time traveler. According to Fumiaki, in 2012, aliens have invaded the earth!

To save the planet, he, along with other time travelers, is going back in time to 1999 to destroy an artifact called the Nostradamus Key, prophesized to cause an apocalypse.

Living in 1999 with her own plans and ambitions for the future that won’t exist, Maya teams up with Fumiaki to help find the Nostradamus Key!

14. Mirai


Being an only child, 4-year-old Kun Oota has always been spoiled rotten by his parents.

But when his baby sister Mirai is born, all his parent’s love and attention shift only to Mirai—and he hates it! Kun hates his new sister Mirai!

To adjust to the changes in his life, a girl who claims to be the future Mirai takes Kun on a journey through their family’s past, present, and future.

In this travel through their family, Kun learns why he comes from and the big brother he should become for Mirai.

13. Sagrada Reset

Sagrada Reset

16-year-old Kei Asai was born and lived in the small town of Sakurada. Not an ordinary town, however, as everyone born, there has superpowers!

With photographic memory ability, Kei forms work together with his friend Misora Haruki, who has the power to reset time!

The two form the Service Club at school in order the use their abilities to help the townspeople.

Kei and Misora might have got more than they bargained for when they got involved with the Administration Bureau, manipulating the town to their own means.

12. Iroduku: The World in Colors

Iroduku The World In Colors

In 2078, despite being from a family of witches, 17-year-old Hitomi Tsukishiro can’t use magic and, after losing her mother, loses her ability to see the joy and colors of the world.

To bring happiness, love, and color back into her granddaughter’s life, Kohaku sends Hitomi back in time 60 years.

In 2018, Kohaku was also 17-years-old going to school with her group of friends and meet her future granddaughter!

So can Kohaku and her friends return the colors to Hitomi’s life, or will she forever be trapped in her new bleak world?

11. Orange


16-year-old Naho Takamiya’s first day back at high school starts off on a weird note: she gets a letter addressed to her from her future self!

10 years in the future, Naho writes about her regrets with her new classmate Kakeru Naruse and asks her past self to be friends with him.

At first, Naho thinks she’s going crazy, but then when Kakeru Naruse transfers to her school on the very same day, Naho has no choice but to accept that the letter is real!

Along with her friends, Naho invites Kakeru into her circle of friends. Naho is worried for Kakeru, however, because, in the future, he’s not alive anymore…

10. Remake Our Life!

Remake Our Life!

At 28, Kyouya Hashiba hates his life. After losing his chance to get his dream job in the video game industry, he is currently unemployed and living with his parents.

Meanwhile, he is surrounded by people his age who are successful makes him regret never going to art school.

Kyouya wishes he could go back in time to rewrite all his regrets and mistakes. But life doesn’t work that way…or does it? Suddenly, Kyouya wakes up one day to find that he is inexplicably 10 years in the past! Cool!

With a second chance in his hand, Kyouya enrolls at the Oonaka University of Art and pursues the dreams he missed out on in his first run. But will Kyouya be able to change his life for the better, or is everything inevitable?

9. Charlotte


On the outside, 15-year-old Yuu Otosaka is a charming and smart student, but it’s all an act. He is really a narcissistic and manipulative guy who can fully fully anyone’s body for five seconds.

He uses his ability to cheat on his tests and look like a hero in front of girls.

It turns out, Yuu isn’t the only one with unexplained superpowers. Yuu gets caught by a girl named Nao Tomori, who can be invisible to any person she chooses. Blackmailing Yuu with his cheating away, Nao forces Yuu to transfer to her school, Hoshinoumi Academy.

Here, Nao makes Yuu help her and her comrades track down other supernatural kids abusing their powers.

Yuu reluctantly agrees, and soon, things get much more complicated than it seems, especially when one of their targets has the power to travel back in time!

8. Blast of Tempest

Blast Of Tempest

18-year-old Yoshino Takigawa has kept a big secret from his best friend Mahiro Fuwa: he’s been dating his younger sister Aika. This all comes to an end when Aika is murdered!

Mahiro disappears in search of her killers, and Yoshino tries to moves on with his life. A chance to going back to a normal life ends when a mysterious girl points a gun at Yoshino’s head!

At the last second, he is saved by Mahiro, who tells Yoshino that he has hired Hakaze Kusaribe, a witch, to help him find Aika’s murderer. Hakaze has no at state—the whole world! If her brother finds the “Tree of Exodus,” he can use it to end the world!

Now Yoshino is caught up in trying to save the world and learn the truth of why Aika had to die.

7. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Although 17-year-old Makoto Konno is facing her last year of high school, she has no clue what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Being pressured by her teachers, Makoto pushes her problems aside and spends her life relaxing with her best friends.

Makoto’s life gets a bit more complicated when she accidentally learns that she has the ability to “time-leap”: the power to leap through time!

At first, Makoto has fun with her new powers but quickly learns the consequences of her choices and trying to untangle all the damage she’s done.

6. Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi Hanagaki peaked after middle school. He had a group of loyal friends and a girlfriend named Hinata Tachibana.

But, 12-years-later, Takemichi is a nobody: working a dead-end job and being made fun of by kids and his younger boss.

Everything gets worse when Takemichi learns that the Tokyo Manji Gang murdered his ex-girlfriend Hinata and her brother.

Unfortunately, Takemichi is also about to meet his end on train tracks.

It’s on the verge of death that Takemichi unlocks the ability to travel through time! Hoping to prevent Hinata’s death, Takemichi uses his powers again to go back in time to face the Tokyo Manji Gang!

5. Re:Zero –Starting Life in Another World–

Re:Zero –starting Life In Another World–

One moment, 18-year-old NEET Subaru Natsuki is standing in a convenience store, the next moment, he’s standing in a fantasy world!

He is excited to start his new life in a fantasy world…he quickly gets beat up by a bunch of thugs.

However, Subaru is saved by a half-elf girl named Satella, who he immediately falls in love with…then, he and Satella are both assassinated.

However, Subaru finds himself back where he first started and realizes that he goes back in time every time he dies.

Retaining this knowledge, Subaru meets Satella all over again, and again, and again.

4. Erased


As a kid, Satoru Fujinuma will never forget the faceless killer who murders three kids, including two of his classmates.

Now, Satoru is a 29-year-old manga artist, and the killer has struck again, killing someone precious to him.

Satoru gets falsely accused when he gets suddenly through 18 years into the past.

Finally, at the age of 11 again, Satoru realizes that he can discover the killer’s identity and stop the murders of his classmates!

3. Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl

Rascal Does Not Dream Of A Dreaming Girl

Sakuta Azusagawa and Mai Sakurajima are a new couple, and things already get complicated when Sakuta’s first crush Shouko Makinohara re-enters his life.

This makes Mai beyond jealous, but Sakuta is confused as to why Shouko is suddenly a grown adult.

Then Shouko is back to when she was in middle school and suffering from her grave illness. What’s worse, the old scar on Sakuta’s chest is worsening whenever Shouko is around him.

Despite going through a rough patch with Mai, Sakuta knows that Shouko needs his help, but what will he lose if he continues to uncover her mystery?

2. Link Click

Link Click

In a small photography shop called Time Photo Studio, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang can use their superpowers to enter their customer’s photos.

Cheng can control a person’s words and actions inside a photo while Lu can see 12 hours into the future from when a photo is taken.

Each job has its sets of challenges and dangers, but Cheng and Lu are determined to complete are of their jobs!

1. Steins;Gate


18-year-old “mad scientist” Rintaro “Okarin” Okabe lives in an old building in Akihabara where he hopes to invent “future gadgets” with his childhood friend and part-time café maid Mayuri Shiina and hacker Hashida “Daru” Itaru.

Their current project: the Phone Microwave. Function: turning bananas into green goop.

When science prodigy Makise Kurisu steps into their “lab,” she helps them out with their Phone Microwave, resulting in the weird trio creating a time machine!

With the beginning to change the past, present, and future, only Okabe is the only that can remember all of the timelines and the consequences of messing with time.